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2017 MLB Richest Franchises

2017 MLB Richest Franchises
MLB might be considered by some to be one of the the less popular of the Big Four leagues here in North America, but it's still one of the richest. Almost on par with the NFL, the MLBl has a different kind of excitement, built on build up and suspense. Some teams have perfected the formula, so join us as we'll be discussing 5 of the league's top earning and wealthiest franchises!

Baseball is exciting in its own right. It has build up, suspense, pitching matchups, and more stats than you can swing a bat at. Despite the allure, some people still can’t help but call it boring, and point to football, basketball, or hockey as more exciting and fast paced.

With an average game time of almost three hours, we’ll agree on the pace, but the MLB’s just as exciting as any other sports, and money talks! In 2016, the MLB made over $9B in revenue and looks to continue to grow at a furious rate. To put that into perspective, the league pulls in the 2nd most revenue in the world, right behind the NFL’s godly over $12B yearly revenue. The 3rd highest is the NBA at under $6B. Having the baseball season in the summer, the league doesn’t have to compete with the other North American leagues, or the premier European soccer leagues either. 

With such a high revenue, each team is estimated to pull in an average of over $300M annually. Apart from revenue though, each team is worth an average $1.54 billion, but which is valued the most? Here are the five richest clubs and some might surprise you!

#5 San Francisco Giants

Well this is already probably a surprise. If you’re new to baseball, that is.

Valued at $2.65 B, the San Francisco Giants haven’t always been the 50-76 bottom feeders they seem to be portraying daily. They did make the playoffs last year, and won the World Series in 2010, 2012, and 2014, gathering a gigantic amount of supporters.

We also can’t forget the beautiful bay scenery which gives AT&T Park some of the highest attendance in the league, not to mention their sponsorship deals with heavyweights like Coca-Cola, Lexus, and State Farm. Their increase in value by 18% from 2016 is testament to this.

My Team's Next MatchSan Francisco Giants

#4 Chicago Cubs

Just a few years ago, it would seem like the curse on the Chicago Cubs would never end.

In what would be a lucrative move, Thomas S. Ricketts and the Ricketts family bought the team and its assets for $850M back in 2009. It would take just seven years for the Cubs to win their first World Series in over 100 years, and are now valued at a stunning $2.68 B, up 22% from 2016.

While not playing as well as last season, they’re still very much in the playoff hunt and their fans, and especially owners, would very much like to see a North Side parade again. 

My Team's Next MatchChicago Cubs

#3 Boston Red Sox

This one should come as no surprise. One of the few teams that even non-baseball fans can recognize, the Boston Red Sox slightly one up the Cubs even after their huge increase, with Boston currently valued at $2.7B. They’ve been slumping in recent years since winning it all in 2013, but because the team has such a history, fans are still willing to stick with them and pay top dollar to attend games at the iconic Fenway Park. With a 17% increase in value from last year, their play this year will certainly lead to even bigger growth in the coming years. 

My Team's Next MatchBoston Red Sox

#2 Los Angeles Dodgers

This franchise is worth a lot… and it shows!

With a fearsome pitching staff and top tier batters, the Los Angeles Dodgers win, period. Capping off a 91 win season in 2016 wasn’t enough, and are pushing for over 100 wins this year. Valued at $2.75 B, they were bought by Guggenheim Baseball Management in 2012 for $2B, and have been on an upswing ever since, proving to be a good investment. Their high attendance and TV deals have been money for this team, whose value rose 10% since last season.

My Team's Next MatchLos Angeles Dodgers

#1 New York Yankees 

Face it. When you think of baseball, your mind no doubt goes to the New York Yankees.

With such a cherished history, full of ups and downs, the Bronx Bombers certainly merit being the most valued team in the league. At a current value of $3.7 B, they absolutely crush their competition in that department. In fact, as of 2017, the Yankees are the 2nd richest team on the entire planet, after the Dallas Cowboys. They even beat out world reknowned teams like Manchester United and Barcelona. TV deals and worldwide merchandising drive this number up. How many times have you seen someone with a Yankees cap? With 27 World Series to their name, they’ve certainly earned top spot. Now if only they could use that money wisely…

My Team's Next MatchNew York Yankees

Did you enjoy this article? Were you surprised by any of the valuations on this list? Let us know what you think in the comment section below, and be sure to share! And be sure to check out Sports Interaction for the best baseball moneyline and futures odds. 

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