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MLB Ballparks Code of Conduct Project Pros and Cons

MLB Ballparks Code of Conduct Project Pros and Cons
Should the MLB crack down on fan misconduct? At the recent owners meeting, the Adam Jones incident in May was brought up, and this could mean the beginnings of a league-wide fan code of conduct policy. We'll discuss the pros and cons of such a policy, and whether it should be implemented or would be an infringement on freedom of speech!

Can’t Change the Fans’ Opinions But…

The quarterly owners meeting by the heads of all major league teams met late last month to discuss a series of issues. One of these was what to do about fan misconduct. The talk was triggered by an incident in early May, where visiting Baltimore Orioles CF Adam Jones was the brunt of racial mudslinging at Fenway Park during a night game. The owners are supposed to bring the topic back up in November after the season ends, but what should they do about this problem? And should anything even be done about it?

With regards to the Adam Jones issue specifically, the MLB should indeed crack down on these types on incidents. While all MLB teams have a code of conduct for their fans at their ballparks, there’s still no uniform consensus that blankets the entire league.

Some teams have a more lax standard. The other leagues in the Big 4 have already implemented something similar. The NFL put one in place in 2008, and the NBA is allowed to rescind tickets for season ticket holders, eject individuals, and even have people arrested. 

While cracking down on racial slurs won’t change the fans’ minds if they already have those thoughts, it’ll protect the players’ peace of mind. Sure, the Red Sox haven’t reported any other incidents since May, but that doesn’t mean a tiger changed its stripes.

It can be jarring for an African-American to go through that scenario, especially considering the current tensions in the United States regarding race. And it’s not just extreme right-wingers, it’s a certain police culture as well. Ask Michael Bennett. But let’s say you’re a fan and your goal is to distract the opposition and that’s the most effective way for you to do so. Well, it’s not just jarring for that player, but the team you’re supposedly trying to help not only gets placed in a bad light, but their players, both Black and White, almost certainly don’t agree with your views and might not feel as motivated to have you in the stands, even if you are ultimately cheering for them.

MLB Fans Free Speech Issue

Some might argue that fans should be allowed to say whatever they want with impunity, that they aren’t hurting anyone and have a First Amendment right. Well, that would make sense if the MLB was actively imprisoning anyone who said a racial slur, but they aren’t.

An individual team can ban an individual, and they have every right to as a private company. The police aren’t coming to arrest anyone for what they say in the stands unless it’s related to a direct threat of violence. The Boston Red Sox have a hate speech clause which states they are able to ban anyone who breaks the code of conduct. 

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The next logical argument will be that it’s a slippery slope. If the MLB starts down this path, it could eventually lead to them kicking out fans for marginal hate speech, then next is outright insults, signs that could be deemed offensive, or anything else that can be interpreted in a negative light. This is why the First Amendment is reserved for the government.

Why? Because if the MLB’s code of conduct gets anywhere near unreasonable, as a company, the free market will cause them to lose profits over it by less fans attending games. Fans and, by consequence, advertising to these fans is how the league makes its money and the MLB knows it.

2018 Ballparks Code of Conduct

Whether you want more regulation on fan conduct or not, spokesperson Michael Teevan has already stated that there will be a league-wide code of conduct in place for the 2018 season.

While there’s no specifics yet, it will surely be more stringent than the individual ballparks currently are. Hate speech won’t be tolerated, and there might even be some clauses that some fans don’t agree with. But baseball should be a privilege. It’s meant to be family friendly and a way to relax. If there’s a few rules you don’t agree with, you’ve got every right to not buy those 2018 season tickets. That’s the free market.

Do you agree with the MLB’s new proposed code of conduct? Be sure to share this article and comment below on what you think should be done! Enjoy the rest of the season by trying your luck at Sports Interaction! They offer some of the best MLB lines in the business, and seeing there’s only a month left, this is when the dogs might come out to bark.

