NFL Betting Databases

Powerful tools, across all walks of life, databases make life easier for everyone. That’s true in the sports wagering world, as handicappers should always have access to a stable of trusted NFL betting databases. Being able to unlock accurate information, in one neat package, is the primary value of any database. Perpetually evolving, let's take a closer look at this essential NFL research tool.

Gain Betting Edges With Quality NFL Database Information

Similar to many things in life, the Internet can be good and/or bad. As it pertains to researching sports bets, the vast amount of information obtained via respected databases is a very good thing. Whether simple in scope, or number crunching machines, navigating weekly NFL betting lines is smoother when armed with quality info. Available in a variety of formats, some sites focus on providing previews and betting picks, others break down team stats and past performances, while some sources offer easy access to historic odds handicapping trends. 

There are many of reasons why bettors should access NFL focused databases prior to placing their wagers. Being able to monitor line movement, compare head-to-head results, check individual player and team trends, track key injuries, plus receive weather updates, are key components of a quality NFL database. That said, not all sources are created or offered equally. While many databases are available free to the public, some sites charge a fee to access their information. Bettors should weigh the information quality vs cost prior to buying a service.

“Trusted NFL databases are a solid research tool during the handicapping process”

Evident by the vast of amount of statistics at their official websites, all sports leagues produce databases. Those who can handle the added filler, videos, talking heads and advertisements that flood receive numbers directly from the source. Because of that direct link, the stats are as near to 100% accurate as possible. That is wise to remember since data transfer to secondary sites is not always recorded accurately. Bettors have hard-earned dough on the line and should always deal with reputable information sites to help navigate choppy NFL waters.

Covering all major wagering markets, Canada Sports Betting is a handicapping database that’s always free to access. All over the present, with weekly parlay and single bet free picks, plus in depth coverage of the Conference and Super Bowl title runs, our NFL futures page is a big part of the CSB database. Updated prior to the start of each week, we present the latest lines plus current information on which teams are trending up and which squads are checking out. CFL Grey Cup and NCAAF National Championship chases also have dedicated futures pages.

Head-to-head wagering tool adds value to NFL betting databases

Having access to an NFL database that features a head-to-head history is a solid tool to capitalize on during the weekly research process. Simple to use, this tool gives bettors against the spread, money line and game total results from recent games between the teams involved. For instance, lets say bettors want to know how Seattle plays at home against San Francisco. A quick and simple database search shows the Seahawks were a ticket-cashing machine as they went 10-1 straight up and ATS versus the 49ers between the 2010 and 2018 NFL seasons. 

For a number of reasons, top rated online sportsbooks are also a prime NFL database resource. Beyond the obvious access to betting odds, CSB recommended bookmakers also provide a wealth of current statistics and wagering history. That includes head-to-head summaries, recent betting trends, plus breakdowns of team’s most recent matches. Also offered by many bookmakers, game previews are often packed with reliable and valuable information. Whether punters trust the picks they suggest is a personal choice but they are often a solid read.

Respected Online Sportsbooks Are Best Bets For NFL Wagering

Although they are not an “end all – be all” research source, NFL databases help bettors uncover nuggets of information that can produce winning wagers. For that reason, and since Knowledge is King, they should always be used during the handicapping process. While pouring over stats, current form and historic betting results won’t guarantee winning wagers, bettors have a much better chance to cash tickets if they do the homework required to uncover potential winners. Once due diligence is complete, place your bets at CSB top ranked online sportsbooks.

Lagging behind our USA neighbours, who have access to single game betting in many jurisdictions, Canadian ‘Cappers are reminded that they have many betting options available. When comparing government run sports wagering schemes, to those offered online, the benefits of choosing the latter are numerous. In addition to being able to bet on the NFL Super Bowl battle, without adding a two bets from the NHL or NBA to the ticket, online bettors can wager from anywhere, place LIVE in-game wagers, plus take advantage of valuable bonus offers.

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