One of the most diverse types of hockey wagering, NHL prop bets provide action for specific events which take place during the game. Prop is shorthand for proposition, with the results of wagers independent from the moneyline or puckline winner. Instead, bettors predict aspects individual or team performance during the game. For major sporting events like the Super Bowl or Stanley Cup, prop bets might include action on events which have no impact on the game itself – such as the odds of Nickelback performing in Nashville during the championship finals.

Betting On Hockey Props

Since oddsmakers publish dozens of prop betting opportunities for most NHL matches, we’ll focus on the more common and profitable options. The types of prop bets available depend entirely on the sportsbook’s willingness to accept various propositions. If your sports betting provider provides odds for Connor McDavid scoring five goals against the Maple Leafs on any given night, you’ll be able to wager on that extremely unlikely occurrence.

NHL Prop Betting Types And Examples

Player Performance Props

These types of prop bets tend to focus on individual stats, like Auston Matthews scoring a goal during a match against the Bruins:


Odds for individual player props vary according to matchups and hot streaks. Top performers in the middle of scoring streaks will be listed as favorites to win a point-scoring prop, while a slumping skater may offer an underdog line for earning a goal.

On the other hand, you also have the option of betting on a player held scoreless during a match, which pays out well when the skater’s in the middle of a productive run.

Period Betting

This type of prop bet revolves around predicting the result of an individual period during the first three stanzas of regulation. You’ll be able to wager on either team winning the period, or a draw over the selected 20 minutes.

Adventurous hockey betting fans also have the option of wagering on a specific score for each period, increasing the risk and the payout.

First Team To Score

A self-explanatory wager: predict the first team to score a goal for this prop bet to pay. If a regular season game ends 0-0 after overtime, a shootout doesn’t win this bet.


Regulation Time

Wager on the result of a hockey game over 60 minutes to win this type of prop bet. NHL games no longer feature tie games, so this prop gives you the option of betting on a regulation victory for either team, or a tie after three periods of play.

Grand Salami Bets

This type of prop bet has nothing to do with delicious cold cuts – instead, bettors predict an over/under for the number of goals scored by all teams competing in a single day.

Grand salami wagers also include betting on whether home or road teams score more goals for scheduled games.


Race To X Goals

Another easy to understand wager, the team which scores a specific number of goals first wins this prop bet. If you bet on the Leafs scoring three goals before their opponent, but the games ends with a 2-1 decision, neither team wins the wager.

NHL Props Betting Tips

  • Success in NHL prop betting requires in-depth knowledge of statistics, such as game logs, splits and historical tendencies. Learn to get comfortable with NHL stats databases, including advanced concepts like Corsi and PDO.
  • When betting on individual player props, don’t assume that a player will score a goal or an assist simply because “they’re due”. Instead, obtain proof that a skater tends to play well against another team, or in a specific matchup situation. The same goes for wagering on team props.
  • Before attempting prop bets, become familiar with standard wagering action, like moneyline, puckline and over/under wagers. This will improve your ability to gauge the value of prop bets, while learning the ebb and flow of NHL wagering trends.