How To Bet on Hockey

Bridging the gap, from winter to spring, National Hockey League action heats up as thermometers plummet in the Great White North. Game day lines and LIVE in-play wagering, plus futures and prop betting options, are offered throughout the regular season and playoffs. The best part of all, Canucks can stay warm and toasty while placing their bets thanks to top rated online sportsbooks.

Hockey Betting Learn To Earn Tips and Advice

Popular around the planet, puck wagering action is a decades old favourite in Canada. In fact, it’s not a stretch to say that NHL betting options are the top choice for Canuck bettors. Offering something for all hockey handicappers, from newbies to vets, enjoy this Learn To Earn video.

Explained in our tips and advice video, puck line betting is a very popular ice hockey wagering method. Similar to Major League Baseball run lines, NHL spread prices are normally -1.5 on the favourite while underdogs receive a +1.5 goal head start. As is the case with all ATS odds, puck lines are designed to deliver equal action on both teams. When that happens, sportsbooks cheer for neither side as they draw in risk-free juice. There are a number of factors that go into cashing ATS tickets and the following bullet point list is a handy reference.

  • Wager with top rated CSB online bookmakers.
  • Research teams recent home and away trends.
  • Watch for pups that are keeping contests close.
  • Avoid Government Sports Lottery betting schemes.
  • Shop around at online sportsbooks for the best prices.

Keys to Cashing Winning National Hockey League Tickets

Understanding the numbers surrounding puck line prices is important as they vary widely at both ends of the spectrum. Looking at the 2017-18 NHL schedule, there were 1271 regular season contests – plus another 84 always exciting and entertaining Stanley Cup clashes. The prices on puck line favorites varied from -155 to +270 while the range on underdogs was -330 to +135. When taking pucks, receiving plus prices is very rare as they were posted just six times over the 1355 matches played during the NHL Century season.

Puck line betting is laced with intricacies. While some of them are obvious – others are not. As it pertains to proper research, examining past performances is a key to profitable NHL wagering. That said, looking exclusively at recent won/loss records doesn’t expose the entire picture. For example, take a squad that’s sizzling hot with a 8-2 S/U record. While money line bettors are cashing in, if the chalk side won by more than one goal just three times – their 3-7 ATS mark will most likely dent a player's bankroll.

"Look past Won/Loss records when researching betting options from NHL frozen ponds"

Home ice advantage is a key ingredient to winning NHL battles. As part of that, an important edge is the visitors having a longer distance to their bench for line changes during two of three periods. A slow line change, with one or more players being gassed, can often lead to the lamp being lit. St. Louis set an example when they opened the 2017-18 season with a 5-0 puck line record in contests played in the Show Me State. Bettors who rode the Blues winning run, with five 100-unit wagers, banked a super-sweet +1014 early season profit.

When they are sleeping their own bed, teams with an overall losing record deserve a look. That is especially true if they are playing a middling squad who are at the end of a lengthy road trip. As S/U home dogs, during the 2016-17 NHL campaign, Arizona posted a .765 win percentage at the Gila River Arena in Glendale, AZ. The 'Yotes 26-8 record was good for a +374 unit return on 34 bets at 100-units each. On the flip side, the Desert Dogs posted a dismal 1-6 mark as -1.5 chalk, on their own pond, and that resulted in a (-355) loss. 

Trends can change quickly and Arizona illustrated that as they wilted badly in the desert heat the following year. Posting negative yields, as home favorites or dogs, the Coyotes 2017-18 season was recorded on the losing side of the ledger. As -1.5 chalk, Arizona went 1-8 and cost bettors a massive (-700) bankroll dent. The numbers were almost as brutal when the 'Yotes were +1.5 home pups as they covered 19 of 32 contests which was good for a lowly .594 win percentage and a (-540.36) loss on the year. No pun intended - it was Coyote Ugly.

"Team consistency changes - Use a ten-game segment when researching NHL trends"

A common occurence - empty net goals are a bettor's best friend when laying the puck line. Borrowing a Yogi-ism "It ain't over till it's over" in the NHL. If a -1.5 favorite is up by only one goal, even with just a few seconds left on the clock, they can cover when their opponent pulls their goaltender. During 2016-17 action, Vancouver (16) and Colorado (15) allowed a 31 goals with their cage vacated. For 'Cappers sweating it out late in a match, due to the -1.5 ATS price they purchased, freebies relieve any tension and produced winning tickets.

NHL Betting is Simple and Convenient in Canada

Punters looking for a slightly "safer" path can bet on teams straight up during the thrills and spills of the fastest game on ice. This option is best used with teams that are playing well since tempting big money lines on sinking squads are usually just Fool's Gold. 'Cappers who backed Los Angeles straight up, during their hot 9-1-1 start in 2017-18, were rewarded with a hefty profit as ten 100-unit S/U wagers earned a 519.34 return. If bettors place six 100-unit single wagers, with an average (-145) ML, four of six S/U wins nets a +75.88 bankroll top up.

Unlike most sports, where the game totals can vary drastically from game to game, NHL goal total lines are fairly consistent. The closing pre-game total is usually 5.5 scores with 4.5 and 7.0 serving as low and high ends of the spectrum. When betting LIVE online - the numbers rise or fall according to the score. With this "Big Three" wagering option, looking at team trends is important with special attention being paid to the two goaltenders. High-flying teams can sometimes dip when they are up against an elite starting netminder.

  • Watch teams that are playing well during a home stand.
  • Hot or cold goaltenders help cash Under and Over wagers.
  • Consider straight up prices with teams who are on the road.
  • Heavy puck line favourites can be aided by empty net goals.
  • Complete every step of a carefully constructed research plan.

Variety is the spice of life - and so it is with NHL betting as well. Similar to all major sports, exotics like parlays, team and player props, plus futures lines, are available on ice hockey betting boards anytime games are being played. Punters who have uncovered a couple of solid favorites, but are leery about the puck line odds, can tie them together on a two team S/U parlay that will pay a generous return. As an example here, teams with -140 and -180 money lines deliver a 166-unit profit on a 100-unit two-leg accumulator ticket.

Though a long-term investment is required, NHL futures lines can also be a profitable betting option. A little goes a long way as quad digit prices are often offered on Division, Conference and Stanley Cup Championship futures. A small bet can earn a substantial return. Player and team scoring prop options, plus a variety of fast-paced LIVE in-play wagering, deliver added puck betting excitement. Placing bets with trusted bookmakers is our #1 how to bet on hockey tip! These sportsbooks delivery a top-notch NHL handicapping experience.

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