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Best Underdog Picks To Make It To The MLB Playoffs 2017

Best Underdog Picks To Make It To The MLB Playoffs 2017
So the playoff picture looks pretty wrapped up, right? Wrong! There's an entire month left in the season, and there are a few teams who are flying under the radar and could surprise come October. We'll take a look at some of these teams, their chances, and if they'll be able to dethrone the current favorites.

We recently went over outright odds for MLB teams to win the World Series. We kind of glossed over the teams with less of a chance (ie. teams that would need a miracle), but today we’ll be taking a look at some of the not so good clubs, and what their chances are, not to win the World Series, but just to make the playoffs. This isn’t hockey or basketball, so there aren’t a lot of mid-level teams that’ll make it in.

Too Late For AL West In Wild Card Race?

As the season progresses, and there’s only a month left in the regular season, it’d be foolish to think that it’s not a month where things can change drastically. Injuries are still just around the corner and players returning can make a difference. Case in point: Mike Trout. Unfortunately, the Angels are outside looking in on the postseason right now, as the Yankees and Twins hold the two Wild Card spots right now, and the Royals hot on the scent.

But back to Trout. No one was talking about the Los Angeles Angels (65-62) before the All-Star game, but with arguably the best player in baseball right now returning, and a pretty surprising pitching staff, they can definitely make a play for it. The Angels are only at 25% to make the playoffs now, which is about true odds of +300 in our lingo, so they definitely aren’t that far removed from it. At 12.5 games back in their division, they’re focusing on the Wild Card, where they’re only 0.5 games back. Minnesota surprised early in the season, so a bit of regression might be in store for them. While they hold the second Wild Card spot, they’re actually projected as having a lower chance to get to the postseason than the Angels. 

Also in the AL West are the Seattle Mariners (65-63), and at just 1.0 games back from the Wild Card, they could make a run for it if they put together some wins. It won’t be easy, and they’re only projected at 14.6%, or +585 to make the playoffs. The Texas Rangers (63-63) are right there too, with a 10.6% chance. Seattle will most likely be the better of the two teams going forward though, especially after selling Yu Darvish. If Minnesota should falter, which they are projected to do to some extent, the Royals would be the only obstacle for one of these underdogs to make it in.

My Team's Next MatchLos Angeles Angels

NL Wild Card Locked Up?

In the National League, we have a bit of a different phenonemon. The NL West has been so strong this season that even thought the Diamondbacks and Rockies are 21 and 21.5 games back, respectively, in their division, they still lead the NL Wild Card race, and by a fair amount too. They have zero chance of catching Los Angeles, but are projected at 82.5% (-471) and 69.3% (-226) to win the Wild Card. While it seems like a lock for these two, could the NL Central make some noise?

What’s different about this league to the AL situation, is that the two NL Central teams below the D-Backs and Rocks probably have more chances in trying to win their division, over getting the Wild Card slots. The Milwaukee Brewers (66-62) have regressed a bit recently, giving up the division to the defending champs. Even though most have counted them out of the division, they still could make a push for it. The Cubs do have an easier schedule down the line, but they’re due to regress soon. Their entire first half was mediocre at best.

The Cardinals (64-62) are vying for a spot as well, and while they’re 3rd in their division, they’re still projected as having a better chance to make the postseason (29.2%) than the Brew Crew (12.4%). Both these NL Central clubs are in position to make a move for either the Wild Card, if the Rockies or D-Backs falter, or the division, when the Cubs eventually go back to their cursed ways.

The Best Dog Award Goes Too…

So we’ve gone through some ‘alternative’ teams who are primed to make a run for the postseason. The AL offers us the Angels and Mariners, and the NL has the Brewers and Cardinals. Neither have great chances, but the Angels have the edge over the Mariners, and we’d even put them as having a better chance than the Twins and Royals in getting that 2nd AL Wild Card slot. This team has proven themselves by holding steady while Trout was out, and have gone far with their mediocre pitching rotation. Now that Prince Fish is back, don’t count them out!

Did you enjoy this article? Be sure to share and comment on who you think the best dog is to get to the playoffs! The Marlins and Rays are technically still in this. If you want to make plays on some of your favorite dogs, then Sports Interaction is the place to do it, so head over there before tonight’s action begins! 

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