NFL Halftime Betting Strategies and Tips

Though similar across most sports, in the way odds are presented at top ranked sportsbooks, halftime betting strategies and tips vary by the league bettors are investing in. If you know what to look for, pregame and LIVE halftime betting options can be a path to boosting your bankroll. Here we review what it takes to cash in on one or both halves during National Football League matchups.

NFL Pre-Game Halftime Handicapping Odds 

Posted well in advance of kickoff time, handicappers can get in on halftime NFL betting lines at every top rated sportsbook recommended here at Canada Sports Betting. As we were crafting this betting option review, a few hours after the Pittsburgh Steelers extinguished FitzMagic with a 30-27 win over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers during Monday Night Football on 24/09/18, odds for the 2018 Week 4 NFL schedule were being offered. Despite the short time lapse, halftime-betting odds were already popping up betting boards at “first out of the gate” NFL focused online sportsbooks. 

Simple to understand, and with ample history readily available during the important research process, halftime betting consists of wagering on the first 30 minutes, or the last 30 minutes, of every NFL game. The same goes for CFL and NCAAF contests. We are twisting the terminology slightly as first half betting options appear before the game starts and the official halftime odds are posted as soon as the first half ends. The numbers can change dramatically, and often do from the first 30 minutes to the second, so bettors need to place bets on the final two quarters quickly.

“Pre-game halftime betting can help create a second half double-dip during NFL contests”

For pre-game first half handicapping, punters have a plenty of time research which NFL teams are slow to get going and which squads fire fast out of the starting block. Studying the prices should begin with looking at how many first half points teams scored during the first two quarters of their previous games. Prime examples were evident during the first three weeks of the 2018 season as Kansas City (73) Tampa Bay (61) Baltimore (60) and Pittsburgh (58) all posted a bunch of first half points. Conversely, Cleveland (9) Dallas (13) Arizona (14) and Minnesota (17) were all slow starters.

Top rated online bookmakers also post proposition options, on every NFL match, and some those should be taken into consideration when wagering on the first two periods. Two of the more related options are “The Race To 10 Points” and “First Team To Score” props. The Chargers vs 49ers Week 4 NFL 2018 contest offered examples of both, as Los Angeles (-303) were distinct favorites over San Francisco (+230) to reach the ten-point plateau first at SportsInteraction. The Chargers (-227) were also chalk to score first vs the 49ers (+170) in that out-of-conference clash.

Wagering Tips on Second Half NFL Wagering Lines

Giving handicappers opportunities to double down on their bets, create a possible double-dip, or hedge off tickets that are losing after the first 30 minutes of a match, wagering on second half odds offers bettor's a wealth of handicapping options. Since research and betting time is limited punters need to be ready to wager quickly as halftime odds are only on betting boards for about ten minutes during the break between the second and third quarter. Ideally, bettors will track the games they want to place halftime wagers on as there are lots of factors to watch for.

How much did penalties and turnovers affect the match during the first 30 minutes? Did nasty weather play a role in the first half scoring and is more in the forecast for the second stanza? Were key injuries a factor on the first half results? Does either squad have noticeable momentum heading into the third quarter? Did either squad play uncharacteristically good or bad during the first two frames? Did star players exploding, or getting contained, affect the first half results? Is one team totally demoralized? Is either team a noticeably good or bad second half scoring squad? 

“Speed of placing bets, plus many key factors, goes into cashing winning halftime wagers”

Looking at the first three games of the 2018 NFL season, as examples of that last factor, several teams were fantastic second half teams while others were not. Of the former, New Orleans (61) LA Rams (52) Cleveland (51) and San Francisco (47) were the highest scoring teams during the final 30 minutes of their matches. At the other end of the spectrum, Arizona (6) Washington (12) Buffalo (17) and Oakland (17) all experienced rough second halves early during the 2018 NFL season. Teams easing up, due to owning a huge first-half lead, should also be considered.

Examples of that are plentiful during every NFL campaign. Undeniably, the most relatable example occurred during Super Bowl 51 as Atlanta went into the break with a 21-3 lead over New England. On average, bookmakers posted the Patriots as -5.5 (-110) second half favorites and savvy bettors had to know the experienced Pats, led by QB Tom Brady, would enter the third quarter determined to turn the tide. While we aren’t saying the Falcons gave up, when you have one of the top NFL teams getting blown out – odds are fairly good they will put up a better effort in the second half.

Halftime Betting At Top NFL Online Sportsbooks

Beyond the NFL, there are various forms of betting by period on most sports offered at the trusted sportsbooks that are reviewed and rated here at Canada Sports Betting. As they pertain to MLB action, bookmakers post lines on five complete innings as baseball’s most popular version of halftime betting. Those proficient at LIVE wagering can bet on which team will win each frame as those numbers are posted when the last out is recorded each inning. Due to also playing out in two halves - CFL, NBA, NCAAF and MLS fans receive halftime odds similar to NFL options.

Puck betting fans have access to lines on each period of NHL contests. That includes first period lines prior to puck-drop and then odds that are updated during each intermission for subsequent frames. Punters have about ten minutes to place in-between period NHL wagers. Odds are posted in spread and money line formats, plus total goal prices are usually listed as well. The information in this article alone should prove the value of betting with reputable online sportsbooks – rather than government sports lottery schemes.

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