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MLB 2018: NY Mets Opening Odds

MLB 2018: NY Mets Opening Odds

A 2017 To Forget

The New York Mets went into the 2017 season believing they had a legitimate shot at getting in the postseason. After all, it was just in 2015 that they made the World Series. This season, however, came as a hige disappointment to fans. Yoenis Cespedes failed to perform as we know he can due to injury, and pitchers Robert Gsellman and Matt Harvey were ineffective. By midseason management had their fire sale, effectively giving up on the season.

New York finished the season with a 70-92 record, their worst since 2009. Even in a division where only one team was over .500, they still managed to garner 4th place, with the Marlins' 77-85 and Braves' 72-90 seasons ahead of them in the table. They only beat out a miserable Phillies team by four games. Not counting the Nats though, the Mets have a winning record against their three remaining division rivals. It goes without saying, but the Mets didn't come close to a Wild Card spot either, sitting 17 games back. 

Manager Terry Collins retired at the end of the season.

The New York Mets In 2018

The Mets will have a new look next season, but will still have a decent roster similar to 2017. Michael Conforto and Yoenis Cespedes should be ready to improve next year, while youngsters Dominic Smith and Amed Rosario should impress as well. Their starting rotation of deGrom, Syndergaard, Harvey, Lugo, and Wheeler will be a dominant force if their aces can stay healthy in 2018. Jeurys Familia as closer should be enough to take them far as well. 

With Conforto's surgury though, we shouldn't expect him back in the rotation too soon. The Mets might opt for Leganes or Nimmo in right field to start off the season. Asdrubal Cabrera might find his groove more as their 3B rather than 2B next season, which will be Wilmer Flores' position. As he's not the best 3B, the Mets might be in for troubles similar to the Red Sox last season.

Will They Win Their MLB Division?

This should be a no-brainer. In 2017, the Nationals destroyed the NL East, taking the division as the only team over .500. It goes without saying that the Mets, who came in fourth in the division, just ahead of the Phillies, won't improve that drastically in just a season, especially since projections aren't looking too good for this club.

With their current lineup, they don't stand a good chance unless they can obtain a few more bats. They are said to be looking at Jonathan Lucroy or Lorenzo Cain, and that would give them the boost they need, but with below average hitting, even their starting pitching won't get them far this year. Look for them to improve from last season, but not as much as everyone believes. You can't blame everything on injuries.

StandingsNew York Mets

Odds to Win the MLB World Series

At +2200, the Mets are clear longshots to win the World Series. They're tied with the Cardinals for eighth favored, ahead of the Diamondbacks and Blue Jays, but far behind the Yankees, Cubs, and Red Sox.

MLB Futures - 2018 World Series Opening Lines

Our Prediction

This is a team that should be avoided at all costs. Even when they do well, they'll find a way to lose. At +4000, they might have had some value, but at only +2200, the same price as the Cards, it's not worth it. The Cardinals are in a tightly contested division with the Cubs and Brewers, and a few lucky bounces could see them winning the division.

The Mets, on the other hand, need to improve enough to beat the Nationals, who acquired 27 more wins than them. New York could end up ahead of the Braves, but Miami will be a tough contest, so chances are this team isn't even making the playoffs.

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