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NHL Futures: Week 16 Odds Update

NHL Futures: Week 16 Odds Update
Figuring a couple online sportsbook were busy crafting the NFL Championship Sunday lines, some bookmakers were a little slow posting their weekly NHL futures odds updates. All refreshed and reloaded, here we look at the Stanley Cup plus Western and Eastern Conference Championship lines with one night of Week 16 already in the books. We get 39 more contests through 21/01/18.

Stanley Cup Championship Week 16 Contenders

With every team having played at least 42 of their 82 games now – the National Hockey League is into the second half of the 2017-18 season. As part their CBA, all 31 NHL teams are enjoying one five-day break this year. With BYES starting on January 7, many teams have had their rest. By the end of this week – everyone will have a spent a week pondering their playoff future. For some, the future is bright, though the playoff path is fairly cloudy for many. For Arizona and Buffalo, it’s time to look to the 2018-19 campaign. A few of our preseason selections need to get rolling.

Stumbling some, recording just their second two-game losing streak this season, Tampa Bay is on a mini 2-2-1 slide. At 31-10-3 they still led the way however as the Bolts have a four-point lead on second place Vegas. The good times keep rolling in Sin City as the Golden Knights (29-10-3) will be tied with Tampa if their win their two games in hand. The NHL leaders meet on 18/01/18 in Florida when the Lightning return from their BYE – before they head out on a long eight-game road tip. Ten of the Knights next 12 matches are on the road as they leave Sin City during Super Bowl Week.

Heading Into Week 16: If you believe in miracles Betway has the Vegas Cup line at +1200.

NHL Week 16 Championship Futures Lines

Results / FixturesNHL

15/01/18 Eastern Conference Championship Odds Update

Moving up, down, and remaining the same, was the story on the Bolts East leading futures line. The Lighting had a power outage and were outscored 13-5 during two losses and a tie. In the middle they won two games by a 10-6 margin and their line fell at SportsInteraction (+250) bumped up at Bodog and Bet365 (+300) and went unchanged (+275 ) on the board at Betway. Toronto, who are as high as +800 at Bet365, have the second lowest Eastern Conference price (+500) at Bodog.

One of the reasons we have liked the Buds all season is head coach Mike Babcock. Playoff savvy, he will be a steadying influence during the playoff stretch run. Early money line Capital gains continue to fall in Washington as the price on Alex Ovechkin & Crew is down to +600 and third behind the Leafs. Tagged with a heavy +1800 line, back in Week 8, Boston is on a 16-3-2 roll and the Bruins East title odds have shrunk to a +600 low at Bet365 but can still be bought for +1000 at Betway. 

Week 16 Warning: The Blue Jackets recent 5-6-2 bumbling is looking like a problem.

Week Over Week: 08/01/18 to 15/01/18  Best Money Line Value

Odds Table Order: Teams are listed according to the current Eastern Conference standings. 

Eastern Conference Title Price Changes: Week 16 @ 10:00 PM ET on January 15, 2018.

Eastern Conference 
Lightning  +300 to +250   +275 to +300   +275 to +300   +275 to N/C 
Capitals  +850 to +700   +700 to +650   +600 to N/C   +700 to N/C  
Bruins  +1200 to +900   +900 to +650   +650 to +600   +1000 to N/C 
Maple Leafs  +550 to +500   +600 to N/C   +700 to +800   +500 to +600  
Blue Jackets  +650 to +900   +650 to N/C   +900 to +850   +700 to N/C 
Devils  +1000 to +850   +800 to +1000   +850 to +1000   +1200 to N/C  
Penguins  +850 to +1000   +800 to +900   +900 to +1100   +750 to N/C  
Rangers  +1000 to +1400   +1200 to +1400   +1400 to N/C   +1200 to N/C 
Flyers  +2000 to +2200   +2200 to +1800   +1500 to +1200   +2500 to +1600 
Islanders  +1600 to +2200   +2000 to +1800   +1600 to +1400   +1400 to N/C 
Hurricanes  +2500 to +2200   +2200 to +1800   +1500 to +1600   +2500 to +2000 
Red Wings  +6600 to +7500   +6600 to +7500   +4000 to +3500   +5000 to N/C 
Panthers  +5000 to N/C   +4000 to +5000   +4000 to +3000   +4000 to N/C 
Canadiens  +2500 to +3300   +3300 to +4000   +4000 to N/C   +2200 to N/C 
Senators  +4000 to +5000   +5000 to N/C   +4000 to +5500   +3300 to N/C  
Sabres  +50K to +125K   OTB – Week 13  +65K to +125K 
 +150K to N/C  

