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MLB Picks and Parlays June 20

MLB Picks and Parlays June 20
Tuesday baseball is here, and with a full card, there's tons of value to be found! Game 2 is the theme, as we'll be looking at the San Diego Padres at Chicago Cubs, the San Francisco Giants at the Atlanta Braves, and the New York Mets on the West Coast against the Los Angeles Dodgers, each playing the second in their series. First game kicks off at 7:35pm ET.

MLB Baseball Games Today

It’s Tuesday, and we’ve been blessed with a full MLB card. Not all teams played yesterday, so many are starting their series tonight. The Toronto Blue Jays had a great game, stealing one from the Rangers late to inch back towards that .500 mark.

This week’s hot series has to go to the Diamondbacks and Rockies who have both been playing out of their minds this season. The over .600 teams begin their series tonight, and attempt to gain control of the surging NL West.

Looking back to our last picks, we went a decent 2-1. The Nationals cemented their lead in the NL East with their 7-4 win over the Mets, and the Rangers took no prisoners, scoring 5 runs in the 1st against the Mariners, to beat them 10-4. Our loss came on the Royals, our one dog play. They had no chance from the start, failing both on pitching and offence, to lose 9-0 to the Angels.

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Away Score Home Money Line
Monday 18 September
FT Minnesota Twins 1 - 2 New York Yankees +147 -154 Odds
FT Milwaukee Brewers 3 - 0 Pittsburgh Pirates -102 -106 Odds
AEI Boston Red Sox 10 - 8 Baltimore Orioles +114 -123 Odds
FT Los Angeles Dodgers 3 - 4 Phillies -313 +290 Odds
FT New York Mets 1 - 13 Miami Marlins +148 -149 Odds
FT Oakland Athletics 8 - 3 Detroit Tigers -109 +104 Odds
FT Diamondbacks 2 - 4 San Diego Padres -135 +134 Odds
Tuesday 19 September
AEI Boston Red Sox 1 - 0 Baltimore Orioles -101 -108 Odds
FT Minnesota Twins 2 - 5 New York Yankees +153 -149 Odds
FT Milwaukee Brewers 1 - 0 Pittsburgh Pirates -103 -106 Odds
FT Los Angeles Dodgers 2 - 6 Phillies -154 +150 Odds
FT Kansas City Royals 2 - 5 Toronto Blue Jays +165 -172 Odds
FT Chicago Cubs 2 - 1 Tampa Bay Rays +117 -123 Odds
AEI New York Mets 4 - 5 Miami Marlins +118 -127 Odds
AEI St. Louis Cardinals 8 - 7 Cincinnati Reds -106 -101 Odds
FT Oakland Athletics 9 - 8 Detroit Tigers -123 +116 Odds
FT Montreal Expos 4 - 2 Atlanta Braves -196 +185 Odds
FT Chicago White Sox 1 - 3 Houston Astros +240 -256 Odds
FT Cleveland Indians 6 - 3 Los Angeles Angels -106 -103 Odds
FT Texas Rangers 3 - 1 Seattle Mariners +131 -141 Odds
FT Diamondbacks 2 - 6 San Diego Padres -179 +170 Odds
FT Colorado Rockies 3 - 4 Giants -108 +105 Odds
Wednesday 20 September
105' Minnesota Twins 3 - 3 New York Yankees +265 -227 Odds
100' New York Mets 1 - 5 Miami Marlins +147 -154 Odds
100' Oakland Athletics 1 - 0 Detroit Tigers -108 -102 Odds
Colorado Rockies 15:45 Giants -135 +127 Odds
Milwaukee Brewers 19:05 Pittsburgh Pirates -112 +105 Odds
Boston Red Sox 19:05 Baltimore Orioles -189 +179 Odds
