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2017 Stanley Cup Outright Odds And Prediction

2017 Stanley Cup Outright Odds And Prediction
Get ready for the season with our 2017 Stanley Cup outright odds and predictions!

Enough is enough! It’s time for some NHL hockey betting. Half the fun of the season is speculating what’s going to happen, and argue about who’s going to do what. It’s amazing how polar opinions can be, even among the game’s most respected insiders and analysts. For those looking to place bets, here’s a glance at your 2016/17 Stanley Cup odds

2017 Stanley Cup Betting Odds

2017 Stanley Cup Outright Odds And Prediction

Decent pick: The Sharks Win the Cup

Peter DeBoer finally led the San Jose Sharks to the Stanley Cup finals, where they won a pair of games. Is the next logical step winning 4 games and the Cup? Yes and no. They’ve got all the tools and enough youth and experience to move forward without aging. Which is the blueprint you want. But the fact remains that they will have to fight VERY hard to win the West again, and then likely meet the Pens again in the finals. Of course, it’s possible. But if they’re going to make it happen, every single player has to play better than they did last year.

Wild pick: The Hurricanes Makes the Playoff

This is a fun one to talk about. The Carolina Hurricanes have not seen the playoffs since 2009, and people want to see the core of Jeff Skinner, Elias Lindholm and Jordan Staal break through. They came close last year– close enough to make you feel like their next step is inevitable. 

Inevitable, no. Likely, yes. The NHL, NBA, MLB and NFL all have history books full of young teams that fizzled before that didn’t just fail to live up to their potential, they failed to even approach it. You need chemistry, good health, reliable coaching and a bit of luck to keep moving forward. You also need a commitment to improving each year.

We feel like the Canes can do it. But it’s by no means a lock. Looking to bet on the 2017 Stanley Cup champions? Really, any of the last year’s final 4 are a strong bet. Anyone outside that is a going to have big-pay-day-odds. But will be that way for a reason. 

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Away Score Home Money Line
Wednesday 27 December
FT Ottawa Senators 1 - 5 Boston Bruins +175 -189 Odds
FT Detroit Red Wings 1 - 3 New Jersey Devils +145 -161 Odds
AOT Buffalo Sabres 2 - 3 New York Islanders +165 -175 Odds
PEN Jackets 4 - 5 Pittsburgh Penguins +140 -145 Odds
FT Montreal Canadiens 1 - 3 Carolina Hurricanes +124 -133 Odds
PEN Washington Capitals 0 - 1 New York Rangers +102 -110 Odds
FT Nashville Predators 2 - 1 St. Louis Blues +110 -120 Odds
FT Dallas Stars 2 - 4 Minnesota Wild -110 -110 Odds
FT Edmonton Oilers 3 - 4 Winnipeg Jets +115 -125 Odds
FT Arizona Coyotes 3 - 1 Colorado Avalanche +145 -147 Odds
FT Knights 4 - 1 Anaheim Ducks +116 -128 Odds
Thursday 28 December
PEN Boston Bruins 3 - 4 Washington Capitals +120 -127 Odds
FT Montreal Canadiens 1 - 3 Tampa Bay Lightning +220 -227 Odds
FT Philadelphia Flyers 2 - 3 Florida Panthers -105 -115 Odds
FT Toronto Maple Leafs 7 - 4 Arizona Coyotes -189 +175 Odds
FT Chicago Blackhawks 2 - 5 Vancouver Canucks -127 +116 Odds
AOT Knights 3 - 2 Los Angeles Kings +131 -137 Odds
PEN Calgary Flames 2 - 3 San Jose Sharks +125 -127 Odds
Friday 29 December
AOT Buffalo Sabres 4 - 3 New Jersey Devils +165 -172 Odds
FT Philadelphia Flyers 5 - 3 Tampa Bay Lightning +195 -213 Odds
PEN New York Rangers 2 - 3 Detroit Red Wings -109 +103 Odds
FT Jackets 4 - 5 Ottawa Senators -125 +110 Odds
FT Pittsburgh Penguins 1 - 2 Carolina Hurricanes +128 -130 Odds
FT Nashville Predators 2 - 4 Minnesota Wild -109 +100 Odds
FT New York Islanders 2 - 4 Winnipeg Jets +127 -135 Odds
FT St. Louis Blues 2 - 4 Dallas Stars +124 -133 Odds
AOT Toronto Maple Leafs 3 - 4 Colorado Avalanche -115 +110 Odds
AOT Chicago Blackhawks 4 - 3 Edmonton Oilers +172 -185 Odds
5' Calgary Flames 1 - 1 Anaheim Ducks +129 -141 Odds
Saturday 30 December
Boston Bruins 19:00 Ottawa Senators -149 +140 Odds
Montreal Canadiens 19:00 Florida Panthers +110 -120 Odds
New Jersey Devils 19:00 Washington Capitals
Carolina Hurricanes 20:00 St. Louis Blues
Minnesota Wild 20:00 Nashville Predators
Los Angeles Kings 22:00 Vancouver Canucks -135 +125 Odds
Sunday 31 December
Toronto Maple Leafs 15:30 Knights
Arizona Coyotes 16:00 Anaheim Ducks
Tampa Bay Lightning 18:00 Jackets
Winnipeg Jets 19:00 Edmonton Oilers
Pittsburgh Penguins 19:00 Detroit Red Wings
New York Islanders 20:00 Colorado Avalanche
San Jose Sharks 20:00 Dallas Stars
Chicago Blackhawks 21:00 Calgary Flames

2017 Stanley Cup Preview And Prediction

The Pens Repeat: +800

This is not a bold prediction, given this roster. But history tell us it’s bold. The Champs are on top and are going to be very hard to move. Still, going back-to-back is hard as hell. Nobody has done it since the Red Wings in 1997-1998. And it’s never been harder to do than it is in today’s NHL, with depth of the league, the NHL draft, and the salary cap. It’s hard enough to win your conference in back-to-back years. Even the 2010 Pittsburgh Penguins looked stacked and poised to build a long run of Cups but they didn’t. And 2017’s team is not as good on paper as 2010 was but they’re still the best call… Never trust amature advice!

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