Wagering on an outcome determined at a distant time, such as the winner of the Stanley Cup, forms the heart of NHL futures betting. These types of wagers tend to be available throughout the season, with the odds adjusted according to several factors, including streaks, injuries and events unforeseen. A team or a player considered an underdog can transform into a favourite over the span of a week, especially if the hockey betting community floods the futures market.

Betting On Hockey Futures

NHL Futures Betting Examples

NHL futures betting focuses on events determined over a long period of time, such as the eventual Stanley Cup winner, player awards, or the number of victories a team collects in the regular season. Futures odds tend to fluctuate throughout the time required for the wager to be determined.

Stanley Cup Winner

Cup or bust: only one team wins the Stanley Cup, while the rest of league wonders what could have been. Teams go through hot and cold streaks throughout the season, which makes it worth your while to monitor odds for the club you select. Betting on a contender during a losing spell may increase the payout, compared to staking your claim while the team plays well.


Eastern/Western Conference Winner

Predict the participants of the Stanley Cup finals to win this type of NHL futures bet. Some sportsbooks offer action for the regular season winner of eastern and western conference, instead of focusing exclusively on the playoffs.


Playoff Series Winner

The NHL playoffs provide a new set of futures for each round. Predict the winner of a playoff series to win this wager. Payouts increase for playoff futures if you predict the number of games a club requires to eliminate their opponent.


Presidents’ Trophy Champions

The champions of the regular season receive the Presidents’ Trophy for earning the most points during the 82-game regular season. Choose the team with the most points at the end of the campaign to win this bet.

Divisional Winner

In the eastern conference, teams participate in the Atlantic and Metropolitan divisions, while the western conference features the Pacific and Central divisions. Select the club with the most points in their division to earn a payout.

Victory Totals

Sportsbooks offer regular season futures which consist of over/unders on the number of wins a team collects. Essentially, you wager on whether a team finishes with more or less than the total number of wins posted. 

Individual Player Awards

At the conclusion of the regular season and playoffs, the NHL community votes on a variety of awards which honor outstanding performance. Hart, Art Ross and Conn Smythe awards tend to be the most popular type of NHL player award futures.

Hockey Futures Betting Tips

  • Since hockey futures require an extended time for the bet to finalize, bettors need to choose the best moment to wager their stake. Maintain touch with trends throughout the NHL season to improve the quality of your predictions.
  • Futures odds change frequently; wait for a contender to have a bad week, which will improve the price you receive for betting on them. Underdogs should receive early investments, before they start to perform well.
  • Some NHL futures feature odds which allow you to hedge bets, reducing the risk of your wager. Don’t hesitate to cover a well-paying dark horse selection with a relatively safe bet on a top contender.