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NBA Picks: Conference Quarterfinals Odds For April 17, 2017

NBA Picks: Conference Quarterfinals Odds For April 17, 2017
The first weekend of the NBA playoffs produced some surprising results, including upset wins by Utah, Chicago and Milwaukee. After a hectic start, Easter Monday features a subdued schedule, with a pair of games on tap, beginning at 7 PM EST. Neither matchup should produce an upset, as the Cleveland Cavaliers and San Antonio Spurs are favorites to make it to the finals.

Cleveland Cavaliers vs. Indiana Pacers NBA Playoff Odds

NBA Preseason
Tuesday 10 October
Chicago Bulls
Cleveland Cavaliers

Bulls @ Cavaliers

  Money Line  

Cleveland Cavaliers Regular Season Record: 51-31
Indiana Pacers Regular Season Record: 42-40
Canada Sports Betting Pick: Cleveland Cavaliers (-380) at Bodog

The Cavaliers barely escaped an embarrassing home loss to begin the playoffs on Saturday, allowing the Pacers a chance at the buzzer for the win. Instead of Paul George getting the ball back off a double team, C.J. Miles lifted a jumper, ending Indiana’s best chance at scoring a win in this series.

As usual, it was LeBron James leading the charge with yet another sublime performance, scoring at will and distributing the ball in an effort to get his mates involved in the match. Cleveland needed each one of his 32 points and 13 assists to avoid the upset.

It’s difficult to see another game in which Kyle Korver doesn’t shoot a three and the Cavaliers score only 17 points in the final quarter. Expect a much bigger winning margin for Cleveland this time around.

San Antonio Spurs vs. Memphis Grizzlies NBA Playoff Odds

NBA Preseason
Monday 09 October
Memphis Grizzlies
Atlanta Hawks

Memphis Grizzlies @ Atlanta Hawks

  Money Line  

San Antonio Spurs Regular Season Record: 61-21
Memphis Grizzlies Regular Season Record: 43-39
Canada Sports Betting Pick: San Antonio Spurs (-800) at Bodog

Game one between the San Antonio Spurs and the Memphis Grizzlies was over before the third quarter finished, despite the heroic effort of Marc Gasol, who matched Kawhi Leonard’s game-high 32 points. Nobody else on the Grizz stepped up to the plate, leading to a 29-point blowout after 48 minutes.

The vaunted Grindhouse defense suffered without Tony Allen, and the Spurs feasted, shooting 53.2% from the field. Kawhi enjoyed plenty of free buckets, hitting 11 of his 14 shots, including 10 for 12 from mid-range and 9-9 at the free throw line.

Coach Popovich trotted 13 players on court during a time when rotations usually shrink to a tight nine. This is probably the least competitive series in the NBA playoffs, and you should bet on it as such. Even a single victory for Memphis is a huge upset.

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Away Score Home Money Line
Tuesday 17 October
Boston Celtics 20:00 Cleveland Cavaliers +166 -200 Odds
Houston Rockets 22:30 Warriors +325 -417 Odds
Wednesday 18 October
Charlotte Hornets 19:00 Detroit Pistons +164 -196 Odds
Brooklyn Nets 19:00 Indiana Pacers +147 -175 Odds
Miami Heat 19:00 Orlando Magic -175 +147 Odds
Philadelphia 76ers 19:00 Washington Wizards +247 -303 Odds
Milwaukee Bucks 19:30 Boston Celtics +227 -278 Odds
Pelicans 20:00 Memphis Grizzlies +114 -135 Odds
Atlanta Hawks 20:30 Dallas Mavericks +195 -238 Odds
Denver Nuggets 21:00 Utah Jazz +114 -135 Odds
Wolves 21:30 San Antonio Spurs +222 -270 Odds
Houston Rockets 22:00 Sacramento Kings -435 +300 Odds
Blazers 22:00 Phoenix Suns -149 +126 Odds
Thursday 19 October
Chicago Bulls 19:30 Toronto Raptors
New York Knicks 20:00 Thunder +580 -833 Odds
L.A. Clippers 22:30 L.A. Lakers -222 +185 Odds
Friday 20 October
Atlanta Hawks 19:00 Charlotte Hornets
Blazers 19:00 Indiana Pacers
Boston Celtics 19:00 Philadelphia 76ers
Detroit Pistons 19:00 Washington Wizards
Cleveland Cavaliers 19:00 Milwaukee Bucks -145 +122 Odds
Orlando Magic 19:30 Brooklyn Nets
Utah Jazz 20:00 Wolves
Sacramento Kings 20:30 Dallas Mavericks
Warriors 21:30 Pelicans -278 +227 Odds
L.A. Lakers 22:00 Phoenix Suns
Saturday 21 October
Philadelphia 76ers 19:30 Toronto Raptors
Orlando Magic 20:00 Cleveland Cavaliers
Indiana Pacers 20:00 Miami Heat
Detroit Pistons 20:00 New York Knicks
San Antonio Spurs 20:00 Chicago Bulls
Dallas Mavericks 20:00 Houston Rockets
Warriors 20:00 Memphis Grizzlies
Blazers 20:30 Milwaukee Bucks
Sacramento Kings 21:00 Denver Nuggets
Thunder 21:00 Utah Jazz
Phoenix Suns 22:30 L.A. Clippers
Sunday 22 October
Atlanta Hawks 15:30 Brooklyn Nets
Wolves 19:00 Thunder
Pelicans 21:30 L.A. Lakers

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