Los Angeles Dodgers 19:05 Phillies -256 +240 Odds
Kansas City Royals 19:07 Toronto Blue Jays +106 -114 Odds
Chicago Cubs 19:10 Tampa Bay Rays -112 +110 Odds
St. Louis Cardinals 19:10 Cincinnati Reds -182 +180 Odds
Montreal Expos 19:35 Atlanta Braves -147 +140 Odds
Chicago White Sox 20:10 Houston Astros +262 -294 Odds
Diamondbacks 21:10 San Diego Padres -141 +132 Odds
Cleveland Indians 22:07 Los Angeles Angels -105 -104 Odds
Texas Rangers 22:10 Seattle Mariners +135 -145 Odds
Thursday 21 September
Los Angeles Dodgers 13:05 Phillies
Cleveland Indians 16:07 Los Angeles Angels -123 +113 Odds
Tampa Bay Rays 19:05 Baltimore Orioles +106 -116 Odds
Kansas City Royals 19:07 Toronto Blue Jays +154 -164 Odds
St. Louis Cardinals 19:10 Cincinnati Reds -137 +127 Odds
Minnesota Twins 19:10 Detroit Tigers -133 +123 Odds
Montreal Expos 19:35 Atlanta Braves Odds
Chicago Cubs 20:10 Milwaukee Brewers -132 +121 Odds
Chicago White Sox 20:10 Houston Astros +280 Odds
Texas Rangers 22:10 Seattle Mariners +137 -147 Odds
Colorado Rockies 22:10 San Diego Padres -115 +105 Odds
Friday 22 September
Tampa Bay Rays 19:05 Baltimore Orioles
St. Louis Cardinals 19:05 Pittsburgh Pirates
New York Yankees 19:07 Toronto Blue Jays
Minnesota Twins 19:10 Detroit Tigers
Montreal Expos 19:10 New York Mets
Boston Red Sox 19:10 Cincinnati Reds
Phillies 19:35 Atlanta Braves
Chicago Cubs 19:35 Milwaukee Brewers
Kansas City Royals 20:10 Chicago White Sox
Los Angeles Angels 20:10 Houston Astros
Miami Marlins 21:40 Diamondbacks
Texas Rangers 22:05 Oakland Athletics
Cleveland Indians 22:10 Seattle Mariners
Giants 22:10 Los Angeles Dodgers
Colorado Rockies 22:10 San Diego Padres
Saturday 23 September
Los Angeles Angels 13:05 Houston Astros
Chicago Cubs 13:05 Milwaukee Brewers
New York Yankees 16:07 Toronto Blue Jays
Boston Red Sox 16:10 Cincinnati Reds
Cleveland Indians 16:10 Seattle Mariners
Minnesota Twins 18:10 Detroit Tigers
St. Louis Cardinals 19:05 Pittsburgh Pirates
Tampa Bay Rays 19:05 Baltimore Orioles
Phillies 19:10 Atlanta Braves
Kansas City Royals 19:10 Chicago White Sox
Montreal Expos 19:10 New York Mets
Miami Marlins 20:10 Diamondbacks
Colorado Rockies 20:40 San Diego Padres
Texas Rangers 21:05 Oakland Athletics
Giants 21:10 Los Angeles Dodgers
Sunday 24 September
Minnesota Twins 12:10 Detroit Tigers
New York Yankees 13:07 Toronto Blue Jays
Montreal Expos 13:10 New York Mets
Boston Red Sox 13:10 Cincinnati Reds
Tampa Bay Rays 13:35 Baltimore Orioles
St. Louis Cardinals 13:35 Pittsburgh Pirates
Phillies 13:35 Atlanta Braves
Kansas City Royals 14:10 Chicago White Sox
Chicago Cubs 14:10 Milwaukee Brewers
Texas Rangers 16:05 Oakland Athletics
Cleveland Indians 16:10 Seattle Mariners
Giants 16:10 Los Angeles Dodgers
Miami Marlins 16:10 Diamondbacks
Colorado Rockies 16:40 San Diego Padres
Los Angeles Angels 20:05 Houston Astros

For today, we’ll be looking at teams who played each other Monday, because it will give us the best insight on what to expect tonight. We’ll be looking at the Padres visiting the Cubs, the Giants at the Braves, and the Mets against the Dodgers. Let’s get into it.

