A World Without Sports
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A World Without Sports

There world changes in a time of crisis. We collected facts from around the web to create a give you a picture of the world without sports.


netflix trafic

The pandemic has changed how we use the internet. Sports websites are struggling.

Many websites have seen their app traffic decrease while their overall traffic has been increasing.

traffic apps down (1)

Website traffic up, app traffic down

Mobile traffic has been growing steadily around the globe over the past decade. Covid-19 has flipped things around.

website traffic

The overall traffic (above) is increasing for many media organizations, but their apps are struggling to maintain their traffic levels (below).

app traffic

Gaming sites and social networks are gaining more users while traditional sports sites like ESPN are losing ground rapidly.

twitch web (1)

Social media sites, videoconferencing apps, and healthcare sites have gained millions of new users.

zoom and hangouts (1)

Even Wikipedia has taken a small hit.

wik cdc (1)

Large and local media organizations have gained traffic.

large media organisations

local sites traffic

While partisan sites have taken a hit.

partisan sites

A big hole where the revenues were supposed to be

MM bla whi (1)

No games means no ticket sales and no TV broadcasts. This will be felt the hardest by the NCAA after they had to cancel the 2020 March Madness completely. In 2019, it generated almost a billion dollars worth of revenues.

This will be felt the hardest by the NCAA

The potential loss of revenue from NCAA's March Madness due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic as of March 2020.

Potential loss of revenue

NBA will also lose a large chunk of money.

nba march madness

In the UK, 9 out of 10 marketing campaigns are either delayed or under review; the landscape has shifted significantly even during the pandemic as the new reality has started to settle in.

Have you found your marbles yet?

One of the happiest developments of the COVID-19 pandemic has been the rise of marble racing. Even newspapers like the New York Times have reported about this new spectator sport.

nytimes marble web

I must admit that watching these marble races is addictive.


Covid-19 Google Trends: Searches for “Donate” and “Buzz cut” peak

There’s something else to feel good about too - according to Google Trends, searches for “Donate” reached an all-time peak yesterday!


It seems that many Americans feel that they want to donate their Covid-19 stimulus package money to somebody who needs it more.

top three

There are three types of people:

1.) Hungry


2.) Hairy

buzz cut

3.) Tired

will it go back

The introverts are reading under the duvet and some of us are starting to get desperate.


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