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McGregor Social Media Machine Fueled By Draymond Green

McGregor Social Media Machine Fueled By Draymond Green

Conor McGregor’s Social Media Machine Feeds On Green

During the runup to the Mayweather-McGregor superfight, Conor was already gaining notice as a social media marketing phenomenon. During a span of twelve months that started on August 22, 2015, he generated more than 6,200,000 mentions on Twitter alone. Blogs, news articles and forums wrote about him more than 200,000 times during the same time. The next most mentioned MMA star was Brock Lesnar, with 3.4 million mentions.

Before the fight was announced in June 2017, Conor spent two years talking trash with Floyd, consistently belittling one of the greats. Conor’s notoriety only grew, attracting legions of fans. Over the last 12 months, McGregor added 12.7 new followers, while Mayweather added 3.4 million. 

When Draymond Green weighed in on the number 23 Warriors jersey worn by McGregor on Instagram, he ensnared himself within Conor’s social media machine. The persona that the Irish fighter developed requires another big personality to provide a challenge. If Draymond didn’t speak up, Conor’s Instagram post wouldn’t have gained viral momentum.


We rocking with Floyd bro not you… take that off bruh @thenotoriousmma

Une publication partagée par Draymond Green (@money23green) le 23 Juil. 2017 à 1h22 PDT

The profanity-laced response to Draymond was perfectly crass and brash, dismissing Green as a celebrity while hinting at the specter of violence. Even better, Draymond assumed the jersey was a modern replica, when it was a C.J. Watson clone. Watson was an ex-Warriors baller who allegedly had an affair with Floyd Mayweather’s wife back in the day. Green stated support for Floyd, but inadvertently reminded the world of Mayweather’s domestic violence conviction due to cuckoldry.

Conor’s masterful manipulation of the social media narrative started years ago, earning a following that Floyd Mayweather couldn’t ignore, even if the Irishman’s not a boxer. The recent spat with Draymond Green showed McGregor’s ability to counterpunch in the online realm, a skill he’ll need when the real fight begins.

Draymond Green Holds Another Social Media L

Green may be a two-time NBA champion, but his success and confidence on court hasn’t been matched by his online persona. When McGregor said “I dribble heads off the floor. Not a ball. This is no game here kid,” he handed Draymond another L in the social media game.

This wouldn’t be the first time he’s run afoul of the digital game. He accidentally Snapchatted his own junk instead of sending a private message. After wearing a “Quickie” tshirt during his most recent championship parade, LeBron James dusted off an oldie but goodie, posting “That’s what she said, HUH!?!?” on Instagram. 

Draymond even made the mistake of going after Paul Piece by making fun of the legend’s final games of his long career. Pierce wasted no time going for the jugular when responding to Green, posting “73 wins and u thought u was gonna win a title that yr… 3-1 lead oops”.

Comparing Draymond’s social media presence with Conor’s partly reveals the Irishman’s mastery of the form. The fighter consistently leverages his large-than-life personality to control the narrative, striking nerves and winning followers without accidentally embarrassing his brand. In fact, there’s little chance that McGregor doesn’t know Draymond Green, and Conor was probably delighted that C.J. Watson wore the same number. McGregor didn’t expect the beef to escalate this quickly, but he knew he had a good chance of stirring up attention.

Money Mayweather Picks His Opponents Well

The majority of boxing and fighting fans do not believe that Conor McGregor has a chance to win this fight. Put simply, Floyd’s undefeated and rarely absorbs damage in the ring, while McGregor has never fought a professional boxing match during his career as a UFC fighter.

Conor’s entering an entirely different sport under the assumption that he’ll take down one of the best defensive fighters in history. Floyd’s making a smart, secure bet on himself, knowing he has what it takes to prevent Conor from landing gloves.

Dozens of boxers have taken the difficult path to fail against Mayweather, while Conor basically showed up with an army of social media followers, demanding a fight. Prior to the rise of social media, there’s no way this boxing match takes place. The tens of millions of followers that track Conor over Instagram, Twitter and Facebook represent a large market Mayweather’s entertainment company, which sells boxing at $99.99 a pop.

Floyd is just like any other brand piggybacking on McGregor’s notoriety, increasing profits for The Money Team in the process. When Green jumped into the social media debate, he also knew that his own brand would get a boost by putting himself through McGregor’s social media machine. Anything can happen when the fight finally takes place on August 26th, but Floyd and Conor will emerge victorious no matter who wins, parleying social media notoriety into vast sums of money.

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