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NBA Picks: Jazz at Raptors Point Spread

NBA Picks: Jazz at Raptors Point Spread
The second meeting between the Raptors and Jazz this season takes place in Toronto. After losing a close one at home during the first matchup, Utah wants to ruin the Raps' return from their holiday road trip out west.

Utah Jazz at Toronto Raptors

Now that the holidays are over, the NBA swings deeper into the middle third of the schedule as teams grind through the marathon regular season. Toronto sits atop the Atlantic Division with a 23-11 record, 2.5 games ahead of Boston, while Utah’s one game ahead of the Thunder for top spot in the Northwest Division. The Raptors bring the second-deadliest offense in the league while the Jazz earn their W’s with the best defense in the NBA, promising an interesting clash of style between these division leaders.

NBA - Regular
Friday 26 January
Utah Jazz
Toronto Raptors

Utah Jazz @ Toronto Raptors

  Money Line  

As one of the ascendant teams in the western conference, the Utah Jazz are finally cashing in on smart drafting and shrewd free agent signings. At minimum, the Jazz want to occupy the same space the Raptors have carved out for themselves, mimicking Toronto’s rise to become the main challenger to the Cleveland Cavaliers in the eastern conference. Both small market franchises worked around the difficulties of attracting elite free agents through patient team-building and development, creating squads steeped in fundamentals which carry them past the majority of teams in the NBA.

Jazz at Raptors Prediction

Bet Toronto (-208) at 5Dimes

The Utah Jazz are in the middle of their own long road trip, facing their third game in four nights after losing to the Boston Celtics on the rubber end of a back-to-back. Despite a day of rest, fatigue will likely factor in during the second half of the game, making it vital for the Jazz to build a solid cushion during the first two quarters. The Raptors enjoy the luxury of resting at home, having returned from San Antonio, where they were blown out to finish 3-3 during their half-dozen games visiting the west.

Even worse for Utah, George Hill will miss his third straight game with a concussion. This will force Gordon Hayward to absorb more of the offensive duties. Rudy Gobert must extend himself a bit more to shut down Kyle Lowry and DeMar DeRozan without Hill’s superb perimeter defense. Backup point Shelvin Mack needs to prevent Toronto’s all-star point from running circles around the Jazz in transition. If Utah repeats their lackadaisical performance in Boston, the Raptors will feast early and often, resting their vets in the fourth quarter.

Toronto should be considered a strong favorite for this matchup. During their December meeting in Utah, Lowry destroyed the Jazz, pouring in 36 points on 15-20 shooting, missing only one field goal (!) from inside the arc. Injuries, fatigue and the Raptors’ home advantage will make it much more difficult for Utah to keep pace over 48 minutes. There’s a good chance Toronto will easily beat the spread for point totals and margins.

NBA Picks Tonight | January 5, 2017

A total of eight games take place tonight across the NBA, including elite contenders and lottery squads. The most closely watched match of the night will feature a pair of triple-double machines, James Harden and Russell Westbrook, clashing in a vital conference matchup. D’Antoni’s run-and-gun squad has taken the association somewhat by surprise, while Westbrook continues to astonish by averaging a triple-double deep into the season. Odds are against the Thunder for this one, but fans will focus more on watching two unstoppable forces clash on-court.

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Away Score Home Money Line
Monday 22 January
FT Sacramento Kings 107 - 112 Charlotte Hornets +460 -526 Odds
FT Utah Jazz 90 - 104 Atlanta Hawks -145 +125 Odds
FT Miami Heat 90 - 99 Houston Rockets +520 -769 Odds
FT Philadelphia 76ers 101 - 105 Memphis Grizzlies -143 +139 Odds
FT Phoenix Suns 105 - 109 Milwaukee Bucks +190 -233 Odds
AOT Chicago Bulls 128 - 132 Pelicans +240 -256 Odds
FT Washington Wizards 75 - 98 Dallas Mavericks -125 +115 Odds
FT Blazers 101 - 104 Denver Nuggets +145 -149 Odds
FT Wolves 126 - 118 L.A. Clippers +110 -130 Odds
Tuesday 23 January
FT Sacramento Kings 105 - 99 Orlando Magic +260 -294 Odds
FT Cleveland Cavaliers 102 - 114 San Antonio Spurs -141 +120 Odds
FT Brooklyn Nets 108 - 109 Thunder +400 -588 Odds
FT New York Knicks 112 - 123 Warriors +1200 -1667 Odds
FT Boston Celtics 107 - 108 L.A. Lakers -208 +215 Odds
Wednesday 24 January
FT Pelicans 101 - 96 Charlotte Hornets +122 -130 Odds
AOT Utah Jazz 98 - 95 Detroit Pistons +120 -135 Odds
FT Phoenix Suns 101 - 116 Indiana Pacers +240 -263 Odds
FT Chicago Bulls 101 - 115 Philadelphia 76ers +210 -227 Odds
FT Toronto Raptors 108 - 93 Atlanta Hawks -263 +245 Odds
FT Houston Rockets 104 - 97 Dallas Mavericks -270 +248 Odds
FT San Antonio Spurs 108 - 85 Memphis Grizzlies -115 +110 Odds
FT Wolves 114 - 123 Blazers +145 -147 Odds
FT Boston Celtics 113 - 102 L.A. Clippers +145 -154 Odds
Thursday 25 January
FT Sacramento Kings 89 - 88 Miami Heat +375 -417 Odds
FT Washington Wizards 112 - 121 Thunder +180 -222 Odds
FT New York Knicks 118 - 130 Denver Nuggets +240 -256 Odds
FT Wolves 113 - 126 Warriors +650 -1000 Odds
Friday 26 January
Atlanta Hawks 19:00 Charlotte Hornets +250 -256 Odds
Indiana Pacers 19:30 Cleveland Cavaliers +210 -227 Odds
Utah Jazz 19:30 Toronto Raptors +300 -333 Odds
L.A. Lakers 20:00 Chicago Bulls +155 -164 Odds
L.A. Clippers 20:00 Memphis Grizzlies -149 +140 Odds
Brooklyn Nets 20:00 Milwaukee Bucks +240 -250 Odds
Houston Rockets 20:00 Pelicans -159 +160 Odds
Blazers 20:30 Dallas Mavericks -120 +110 Odds
Philadelphia 76ers 20:30 San Antonio Spurs +150 -159 Odds
New York Knicks 21:00 Phoenix Suns -112 +102 Odds
Saturday 27 January
Thunder 17:00 Detroit Pistons
Orlando Magic 19:00 Indiana Pacers
Washington Wizards 19:30 Atlanta Hawks
Charlotte Hornets 19:30 Miami Heat
Boston Celtics 20:30 Warriors
Brooklyn Nets 21:00 Wolves
Dallas Mavericks 21:00 Denver Nuggets
Sunday 28 January
Milwaukee Bucks 15:30 Chicago Bulls
Phoenix Suns 15:30 Houston Rockets
L.A. Clippers 16:00 Pelicans
Detroit Pistons 18:00 Cleveland Cavaliers
L.A. Lakers 18:00 Toronto Raptors
Philadelphia 76ers 18:00 Thunder
Sacramento Kings 19:00 San Antonio Spurs

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