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NFL Fantasy Overrated Picks 2017

NFL Fantasy Overrated Picks 2017
NFL poolies hate the sinking feeling of watching a high draft pick underperform all season long. Everybody experiences this type of disappointment at least once, no matter how well you know the league. In 2017, the most overrated NFL fantasy picks are past their prime, or unable to fulfill their promise as a prospect. They risk a bust season, sinking the best plans of NFL fantasy players.

Don’t Waste Picks On Overrated NFL Players

QB – Ben Roethlisberger – Pittsburgh Steelers

Drafting Ben Roethlisberger is similar to drafting half an amazing quarterback. You can’t play him on the road, but he’ll put up elite numbers for home games. Throw in the fact that he tends to miss at least one game per year, and the case to draft Big Ben begins to weaken. At age 35, the NFL grind will only become more difficult, and it’s tough to believe he’ll improve on his performances over the past few years.

Last season was a bit of a mixed bag. Despite throwing eight more touchdowns, his completion rate and total yards thrown dipped year-over-year. He also managed to gain only 14 yards on the rush, suggesting a serious dip in athleticism. The Steelers remain Super Bowl contenders with Roethlisberger’s output, but your fantasy team QBs should be better than Ben.

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WR – Emmanuel Sanders – Denver Broncos

Emmanuel Sanders

The Broncos have been a mess at the quarterback position since Peyton Manning rode off into the sunset with a career-ending Super Bowl win. Denver’s deep in pretty much every other position, especially their elite defense, which gives them a chance to win every game. Unfortunately for the offense, the lack of a competent quarterback will affect fantasy stats for receivers and tight ends.

Emmanuel Sanders remains a superb wide receiver in 2017, but the return of Brock Osweiler doesn’t bode well for his fantasy stats. Sanders didn’t even have a chance to catch 29 percent of footballs thrown in his direction, and this stat probably won’t improve much this year. He’s likely to suffer declining numbers for the fourth consecutive year, but it’s not his fault. Devner could’ve signed Kaepernick instead, which would have vastly improved their playoff aspirations. 

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RB – LaGarrette Blount – Philadelphia Eagles

LeGarrette Blount

LaGarette Blount moves from the best dynasty in NFL history to the Philadelphia Eagles, who will probably place greater emphasis on Carson Wentz airing the football out on a more consistent basis. There’s no way Blount receives the quality and quantity of opportunities he enjoyed with New England, which means he’s extremely unlikely to produce anywhere near his career-best 2016.

Blount won’t be targeted more often in Philadelphia, so he won’t break his career best of 15 receptions. For the most part, he’ll be used in short yardage situations, banging against the defensive beasts of the NFL. LaGarrette’s on the wrong side of thirty, another reason to avoid drafting him early.

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RB – Ty Montgomery – Green Bay Packers

Ty Montgomery

All things considered, Ty had a solid 2016, but he’s still generally ranked below backs like Marshawn Lynch and Christian McCaffrey, who weren’t in the NFL last season. Green Bay’s passing game should present lots of prime running routes, so why isn’t he ranked higher?

The preseason shows that Montgomery hasn’t made significant strides over the offseason to fulfill the promise of his 162-yard, two TD performance against the Chicago Bears last year. Instead, rookie Jamaal Williams has looked far sharper during the preseason. Odds are both backs will share snaps, so you shouldn’t expect a huge boost in production from Ty. Don’t draft him early.

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TE – Jordan Reed – Washington Redskins

Jordan Reed

Jordan Reed’s actually a great player, combining power, speed and finesse as a prototypical tight end. The reason you need to avoid Jordan Reed is simple: there’s little chance that he plays in all sixteen games this year, and Washington will likely prioritize Pryor, Crowder and even Doctson for targets. When he’s on the field, he’s fantastic, but he’s already starting behind the eight ball before the 2017 season begins. He’ll probably be dealing with a toe injury all year long, making all his other aches and pains worse. If your fantasy team has a long bench, feel free to stash him if he’s available later in the draft than expected. Don’t expect Jordan to carry your TE position all season.

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