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2018 MLB Favourites & Underdogs

2018 MLB Favourites & Underdogs

Yankees Now Favored In 2018

As we predicted, the New York Yankees are now favored to win the World Series in 2018. They've made a ton of moves to put them at +500 at Sports Interaction, just ahead of the Dodgers at +600 and Astros at +650. On Boxing Day, they signed free agent CC Sabathia to a 1-year contract for a reported, yet unconfirmed $10 million.

Sabathia's strikeout total is the third highest among lefties in pitching history. The 37-year-old met with both the Blue Jays and Angels before making a decision to rejoin NY. With the emergence of Luis Severino, the Yankees are poised to have a top of the line rotation in 2018. Pirates' Gerrit Cole is also on the radar, and if he goes to the Big Apple, look for their price to drop even further.

The biggest blast from the Bombers was earlier in the month when they acquired Giancarlo Stanton from the fire sale Marlins. The NL MVP is projected to add about 30 home runs to the Yanks arsenal this season and 80 RBIs at the least. With Aaron Judge, the Yankees' offense will be in even higher gear than 2017, when they scored the second most runs in the league. 

With Joe Girardi's departure, Aaron Boone is the new manager and looks to make an impact in his first season. Miguel Andujar and Gleyber Torres are also two players who will grow to really flll out this New York club. And don't forget Gary Sanchez. Suffice it to say, the Yankees look good, so expect a ton of hate for them... and inflated lines.

Who Can Stop The Evil Empire?

The Los Angeles Dodgers (+600) and Houston Astros (+650) are right behind the Yankees as favorites. We shouldn't forget that these are the World Champs and runners-up. For the Dodgers, Cody Bellinger will probably only improve, and Jose Altuve will surely have another great year batting. He's shown no signs of regression and is still a speedster. 

The Washington Nationals (+1000) have great chances, as they'll improve next season as well. Bryce Harper should have a spectacular season as it's his last year before free agency. If he surpasses expectations, he could be looking at contracts spanning a decade for half a billion dollars. And with the NL East so weak right now, the Nats are in prime position for automatic (almost) entry into the playoffs again.

Even the bitter rivals to the Yankees, the Boston Red Sox (+1200) could give the a run for their money if they make the right moves. They already have young talent, as well as power hitters. Chris Sale is also a phenom and isn't showing signs of regression yet. But with the addition of Stanton, the Sox still seem left behind. Landing J.D. Martinez would be huge for this squad, and would make this old rivalry more competitive, but the Yanks would still pull it out.

Some Rebel Underdogs

The Los Angeles Angels (+1600) might have had a sub .500 season last year, but they still exceeded their talent. With nary an ace pitcher, they still put together some nice runs here and there during the season, good for 2nd in the AL West. We all know the Astros will sit atop that throne in 2018, but the Angels are looking good to clinch that Wild Card spot. With Shohei Ohtani on the squad, expect the Angels to go much further in 2018. Let's just hope he stays healthy.

The San Diego Padres (+10000) might be low on the list for World Series winners, but at this price, you'd think they had the worst record in the league in 2017.

Ending up in 4th in the NL West, over the Giants who are listed at +2000, the Padres have just as good a chance as the Giants. Both teams have improved this offseason, and while the Dodgers will keep the crown in the division, the D-Backs and Rockies are due for a huge regression. Sure, it's not likely, but the price is right and the Padres will surprise.

What do you think of the Yankees going into next year? Who are the massive dogs that will cause a ruckus next season? Stick with us as we inch closer to the 2018 MLB season!

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