Bet365 Stopped the Phone Betting Service
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Bet365 Stopped the Phone Betting Service

With demand for the service all but disappeared, Bet365 has formally ended telephone betting. The decision comes as little surprise, as telephone betting has been dwindling in popularity to the point it barely represents a percentage point of most sportsbook’s total revenue. While some will miss the personal touch, it is time to adapt and see the benefits of betting online.

The End of Telephone Betting at Bet365

Telephone sports betting. Who is still using the old-fashioned way to place bets with their favourite sportsbook? Well, no one who uses Bet365 is anymore, as the UK sports betting giant has discontinued all sports betting over the telephone. The decision to end telephone betting comes as no surprise to any who follows the industry.

Telephone betting rarely represents more than 1% of total bets in monetary terms and is often less than 0.5% of a sportsbook’s total revenue.

It represents a significantly smaller percentage of total bets placed, as the minimum bet amount for telephone betting was much higher compared to the online minimum. While the personal touch still attracted a few bettors, the cost of continuing to operate the service was just not worth it.

Will telephone sports betting ever make a comeback? The answer is very unlikely it will, and honestly, why would it. Except for taking bets at a higher limit, there is no benefit to betting over the phone, and Bet365 is likely to increase caps on some types of online bets to appease the high rollers changing from betting over the phone to betting online. Also, any bettor still with a telephone betting account can contact Bet365’s main customer service line to have their account transferred online.

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However, the end of an era is rarely something to frown about. Bet365 continues to serve millions of bettors worldwide through their desktop and mobile betting sites, both of which offer countless more betting options and features than telephone betting ever could.

Online Betting at Bet365 the Superior Option

Bettors only using the telephone have missed out on a lot at Bet365. Telephone bettors have never had the opportunity to try out the casino at Bet365 or partake in live sports betting. They have never received a Bet365 welcome bonus when signing up online or had the chance to bet a bunch of smaller wagers on dozens of games.

Maybe the Covid-19 Pandemic played a part in their decision to cut the service. Sports all but vanished for two to three months and without a consistent stream of bets coming in, cutting obsolete and costly service is almost a necessity. Although that theory is just hearsay, as the CEO of the company, Denise Coates was generous enough to donate 11 million Euros to battle the Covid-19 pandemic.

Overall though, most would agree it was time to say good to the old school wat of sports betting. While a few may search out a sportsbook still offering telephone betting, most will make the switch and start only betting online. 

Betting Action Picks Up at Bet365

After a slow few months, especially April and May, Sports and sports betting have started to make a comeback. European soccer is flourishing in empty stadiums, with records being broken and championships being claimed. Some Asians leagues such as the KBO have grown substantially in popularity since the pandemic started.

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Now the sports betting giants of the world turn their attention to North America, where the return of major sports hinges on keeping players and personnel safe as the United States grapples with record cases in many states.

However, Bet365, like many other online sportsbooks have futures open for betting on the major North American sports, meaning they expect them to either complete their season (NHL and NBA) or have their season in 2020 (NFL, MLB, and MLS). We as sports fans can only hope for the same, as the last few months have felt empty with NHL and NBA playoffs and the baseball season.

So, What is Next for Bet365?

The slow time in sports has allowed Denise Coates and the team at Bet365 to focus on expanding on a globe front. In June of 2020, Bet365 reached a deal with Playtech to launch a casino in New Jersey. The move comes just two years after the United States ruled the PASPA unconstitutional, allowing for every state outside of Nevada the ability to legalize and regulate sports betting. This marks the second state, after Colorado, Bet365 will operate in.

Otherwise, Bet365 will work to keep their website running smoothly as the demand for sports betting increases this summer with the potential return of more sports. You can check our site for more Bet365 updates.