MLB Picks Today – June 20, 2017

  • San Diego Padres at Chicago Cubs: *Chicago Cubs (-200) at BODOG

The Chicago Cubs can almost reach out and touch their goal of NL Central leader. The Brewers are still on top, but after both teams end their respective series, things might be looking different. Looking for their 3rd win in a row, the Cubs will have that first place slot in mind. While their offense was pretty stagnant last game, scoring only 3 runs, Anthony Rizzo has been exceptional in the leadoff spot. He’s a perfect 5 for 5 with 2 home runs in his first AB as top of the order.

Rizzo will have to get past Jhoulys Chacin (6-5, 5.10 ERA) though. He does have good numbers against his, going 4 for 8 with a home run. The Venezuelan has been pitching better lately though, only allowing 2 runs in his last 2 starts, both wins. He’s only 2-3 with a 3.98 ERA in 6 appearances, 5 of which were starts, against the Cubs. Mike Montgomery (0-3, 2.56 ERA) continues replacing Kyle Hendricks in the rotation. Despite his 0-3 record, his starts have all been no decisions. Against the Padres, he’s 1-0 with a 2.62 ERA.

We don’t usually take picks with such high juice, but this play is a headscratcher. The Cubs have had a difficult time putting away the Padres in the past, losing to them 3 times prior to their win on Monday. They rallied, but only managed to win by 1 on Monday. It’s best we not risk the RL on the Cubs, but also there’s no reason to put money on the weary Padres with their 11-25 road record, ML or RL. The Cubs will most likely take this in a very close affair. 

  • San Francisco Giants at Atlanta Braves: *Atlanta Braves (-117) at BODOG

Losers of 15 in 20, the San Francisco Giants haven’t been the team to bet on. They’re even managing to lose on the RL frequently. In the past 20 games, they’ve scored 2 or less runs a stunning 9 times. The Braves are by no means an elite team themselves, but are still 2nd in the NL East, and have been playing decent ball lately.

Matt Moore (2-7, 6.00 ERA) doesn’t look like he’ll stop the bleeding, as he’s abysmal on the road, going 0-4, with a 9.24 ERA. In his past 6 games, opponents are batting .318 off him. Julio Teheran (6-4, 4.86 ERA) has been on the other side of the coin for the Atlanta Braves. The right hander’s only allowed 1 earned run in his past 2 home starts. Against the Giants, he’s 2-2 with a 3.99 ERA.

There’s absolutely no reason to take the Giants in this spot. The line even seems a bit of a trap, but we’ll gladly bite. Look for this game to be a lot closer than expected, whether high or low scoring, but the Braves should still eke out a win here. 

Coming off a 10-6 to Clayton Kershaw and the Dodgers on Monday, the New York Mets will try to end their drought, in which they’ve lost 4 of 5. Their offense has definitely been resurgent, as they hit well in their last game, but a few bounces steered the game in LA’s direction. That’s not to take away from Cody Bellinger and Justin Turner’s dominant performances.

Robert Gsellman (5-4, 5.50 ERA) takes the mound for the Mets, and looks to make up for breaking his win streak, and falling apart against the Nats last Thursday, allowing 7 runs in 5 innings. Surprisingly, he is 2-1 on the road though. The Los Angeles Dodgers start Brandon McCarthy (5-3, 3.14 ERA). He hasn’t faced the Mets since 2014, but in 2 starts against them, he’s 0-2 with a 3.55 ERA.

There’s no denying the LA bats are hot as fire right now, but don’t overlook the Mets. They scored 4 home runs off the seemingly untouchable Clayton Kershaw, and almost made a game out of it. The Dodgers have better batting, but the Mets have more power. Also, taking into account the pitchers, and how they’ve fared against the opposing teams, the Mets on the RL has a lot of value.

If you’re looking for a parlay to sprinkle a bit on, take all three of these plays. This parlay pays +415 at Sports Interaction

  • *Atlanta Braves (-125)
  • *Chicago Cubs (-215)
  • *New York Mets +1.5 (-105)

Agree with our picks? Tell us what you think in the comment section below!


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