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Mayweather KOs McGregor – The Aftermath

Mayweather KOs McGregor – The Aftermath
Mayweather knocked McGregor out to punctuate his brilliant career in the biggest fight in combat sports history. Mayweather emphasized why he was a massive underdog and gradually silenced all the haters and McGregor fanatics. McGregor fought well in a losing effort. This was the rare fight that raised the stock of both fighters. Mayweather gets to ride off into the sunset while McGregor earned new fans. And they got paid.

Mayweather KO’s McGregor Using Veteran Savvy    

Oh ye of little faith. Mayweather silenced the doubts and emphatically proved that the hungry upstart McGregor wouldn’t take his spotlight. Mayweather finished McGregor like most pundits expected although the path to getting there got a bit rockier than expected. McGregor justified the one-sided betting action early on by appearing to win most of the first six rounds. Fans were cautiously optimistic. But everyone knew in their heads what was coming.

McGregor began to tire and by the fifth round, Mayweather began to attack more. By the eighth, McGregor was so tired he had difficulty putting his hands up. Mayweather kept pushing forward and landing to McGregor’s body and eventually tagging his chin hard. By the tenth, referee Robert Byrd had no choice but to save a defenseless McGregor.

And just like that, Mayweather had won. 50-0 and in style.

To most fans, McGregor simply tired from having a frenetic output but to the more trained boxing fan, it was because of Mayweather’s tactics. The cerebral boxer predicted McGregor would start strong and played defense for most of the first four rounds rarely throwing shots. But when he did, he targeted McGregor’s body. Several shots at McGregor’s abdomen area and by the fourth McGregor was showing vulnerability. His power had been sapped. His endurance was waning.   

By the latter rounds, McGregor was a sitting duck. Mayweather had slowly but surely squeezed the fight out of McGregor’s body. The two-division UFC champ was still feisty and had the fighting spirit but his body said otherwise. It was another masterful work from Mayweather who despite getting rocked in the first two rounds was never truly in danger. His veteran savvy outlasted McGregor’s youthful vigor.

Mayweather vs McGregor: The Legends Become Bigger  

Entering the fight, any experienced combat sports fan knew McGregor was no match for Mayweather. Despite his power and uncanny ability to knock almost anyone out in MMA, McGregor was not a boxer. The moment he ran into a fighter who had better boxing ability than he, McGregor struggled. A 0-0 boxer going up against the 49-0 Mayweather was insane. And the short training window didn’t help McGregor either.

Odds indicated McGregor was going to get outclassed. He opened at +900 and got bet up to +1150. But like he’s usually done, McGregor had so many convinced he would knock Mayweather out. So much so he got bet down to a +350 underdog with over 90% of the money coming in on him. While he came up short of this goal, the effort he put in and simply winning rounds against the best defensive boxer in history was a testament to his abilities and work ethic. He’s grown his fan base and there are only bigger things for McGregor whether in MMA or boxing. 

While he came up short of this goal, the effort he put in and simply winning rounds against the best defensive boxer in history was a testament to his abilities and work ethic. He’s grown his fanbase and there are only bigger things for McGregor whether in MMA or boxing. 

Mayweather lived up to his promise of “delivering a fight for the fans“. The bout was a lot more entertaining and competitive than expected. Whether this was by design, Mayweather letting McGregor tee off on him in the earlier rounds, or just the result of a lifelong boxer fighting an MMA fighter-turned boxer will be left to speculation. But whether boxing or MMA, Mayweather fought hard and came out of his defensive shell to actually be the aggressor.

As McGregor noted, Mayweather “turned onto a Mexican”. If Mayweather had a flaw, it was his overly meticulous defensive style that made his fights lackluster even against other exciting boxers. But this night, Mayweather capped off his career in scintillating fashion. Mayweather proved what anyone who knew anything about him already knew, he always gets his way. Mayweather retires undefeated at 50-0 in what would be the rare happy ending for a combat sports athlete.

Canadians were a part of this Fight of the Century and turned to many great online sportsbooks. These sportsbooks offer signup bonuses of up to $200. While offering the best UFC/MMA odds, the books allow betting for literally any sport. Megafights like these don’t come often but as long as McGregor and Mayweather are in fighting shape, there is always a chance of another spectacle.

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