How to Bet on NFL

Paraphrasing Elizabeth Barrett Browning, "How to bet on the NFL - Let me count the ways". With options running in the thousands, a ton of wagering excitement oozes out of the National Football League every year. From preseason prop, futures and exhibition match betting, to live wagering during the regular season and playoffs, plus the heaps of Super Bowl Bowl Sunday action, getting in the game is simple. That's especially true when bettors play at veteran online sportsbooks. Let's kick off the new NFL year with some betting explanations and advice to help cash winning wagers.

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NFL Standard Odds Football Betting Options 

Standard National Football League betting options, including Money Line, Against The Spread and Game Total options, are available at top rated online sportsbooks from the preseason Hall of Fame game to the Super Bowl. While they all have their ups and downs, straight up wagering lines are the "easiest" odds to navigate.

Money Line NFL Betting

  • With Money Line prices, negative number indicate the favorite while positive lines represent the underdog, bettors simply need to pick the winner of the match.
  • While it didn't look good early, our SU bet on New England during Super Bowl LI paid off handsomely.

Point Spread NFL Betting

ATS betting is not for the faint of heart - Perform adequate research to cash winners.

  • Bettors who see a mismatch, or a possible dog due to have their day, can wager on Point Spread prices.
  • Posted as low as a half-point for two evenly matched squads, to upwards of 27 points like the line on the Jacksonville vs Denver duel in October 2013, ATS lines usually produce a one-for-one return - less the "juice" collected by the bookmakers.
  • Juice, or vigorish, normally runs from (-105) to (-120) which means backing the Jaguars at +27 (-110) earned bettors a +90.91 return for every $100 bet.

Game Total NFL Betting

Bettor's are reminded to shop around, at top rated online sportsbooks, for the best line prices.

  • Handicappers, who are not sure which side will win, can wager on Game Total odds (aka over / under).
  • With this NFL betting option, bookmakers set a "total points" line and bettors need to determine if the match will go OVER or stay UNDER the total.
  • While there are not any guarantees, as a general rule of thumb, two high scoring squads squaring off will often produce an OVER result. On the other side of the coin, a battle of top defensive teams tends to result in a lower scoring contest.

Futures and Props Highlight Exotic NFL Wagering Options

From the NFL regular season Most Valuable Player, to who wins the Super Bowl MVP crown, proposition betting is available 24/7 - 365 days per year at respected offshore sportsbooks.

Viewed as gazing into a crystal ball by some, while highly respected and anticipated by savvy sports 'Cappers, Championship futures betting is equal parts value added and profitable when performed correctly. Normally tagged with super high prices, a small investment in preseason NFL title lines delivers a load of regular season excitement. Philadelphia was a classic example during the run to Super Bowl LII as the Eagles opened the 2017 NFL season with a lofty (+5000) price. Steamrolling out to a 10-2 start, Eagles backers were soaring confidently, though a rollercoaster ride did ensue.

Futures bets can also set up a guaranteed cashout on Super Bowl Sunday.

Capper's "metal" was tested as Philadelphia lost stud starting QB Carson Wentz to an ACL tear in Week 14. While that was heart stopping for Philly fans - it was just a bump in the road for the eventual NFL Champions. Congratulating those that bought the Eagles early last year - our Week 7 bet on Philly illustrates that it's never too late to wager on NFL futures. Buying best value title odds is important but missing the boat completely, while resenting not getting the big price, is not a wise wagering decision. Futures bets can also set up a guaranteed cashout on Super Bowl Sunday.

Prop options vary from book to book, and they require adequate research, but the rewards can be substantial. Total Team Wins is one of our favorite preseason props as bookmakers set an Over/Under on the victories all 32 squads will reach. Sensing a better season in Cleveland, the bar is set at rock bottom after their 0-16 run in 2017, the Browns have a shot at winning more than five games in 2018.

Live Betting Cherry Tops Any Given NFL Sunday

Technology is moving at breakneck speed - top online betting shops are proof positive of that. Slowly entering the wagering mainstream, LIVE betting has become second nature for many NFL handicappers. Out at Sunday morning Brunch with the in-laws? No problem, with a mobile device in hand, head to the buffet and bet on any NFL match, upcoming or in progress, prior to stacking your plate. Those in a more self-controlled atmosphere can use LIVE wagering to hedge off any potential losing bets or set up a sure winner on parlay tickets. Never look a gift-horse in the mouth.

Say you have New Orleans (-455) and Jacksonville (-185) as morning winners, and Green Bay (-400) during Sunday Night Football as the third-leg of a parlay ticket. That earns a +134.89 return on a 100-unit wager. Jumping on the SportsInteraction LIVE betting board, to back the Bears (+310) with a 35-unit wager, will produce a +8.50 or +99.89 profit and return original investments to your bankroll. We encourage our readers to bank no-risk cash any chance they get. Sportsbooks, posted in the CSB top rated list, are the best NFL wagering shops available online today. Get in the game!