Arsenault set to take over as permanent chief executive of U Sports
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Arsenault set to take over as permanent chief executive of U Sports

There are some big changes on the way for university athletics and people across Canada are quite excited about the news. That's because Pierre Arsenault is set to take over as permanent executive of U sports, and the update has been received with open arms. Arsenault has plenty of experience in the college sports field, which is why his appointment was a no-brainer.

Arsenault has had a foot in the door with college sports for a while now, as he was previously a board of directors member from 2018 to 2020. Since he's so familiar with the program, he'll hit the ground running in his efforts to try and help build the programs across the country to remain operating at a high level. For Arsenault, you already know this hire is something he's quite excited about.

"It is a tremendous honour for me to accept this position to help lead U SPORTS as we continue to celebrate and grow the story of university sport in Canada," Arsenault said via a press release. "I am so very grateful for everything the Mount Allison community has provided me and my family. It will be tough to say goodbye, but I am excited for the opportunity to continue to serve U Sports."

Arsenault had been director of athletics and recreation at Mount Allison University, but he's now ready to take on this new challenge. It goes without saying, but he's going to have quite the challenge in front of him, but he's ready to tackle things head on. He's got the full support of everyone at U Sports and he knows they all have strong belief in him. This is crucial for his success moving forward.

Arsenault knows all about implementing strong changes

As most people involved in the college landscape know, Arsenault knows all about implementing strong changes when he's in a high position. While he was at Mount Allison University, he reportedly took charge of seeing the development of the school hosting the Uteck Bowl, which is the semi-final in Canadian football for all of the teams at the university level. This was major from Arsenault.

Because of this, it of course brought plenty of positive publicity for Mount Allison as a whole. Now, Arsenault will need to make sure he's at the top of his game from a universal standpoint, as all of the colleges around will be looking at him to try and raise the profile of things. It's no secret that Canadian sports for universities could use plenty of help in that department.

When you take a look at sports south of the border in the United States, college athletics has a much higher profile. People are consistently checking out college basketball odds and college football odds with a passion. During the college football season, teams like Alabama, Georgia, Oregon, USC, Oklahoma and more have millions of eyes on them from start to finish. People are jacked up for play.

Then for college hoops, the March Madness Tournament is one of the biggest in the world for folks to enjoy. If you ask the average fan about Canadian college sports, they may have trouble naming a team or two. Arsenault is expected to raise the profile. It won't reach the level of things in the USA, but with Arsenault's guidance, more publicity could arrive for the Canadian teams and players.

There's a huge amount of young talent all over Canada

The good news here for Arsenault is there's a huge amount of young talent all over Canada and they're expected to keep bringing plenty of excitement for college sports. While hockey is always going to be king in Canada, you've got to keep in mind the increased rise in excitement for soccer all over the place. With the success of the men's and women's National teams, this makes sense.

Right now, everyone is hyped up over Canada qualifying for the World Cup for the first time since 1986. The country has been backing this team throughout qualifying and things were made even better with them finishing No. 1 in CONCACAF. With stars like Alphonso Davies, the men have been putting on a show in recent years and now people can't wait to see what they'll be able to get done in Qatar.

Don't forget about the women either, as they won the Gold Medal at the 2020 Olympics. It's an honor that will never be forgotten. Because of this, college-aged boys and girls are ready to make some more history with this team moving forward. If they can find success while at university, the sky is the limit for their potential on the pitch.

Not only that, we're also seeing players from Canada make their way to the NBA too, which has been exciting to see. They're also moving on to play in Europe. The amount of success should only continue in the future, and Arsenault will be overcome with joy if he can play a role in that. Good things are coming for Canadian sports at the university level, there's no doubt about that.