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Golden State vs Cleveland NBA Finals Game 2 Odds And Prediction

Golden State vs Cleveland NBA Finals Game 2 Odds And Prediction
After a thorough curb-stomp lead by Kevin Durant, the Golden State Warriors should feel confident about game two of the NBA Finals on Sunday, June 4th. The Cleveland Cavaliers need a complete turnaround if they want to steal a game from the Dubs at the cacophonous Oracle Arena. Tip-off begins at 8:00 PM EST, with the Cavs considered a longer shot than in game one.
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Cleveland at Golden State Game 2

Game one of the finals should send a chill down the spine of the NBA because the Warriors didn’t play near the top of their ceiling. Known for their unguardable offensive prowess, Golden State clearly demonstrated the true strength of their club: defence.

Klay Thompson extinguished numerous pick-and-rolls with his speed, length, and intelligence, shutting down Kyrie Irving. Draymond Green deconstructed Cleveland’s offence on the fly, making it impossible for Cavs bigs to contribute, rendering both Kevin Love and Tristan Thompson completely irrelevant.

Green and Thompson were 6-28 (!) and the Warriors still cakewalked to a 22-point win. Doubts should be erased as to the favourite in this series.

Cleveland  +9.0 (1.95)  4.05  o220.5 (1.91) 
Golden State  -9.0 (1.87)  1.26  u220.5 (1.91)

Point Spread – Bet Golden State Warriors

In game one, oddsmakers listed a relatively modest seven point spread on behalf of the Golden State Warriors. This was despite the fact that the 2016 finals featured six blowouts, before a close game seven win sealed an historic Cavs comeback. The spread in game two has been lifted to nine points, appropriately reflecting the Thursday beat down.

One of the big problems with the current state of the Cavaliers defence revolves around their terrible transition defence, which ranked 30th in the NBA. Cleveland’s offence coughed up 20 turnovers, giving up 20 points on these mistakes. This lead to a total of 27 fast break points for the Warriors, including an assortment of free dunks sampled by KD.

The Cavs will make adjustments to compensate, but it won’t be enough to prevent another double digit loss against the Dubs. Cleveland needs more time to adjust, and will have their best shot at making this series competitive when they return to Quicken Loans arena.

Moneyline – Bet Golden State Warriors

Moneyline odds for game two of the finals have become increasingly distorted, bending the numbers towards the Warriors. As the odds stand, you’ll need to wager $100 to win approximately $26 on your bet, which isn’t a great payout, but a relatively safe investment because the Dubs will most likely win.

If you’re the type who believes in small miracles, you’ll be pleased to note that you can potentially quadruple your wager by betting on the Cavaliers, which is a good payout considering that LeBron is capable of anything. The fact remains that Cleveland is a long shot, and a bet on the Cavs is a high-risk, high-reward scenario.

Over/Under – Bet Over

After Cleveland’s difficulty dealing with Golden State’s superb defence, the over/under total for this game has been dropped to 220.5. Game one had a higher total because both teams produced at extremely efficient rates during the first three rounds of the NBA playoffs, ignoring the fact these teams didn’t score well against each other, a trend established in the 2016 finals.

Game two should witness more scoring, with Thompson, Green, Kyrie, and Love contributing increased buckets. LeBron, Curry, and Durant will get their points as usual, resulting in an offensive uptick. Expect Golden State to get at least 120 while Cleveland scores 100 or more. This rise in scoring should push the result to over for game two.

Warriors vs Cavaliers Predictions

Last year, a laundry list of problems had to manifest before Cleveland regained momentum of the series. Curry was dealing with a nagging knee injury, which slowed him down enough to make it possible for Tristan Thompson and even Kevin Love to guard the normally unstoppable point guard. Harrison Barnes proved incapable of hitting a shot, allowing the Cavs to play James as a defensive safety. Green was suspended for his repeated blows to opposing players groins.

None of these obstacles stand in the way of Golden State, especially after replacing Barnes with Kevin Durant. Pick the Warriors to win their 14th consecutive playoff game tonight.

Golden State Warriors (1.26) PLAY NOW

A quick look at defensive statistics reveal the challenge ahead for Cleveland. Golden State swarmed the Cavs throughout game one, swiping 12 steals while the Cavaliers notched zero. Cleveland shot only 34.9 percent against the Warriors, and everyone outside of James and Irving had a terrible shooting night. The bench was particularly atrocious for the Cavs, shooting 2-13 from the three point arc. Acquisitions such as Kyle Korver and Deron Williams haven’t been performing.

Contrast Cleveland’s new players with the major offseason roster upgrade of the Warriors. Durant completely obliterated the Cavs, earning 38 points, 8 rebounds and 8 assists – the type of stat line normally attributed to LeBron in the finals. The addition of Durant to the Dubs raises this team to another level entirely, making them nearly impossible to beat.

Even with LeBron playing sterling basketball, the Cavs need to perform close to their ceiling for a chance at beating Golden State. If the Warriors play to the best of their ability, there isn’t a team that can keep up. Frankly, the Dubs were already one of the best teams in NBA history before Durant. KD lining up as their small forward now places this team in a unique position to carve a dynasty that could last another half-decade.

During the last couple of NBA Finals, LeBron was able to flex his will as the best player in the world, etching his legacy in stone as top three of all time. Last year’s ring was simply the greatest comeback win in finals history, with The Block becoming an iconic symbol of LeBron’s impact on basketball. Barring catastrophe, the only way Cleveland wins is if LeBron clones himself soon.

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