How To Bet on Hockey

Bridging the long wait, between winter and spring, National Hockey League action heats up as thermometers plummet in the Great White North. Game day lines and LIVE in-play wagering, plus futures and proposition betting options are offered throughout the regular season and playoffs. The best part of all, Canucks can stay warm and toasty while placing their bets thanks to top rated online sportsbooks.

Hockey Betting Learn To Earn Tips and Advice

Growing in popularity around the planet, betting on the NHL is a decades old favourite in Canada. In fact, it’s not a stretch to suggest that Fire On Ice action is top wagering choice for Canuck ‘Cappers. Offering something for hockey handicappers of all levels – enjoy the tips in this video. 

Illustrated in our Learn To Earn video, puck line betting is one of the most popular ways to wager on ice hockey. Similar to Major League Baseball run lines, NHL spread prices are always either -1.5 on the favourite while underdogs receive a +1.5 goal head start. As is the case with all ATS odds, puck lines are designed to get bookmakers equal action on both teams. There are a lot of factors that go into cashing successful NHL tickets and the following bullet point list is a handy checklist.

  • Wager with top rated CSB online bookmakers. 
  • Research teams recent home and away trends.
  • Watch for pups that are keeping contests close.
  • Avoid Government Sports Lottery Betting Options.
  • Shop around for the best possible puck line prices.

Keys to Cashing Winning National Hockey League Tickets

Puck line betting is laced with intricacies – some of which are obvious and others that are subtle. As it pertains to proper research, examining recent performances is a key to successful NHL wagering. That said, looking exclusively at recent won/loss records doesn’t expose the entire picture. Citing an example that was in progress when we published this article (01/11/17) St. Louis was rolling with a 5-0-1 record. However, the Blues were 0-3 against the spread during three contests on the road. 

On the home side of the coin, St. Louis was a sparkling 5-0 against the puck line in contests played at the Scottrade Center in the Show Me State. The moral of this story is to beware of teams that roll on their home pound but lose some traction once they hit a road rink. Bettors also need to consider teams that are lagging in the standings but keeping games close on the ice. Carolina is our prime example here as the Hurricanes opened their 2017-18 season with an up and down 4-4-2 record. 

While the ‘Canes middling start placed them 12th in the Eastern Conference standings – they were #1 in the hearts of bettors as they posted a 9-1 record as favourites and pups on puck line wagers. During their first ten contests, one goal was the difference in seven of those matches, which made Carolina a profitable pup over that stretch. That is not saying ‘Cappers should blindly bet mediocre squads but researching their recent trends can often uncover some pretty tasty wagering treats.

Teams enjoying home cooking, especially if they are playing squads that are at the end of a lengthy road trip, can also deliver winning puck line wagers. As live home dogs, during the 2016-17 NHL campaign, Arizona covered 72% of their underdog puck lines at the Gila River Arena in Glendale. Take that with a grain of salt however, as the Coyotes slumped at home entering the next season, resulting in the Desert Dogs posting a 2-3 against the spread mark during a terrible 0-10-1 start.

A more subtle scenario – empty net goals are a bettors best friend when laying the puck line. This is a Yogi-ism as it’s never over ’til it’s over in the NHL and a favorite that is up by one goal can quickly cover when opponents pull their goaltender. During 2016-17 action, Vancouver (16) and Colorado (15) allowed a combined 31 empty net goals. Considering they finished last overall, in the Pacific and Central Division respectively, freebies often helped bettors who wagered on chalk squads.

NHL Betting is Simple and Convenient in Canada

Punters looking for a slightly “safer” path can bet on teams straight up in the NHL. This option is best used with teams that are playing well as big money lines on pups are usually nothing more than Fool’s Gold. ‘Cappers who backed Los Angeles straight up, during their hot 9-1-1 start in 2017-18, were rewarded with a hefty profit as ten 100-unit wagers earned a 620-unit return. Due to NHL money lines being reasonable – winning four of every six wagers will usually return a profit. 

Unlike most sports, where the game totals can vary drastically from game to game, National Hockey League goal total lines are fairly consistent at 5.5 with the low sometimes (rarely) hitting 4.5 and the highs topping out at 6.5 pucks. With this standard wagering option, looking at team trends is important again but special attention needs to be paid to the goaltenders. High-flying teams can often dip when they are up against an elite netminder who is playing at the top of his game. 

  • Watch teams that are playing well during a home stand.
  • Hot or cold goaltenders help cash Under and Over wagers.
  • Heavy puck line favourites can be aided by empty net goals.
  • Consider straight up prices with teams who are on the road. 
  • Complete every step of a carefully constructed research plan.

Variety is the spice of life – as well as NHL betting for that matter. Like all major sports, exotics like parlays, team and player props, plus futures lines, are all available on ice hockey betting boards. Punters who have uncovered a couple of solid faves, but are leery about their puck lines, can tie them together on a two team parlay that will still pay a generous return. With this example, teams with -140 and -180 straight up prices returns a 166-unit profit on a 100-unit two-team parlay bet.

Though a season long investment is required, NHL futures lines can be a profitable betting option. A little goes a long way as quad digit prices are often offered on Championship bets. That means a smaller bet can earn a substantial return. Prop odds, plus fast-paced LIVE in-game wagering, offer additional hockey betting excitement. Placing bets with trusted bookmakers is just as important as what bettors wager on. These sportsbooks all delivery a top-notch NHL handicapping experience.