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Heisman Trophy Winners Stats Analytics

Heisman Trophy Winners Stats Analytics
Every year the top collegiate players from all across the United States compete for the sport's most prestigious award - the Heisman Trophy. With over 80 years of history, now is a good time to dive into some of the history and statistics of the award.

The Heisman Trophy is one of the most famous awards, not just in football, but all sports. The Heisman trophy has been awarded every year since 1935. Over that stretch of time, two positions have dominated the Heisman Trophy Award – quarterbacks and running backs. In the 81 years, the trophy has been awards – including 2016 – running backs have won 42 times and quarterbacks have won 33.

Heisman Winner Distribution

The other seven winners are a two offensive ends – an older position that is a combination of an offensive tackle and tight end – two fullbacks, two wide receivers, and a single defensive player. As the sport of football has evolved so has the distribution of winners. Since 2000, 14 of the 17 winners have been a quarterback and no other position outside of running back has won. 

Biggest Winners And Tightest Races

Once the season is over the top players are selected for the Heisman voting. The voters rank the finalists, with first place getting three points, second two and third one. If there were 1000 voters than a perfect sweep of votes would allocate a player 3000 points. In the history of the NCAA, the player to receive the largest percentage of points is Reggie Bush in 2005 who received 91.7% of a possible 2769 points.

Margins Of Victory

As every season the number of voters changes, the points totals and margins of victories changes. The chart below shows the smallest and largest victories in terms of points and percentage of points. Only Charlie Ward appears in both the largest percentage and largest points and only Ernie Davis appears in smallest percentage and small points. Neither player played in the NFL. Ward opted to play in the NBA and Davis was diagnosed with Leukemia before he could play in a down for the Cleveland Browns.

Fun Facts About NCAA Winners 

With this year’s Heisman trophy winner already being announced and it being much too soon to start speculating on who may win in 2017, now is a good time to drive into some random stats about previous winners.

Running backs have dominated the voting over the years. There are three key stats voters look at. These are yards per carry, rushing yards and rushing touchdowns. In the history of the Heisman 14 running backs have averaged greater than 6.0 yards per carry, nine running backs have rushed for more than 2000 yards and 12 running back have rushed for more than 20 touchdowns.

Charles Woodson – the only defensive player to win the award scored four total touchdowns in his Heisman-winning season – two receiving, one rushing and one punt return.

The 50 passing touchdowns by Sam Bradford are the most ever by a Heisman winning quarterback. He is also the last Heisman winner to lead the NCAA in passing touchdowns. This is only the second time since 1956 this has happened.

Barry Sanders left the NCAA with three punt return touchdowns – tied for the most ever by a player in the Big 8 Conference. He retained the top spot until 1995 when the Big 8 Conference split and teams joined other conferences. 

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