Live NFL Betting: Gambling Wave of the Future

Sports cave situated, with a giant high-definition plasma TV mounted on the wall and a trusted electronic device at their finger tips, has become a way of life for handicappers. Part of the reason for that is LIVE NFL betting which is the gambling wave currently flowing at top ranked online sportsbooks. With a vast amount of options, play-by-play wagering has never been more exciting or easier to bet on.

NFL LIVE Betting Options at Online Sportsbooks

Already vast in numbers, when it comes to offers during every National Football League match, the wave of LIVE betting has only just begun. There are several reasons for the rise in popularity and that includes advancing technology on the end user and sportsbook fronts. Long gone are the days of setting Game Total, ATS and Money Line odds and then letting the contests play out, as bookmakers today are busy from the start of action until the final whistle. Handicappers are also well connected with a variety of mobile devices which helps simplify the LIVE betting process.

That's a perfect storm as LIVE wagering on the NFL, or any major sporting event, can help bettors pad their bankroll, set up guaranteed winners or hedge off bad bets that may be headed to the trash can. Young, and green at sports handicapping, yours truly fondly remembers his introduction to LIVE NFL betting. That was well before the advent of online sportsbooks, as the resident bookie at the bar I worked at would sporadically set odds at halftime. While I later learned those odds often helped the bookie cut some of his loses – they also helped me bank some profitable returns. 

Bookmakers are still using LIVE wagering to cut their losses but options offered today are also designed to increase the overall handle. That said, handicappers who take advantage of LIVE sports wagering apps receive numerous benefits. For instance, let’s say a heavy favorite allowed a major score, and looked dreadful doing it, on the first drive of the game. On the ensuing drive by the offense, which results is a three-and-out, a key player is injured and your heart skips a beat. While bettors need to be fairly quick, and well connected, hedging most of a looming loss is possible. 

Lose Gas Station Kiosks - Gain LIVE NFL Wagering

There are two shells on a table. One has a crisp Borden under it - a Benjamin to our Friends in the USA. That is a loose analogy for single bet wagers that are available 24/7 at respected online sportsbooks. Now the table has nine shells but only three have a bill under them. An even looser reference, that helps describe betting on sports with mandatory three-bet tickets at gas stations across Canada. With the Supreme Court making it open season on single bets in the USA – maybe Canada will follow suit. We advise against Canucks holding their breath for a while longer still.

Since it’s not available at sports lottery outlets – Canadians are out of luck when it comes to LIVE betting in many Great White North jurisdictions. To solve that, ATM like kiosks would have to be set up in cities from St. Johns, NFLD, over and up to Iqaluit, NU, then down and across to Victoria, BC. It could happen faster than some may think. We suspect Canadian government bureaucrats are watching the progress of betting paths south of the 49th – much like they did with the legalization of pot. Canadian bookmaking legend Bodog offers a top level in-game online betting platform.

Watching to see how it all goes down, on the ground in North America, the path they are on in the USA will give handicappers an even better playing field. That will result in online bookmakers fine-tuning their betting platforms, player reward packages, plus their customer care, in order to keep up with the Joneses. Being as they have decades of experience, plus many of them are or will be supplying odds to land-based books, experienced online bookmakers will actually see an increase in their daily handles. William Hill is already big in New Jersey - a trend setting live betting State. 

Bet On LIVE Sports Action In Canada

What can I bet on LIVE? Newcomers to the wagering world often query that. The answer is often returned as a question; What can't be bet LIVE online these days? For some, an NFL handicapping Sunday starts very early with standard line wagers on the vast selection of morning games. Once those games kick off, bookmakers begin setting lines on options like the type and result of the next play, which team will score next, plus what type of scoring play it will be. Top rated books will also move their lines in-game and props like "next player to score" can change after every play.

Should a team score early, or a match stay even late, sportsbooks will adjust their odds. That can help bettors bag an elusive "middle" that produces a win on both sides. For instance, Tampa Bay is a sports pick, as big road pups with +10.5 ATS odds, when they face New Orleans. If the Bucs punch in an early TD, the Saints line may drop as low as -8.5 points. Switching sides, and backing the Bayou Boys (-8.5) leads to double-dip if the Buccaneers lose by nine or ten points. Triple check your math, and be aware of a possible profit turned to loss, when betting on both sides.

When the USA Football Gorilla enters the room, races to the CFL Grey Cup, MLB World Series and MLS Cup are already being contested. Pennant battles are being waged by the Boys of Summer, fights for positioning in the East and West Divisions are raging in the Great White North, plus postseason action is on the horizon in MLS cities across North America. CSB top rated online sportsbooks help ensure that LIVE wagers are placed in a timely fashion. Those bets come with sharp prices, plus player bonus rewards, that can't be found at any Lottery Kiosk in Canada - Yet.