15/01/18 Western Conference Championship Odds Update

Having four games in hand on Winnipeg, Vegas leads the Jets by two points. The Golden Knights are a white-hot 14-1-2 over their last 17 contests. Vegas remains an NHL home best 18-2-2 at the T-Mobile Center and their Western Conference title price is down as low +350 at SportsInteraction. The Jets have been up and down during a 9-7-3 recent middling stretch. Just below Winnipeg, the Kings, Predators and Blues have all slumped and earned just four wins over their last ten games. 

Jumping into the heated playoff race in the West, Calgary is smoking hot as the Flames (25-16-4) have won seven in a row. Collecting 19 of a possible 24 points, the Flames are still seven points back of Vegas in the West and the Pacific Division race. The Flames playing 45 games already is part of the reason they still have a (+1600) best price at SIA. Colorado is also cruising along as the Avalanche have a 12-3-1 record over their last 16 contests. The Avs are still a lofty +3300 at SIA.

Week 16 West Watch: Preseason favorite Edmonton is ten points out of the playoffs. 

Week Over Week: 08/01/18 to 15/01/18  Best Money Line Value

Odds Table Oder: Teams are listed according to the current Western Conference standings.

Western Conference Title Price Changes: Week 16 @ 10:00 PM ET on January 15, 2018.

Western Conference
Golden Knights  +500 to +350 
 +375 to +400   +450 to N/C   +650 to +500 
Jets  +700 to +550   +700 to +600   +500 to +600   +900 to +650 
Predators  +550 to +700   +700 to N/C   +600 to +550 
 +550 to N/C 
Blues  +575 to +800   +750 to +900   +700 to +850    +550 to +650 
Flames  +1600 to N/C   +2200 to +1200   +1500 to +850 
 +1200 to N/C 
Kings  +700 to +850 
 +750 to +900   +800 to +1000   +550 to +650 
Stars  +1200 to N/C   +1200 to N/C   +850 to +1300   +1200 to N/C 
Wild  +2000 to +1200   +1200 to +1000    +1400 to +1100   +1400 to N/C  
Sharks  +1700 to +1200   +1200 to N/C   +900 to +1250   +1200 to N/C 
Avalanche  +5000 to +3300   +4000 to +2800    +1250 to +1300   +2800 to N/C 
Blackhawks  +1000 to +1200   +1100 to N/C   +1500 to N/C   +1400 to N/C 
Ducks  +1200 to N/C    +1200 to N/C   +1500 to +1400   +1600 to +1400 
Oilers  +1200 to +2200   +1200 to +1800    +2200 to +2000   +1800 to N/C 
Canucks  +4000 to +7500   +5000 to N/C   +4000 to +2500   +3300 to N/C 
Coyotes  +50K to +200K   OTB Week 12  +300K to N/C   +50K to N/C 

Top NHL & NFL Championship Sunday Sportsbooks

Although we are paying attention the NHL and NBA action, there are bigger fish frying as the 2017 NFL season has reached Conference Championship Sunday. Like two Super Bowls in one day, the NFC and AFC title battles are the final two steps to the bright stage at US Bank Stadium on February 4, 2018. Your quarterbacks left in the playoffs are, wait umm let me get my glasses. OK, they are Case Keenum, Blake Bortles, Nick Foles and some dude named Tom Brady. The Jaguars at Patriots AFC fight and Vikings at Eagles NFC match will decide the Super Bowl Sunday finalists.

During Divisional Weekend action, New England destroyed Tennessee 35-14 and Pittsburgh’s defence protected like a Shower Curtain during Jacksonville’s 45-42 victory to set the AFC title game. Offence’s opted out of the Eagles vs Falcons fight as Philadelphia beat Atlanta 15-10 while a Hail Mary sent the Saints to the sidelines in their 29-24 last second loss to Minnesota. That sets up a pair of cold weather outdoor games on January 21, 2018. No matter the sport, and no matter the season, top rated CSB bookmakers deliver Canadians the best online wagering action everyday.

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