Mike Tyson Fighting Again in 2020? Tyson Betting Odds
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Mike Tyson Fighting Again in 2020? Tyson Betting Odds

One of the most feared pugilists in the history of fisticuffs has been busy as of late. Iron Mike Tyson has been showing off intense workout videos and making public appearances, hyping up a potential return to the ring.

He's been courted by combat organizations in the United States and Australia, including exhibition offers and forays into the dangerous world of bare-knuckle boxing. Will Tyson make a grand return in 2020?



Will Mike Tyson Fight in a Pro or Exhibition Boxing Match in 2020?

 Will Mike Tyson Fight in 2020? Spin Palace Sports BetWay
Yes 2.00 6.00
No 1.71 7.50

One of the hottest rumours in the world of sports involves Mike Tyson fighting again sometime this year.

Tyson has been releasing videos on social media and dropping hints about how he’s been working hard to create an elite level of physical conditioning. This has created a storm of rumours, resulting in sportsbooks creating Mike Tyson fight 2020 lines for betting.

Australian promoter Brian Amatruda has been linked to a potential event where the Tyson camp would receive a million-dollar payout. Of course, the biggest foreseeable issue with a potential Mike Tyson return to boxing is the fact that he’s in his mid-50s.

He’s obviously still fit and possesses elite speed and skill, but a professional heavyweight who’s a legitimate contender would have a massive advantage in boxing odds and serve as a genuine danger to Mike’s health.

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  • As such, when placing a wager on Mike Tyson betting odds, it’s important to consider that the event depends on finding an appropriate opponent. It’s doubtful that he would be sanctioned to fight an actual contender, but it’s conceivable for him to receive the go-ahead to compete in a professional or exhibition event.

    So far, odds for a Mike Tyson fight return lean towards ‘no’, but the fact that ‘yes’ is listed at +100 odds suggests that there is some sort of legitimate negotiations or discussions going on behind the scenes. Considering the fact that he still has tens of millions of fans clamouring to see him in action again.

    The potential to create a massive pay-per-view windfall for Tyson’s camp and promoters might be too strong to resist, especially when the general public is clamouring for sports action. As such, Mike Tyson fight betting odds offer decent value, with +100 odds doubling your wager if the fight takes place in 2020.

    Pick – Yes 2.00

    Mike Tyson Betting Odds

    Mike Tyson Fight Opponent Odds

     Mike Tyson Fight Opponent Odds William Hill BetWay
    Sonny Bill Williams 1.33 1.33
    Paul Galen 1.50 1.50
    Barry Hall 1.67 1.67
    Evander Holyfield 1.83 1.83

    Interestingly, Sonny Bill Williams holds the best odds for a traditional professional or exhibition boxing match with Mike Tyson in 2020. He’s a former New Zealand boxing champ whose main sport is rugby.

    He’s also nearly 20 years younger than Mike, which implies that the bout would be an exhibition. Tyson would no doubt still have a considerable skill and experience advantage. Interestingly, Evander Holyfield has the lowest odds of squaring up with Mike, despite his own training for an upcoming bout and the extensive history between the two fighters.

    Paul Gallen is another pro rugby player who happens to moonlight as a heavyweight boxer. Similar to Sonny Bill Williams, Paul is much younger than Mike and the fight would likely be an exhibition in the land down under.

    Barry Hall is a retired professional Australian rules footballer who’s a decade younger than Tyson. Hall and Gallen previously fought, with the bout finishing in a majority draw.

    Keep an eye out for Holyfield-Tyson news, as it’s likely that Mike would prefer to stay in the U.S. to box, especially with a larger payout. Sportsbooks seem to agree.

    Bet – Evander Holyfield 1.83

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  • Mike Tyson fight 2020

    Will Mike Tyson Fight in a BKFC Bout in 2020?

     Mike Tyson Fight in a BKFC Bout in 2020? William Hill
    Yes 2.50
    No 1.71

    Bare-knuckle boxing is gaining popularity in the United States and across the world. In 2018, the Bare Knuckle Fighting Championships (BKFC) ran the first officially sanctioned bare-knuckle boxing match in the U.S. since 1889. Recruiting Mike Tyson for a few fights would greatly elevate the stature and prestige of their brand, which is starting to gain notice after the success of the UFC.

    Interestingly, while Australian boxing offered a million to Mike, BKFC president David Feldman promised a guaranteed contract of $20 million for Tyson to make his return without gloves. Nobody wants to be on the business end of Tyson’s hands, but Mike also needs to balance the risks that he takes when he decides to return to the ring.

    Compared to getting hit by boxing gloves, which provides more of a concussive force, getting nailed the face with bare knuckles can cause more catastrophic damage.

    As such, the lines for Tyson participating in the BKFC, despite the heaps of money on the table, reflect a ‘no’ bet as a bigger favourite than the ‘no’ bet for Tyson in an exhibition or pro bout. Picking ‘no’ to Tyson fighting in the BKFC is the smart bet.

    Even if you think he’ll join the BKFC, it’s worth picking ‘yes’ to a return to fighting in either a pro or exhibition match, which will reduce the risk without handicapping your reward too badly.

    Pick – No 1.50

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  • Mike Tyson Return to Boxing

    Mike Tyson BKFC Fight Opponent Odds

     Mike Tyson BKFC Fight Opponent Odds William Hill leovegas
    Hector Lombard 1.33 1.80
    Shannon Briggs 2.10 2.75
    Bobby Gunn 2.50 3.00

    Hector Lombard is considered the most likely opponent to face Mike if he decides to go through the BKFC route. Lombard was an Olympian in Judoka but is considered one of the deadliest strikers in MMA.

    Shannon Briggs is in the same age group and told Dame Dash they might fight on July 4th.

    Bobby Gunn, a bare-knuckle boxing champ, is considered the longshot. He’d be the most unpredictable opponent as a brawler from an Irish Traveller clan.

    Pick – Shannon Briggs 2.10

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