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Monday 11 September
FT Baltimore Orioles 3 - 4 Toronto Blue Jays -116 +108 Odds
FT Detroit Tigers 0 - 11 Cleveland Indians +355 -385 Odds
FT New York Yankees 5 - 1 Tampa Bay Rays -137 +130 Odds
FT Pittsburgh Pirates 7 - 0 Milwaukee Brewers +147 -154 Odds
FT Seattle Mariners 3 - 5 Texas Rangers +118 -122 Odds
FT Chicago White Sox 11 - 3 Kansas City Royals +167 -175 Odds
FT Colorado Rockies 5 - 4 Diamondbacks +182 -189 Odds
FT Los Angeles Dodgers 6 - 8 Giants -200 +188 Odds
Tuesday 12 September
FT Chicago White Sox 3 - 4 Kansas City Royals +171 -175 Odds
FT Atlanta Braves 8 - 0 Montreal Expos +160 -161 Odds
AEI Miami Marlins 8 - 9 Phillies -118 +109 Odds
FT Baltimore Orioles 2 - 3 Toronto Blue Jays -120 +116 Odds
FT Detroit Tigers 0 - 2 Cleveland Indians +380 -435 Odds
FT New York Yankees 1 - 2 Tampa Bay Rays Odds
FT Oakland Athletics 1 - 11 Boston Red Sox +161 -169 Odds
FT Pittsburgh Pirates 2 - 5 Milwaukee Brewers +111 -116 Odds
FT New York Mets 3 - 8 Chicago Cubs +290 -323 Odds
FT Seattle Mariners 10 - 3 Texas Rangers +104 -114 Odds
FT San Diego Padres 0 - 16 Minnesota Twins +160 -167 Odds
FT Cincinnati Reds 4 - 13 St. Louis Cardinals +140 -161 Odds
FT Colorado Rockies 4 - 2 Diamondbacks +113 -120 Odds
FT Houston Astros 1 - 0 Los Angeles Angels -104 +101 Odds
FT Los Angeles Dodgers 5 - 3 Giants -256 +250 Odds
Wednesday 13 September
Detroit Tigers 12:10 Cleveland Indians +260 -278 Odds
New York Yankees 13:10 Tampa Bay Rays +107 -118 Odds
Chicago White Sox 14:15 Kansas City Royals +133 -143 Odds
Miami Marlins 19:05 Phillies +108 -118 Odds
Atlanta Braves 19:05 Montreal Expos +260 -286 Odds
Baltimore Orioles 19:07 Toronto Blue Jays +104 -114 Odds
Oakland Athletics 19:10 Boston Red Sox +168 -179 Odds
Seattle Mariners 20:05 Texas Rangers -106 +101 Odds
New York Mets 20:05 Chicago Cubs +250 -263 Odds
San Diego Padres 20:10 Minnesota Twins +134 -145 Odds
Pittsburgh Pirates 20:10 Milwaukee Brewers +152 -161 Odds
Cincinnati Reds 20:15 St. Louis Cardinals +140 -147 Odds
Colorado Rockies 21:40 Diamondbacks +132 -143 Odds
Houston Astros 22:07 Los Angeles Angels +105 -115 Odds
Los Angeles Dodgers 22:15 Giants -213 +200 Odds
Thursday 14 September
Chicago White Sox 13:10 Detroit Tigers
Oakland Athletics 13:35 Boston Red Sox
Cincinnati Reds 13:45 St. Louis Cardinals
Colorado Rockies 15:40 Diamondbacks
Baltimore Orioles 19:05 New York Yankees
Atlanta Braves 19:05 Montreal Expos
Miami Marlins 19:05 Phillies
Kansas City Royals 19:10 Cleveland Indians
Seattle Mariners 20:05 Texas Rangers
New York Mets 20:05 Chicago Cubs
Toronto Blue Jays 20:10 Minnesota Twins
Houston Astros 22:07 Los Angeles Angels
Friday 15 September
St. Louis Cardinals 14:20 Chicago Cubs
Baltimore Orioles 19:05 New York Yankees
Oakland Athletics 19:05 Phillies
Los Angeles Dodgers 19:05 Montreal Expos
Boston Red Sox 19:10 Tampa Bay Rays
Kansas City Royals 19:10 Cleveland Indians
Pittsburgh Pirates 19:10 Cincinnati Reds
Milwaukee Brewers 19:10 Miami Marlins
Chicago White Sox 19:10 Detroit Tigers
New York Mets 19:35 Atlanta Braves
Seattle Mariners 20:10 Houston Astros
Toronto Blue Jays 20:10 Minnesota Twins
San Diego Padres 20:40 Colorado Rockies
Texas Rangers 22:07 Los Angeles Angels
Diamondbacks 22:15 Giants
Saturday 16 September
Los Angeles Dodgers 13:05 Montreal Expos
Seattle Mariners 13:05 Houston Astros
Baltimore Orioles 16:05 New York Yankees
St. Louis Cardinals 16:05 Chicago Cubs
Kansas City Royals 16:10 Cleveland Indians
Pittsburgh Pirates 16:10 Cincinnati Reds
Boston Red Sox 18:10 Tampa Bay Rays
Chicago White Sox 18:10 Detroit Tigers
Oakland Athletics 19:05 Phillies
New York Mets 19:10 Atlanta Braves
Milwaukee Brewers 19:10 Miami Marlins
Toronto Blue Jays 19:10 Minnesota Twins
San Diego Padres 20:10 Colorado Rockies
Diamondbacks 21:05 Giants
Texas Rangers 21:07 Los Angeles Angels
Sunday 17 September
Baltimore Orioles 13:05 New York Yankees
Boston Red Sox 13:10 Tampa Bay Rays
Kansas City Royals 13:10 Cleveland Indians
Pittsburgh Pirates 13:10 Cincinnati Reds
Chicago White Sox 13:10 Detroit Tigers
Milwaukee Brewers 13:10 Miami Marlins
New York Mets 13:35 Atlanta Braves
Oakland Athletics 13:35 Phillies
Seattle Mariners 14:10 Houston Astros
Toronto Blue Jays 14:10 Minnesota Twins
St. Louis Cardinals 14:20 Chicago Cubs
San Diego Padres 15:10 Colorado Rockies
Texas Rangers 15:37 Los Angeles Angels
Diamondbacks 16:05 Giants
Los Angeles Dodgers 20:08 Montreal Expos

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