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NHL Week 1 Predictions

NHL Week 1 Predictions
Oh, hello there NHL. Come on in! It’s been way too long! Let’s reacquaint ourselves, shall we? The NHL regular season is BACK. So Canadian hockey fans and Canadian hockey bettors rejoice! The long wait is over.

It’s been 5 months, and you’ve tried to care about baseball or the Summer Olympics but something was missing. The real show is here, so let’s not waste anymore time and get right into the most exciting games and betting opportunities in this first GLORIOUS week of the NHL 2016-17.

NHL Odds Week 1

Results / FixturesNHL

Opening week. Rivalry week.  The NHL knows what they’re doing, like the NBA, they like to stack their opening week deck with a lot of interdivision, or more specifically, interstate/ province to remind us all how amazing NHL rivalries can be. Opening night has 4 such match-ups, so let’s start there. We have the Toronto Maple Leafs vs the Ottawa Senators, the Edmonton Oilers vs the Calgary Flames, the Los Angeles Kings vs the San Jose Sharks, as well as the Chicago Blackhawks vs the St. Louis Blues. The next night we get the defending Champion Pittsburgh Penguins vs The Washington Capitals. Excited? So are we.

Week 1 NHL Predictions

Here’s where and how to bet during Week 1.

The Toronto Maple Leafs @ The Ottawa Senators Prediction


If you’re going to bet on the Maple Leafs, you’re going to want to bet early, before they have reality beaten into them. Bet on them on opening night when the playing field (err, ice) is level and everyone is equally nervous. So they opportunity to go into Ottawa and steal an opening night win is there. Look out! The leafs will be undefeated.

Results / FixturesToronto Maple Leafs

The St. Louis Blues @ The Chicago Blackhawks Prediction


There is almost no reason to assume the Blackhawks won’t open their season with a win at home. They’re better (way better) than the Blues, and they’re on home ice. If you want to chase a big payday, go with the Blues. But the smart bet is definitely the Hawks.

Results / FixturesChicago Blackhawks

The Calgary Flames @ The Edmonton Oilers Prediction


This one is really fun and tough as hell to call. This inter-Alberta tilt will be the hardest game to call on the night. But we feel like Calgary will win. They’re going to open the season with a road win. They have a mega-time superstar who can carry them through a hostile atmosphere. It’s what superstars do.

Results / FixturesCalgary Flames

The Los Angeles Kings vs the San Jose Sharks Prediction


The Sharks need a good start to have a bounce back season, and it starts at home on opening night against the Kings. I feel good about their chances of starting off on the right skate.

Results / FixturesSan Jose Sharks

The Washington Capitals @ Pittsburgh Penguins Prediction


The first home game after winning the world championship is one of the hardest games to win. There is so much hype and circumstance and emotion going into the game, you often lose focus on the game. Also, the new banner in your rafters makes the other team want to just throttle you. So, we’re picking The Penguins losing at home to open the year.

My Team's Next MatchPittsburgh Penguins

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