Super Bowl Prop Bets

Recognized as the Godfathers of Props, legendary Las Vegas bookmakers Julius Reizner, Art Manteris and Jimmy Vaccaro are the men most responsible for Super Bowl Prop frenzy we enjoy wagering on today. Reizner gets thanks for his Nevada LV Gaming Commission squashed “Who Shot JR” prop while Manteris and Vaccaro share joint credit for the SBXX William Perry TD prop. Let’s dig deeper into this betting phenomenon. 

Proposition Bets Explained

You’ve heard about them, but do you know what they are, how lucrative they can be, the ridiculous number of outcomes you can bet on and why the Super Bowl is… well… the Superbowl of prop betting? If not, hit play and enjoy the video.

Will this chunk of stone roll? YES or NO? While there’s no proof it was, that stone age old question could very well have been the initial proposition betting option in history. Fast-forward to the early 1900’s in Boston and we find the first true example of prop betting. Baseball fans in the stands at Fenway Park would boldly wager on outcomes like the next pitch being a ball or a strike or whether a batter would get a hit, walk or produce an out. Enter the Vegas legends mentioned above and, as they say, the rest is history. Generally speaking, if something has two possible outcomes – it can be offered as a prop bet. We invite you to kick back and enjoy our prop bets explained video above.

Best Super Bowl Prop Bets

Although the “Who Shot JR” prop was shot down by gaming regulators, and the bookmakers lost a boatload of Benjamin’s on the The Fridge TD offering, sportsbook operators were still the winners in the end. While it took time for props to gain a firm foothold, a decade of Super Bowl  blowouts that began in the mid-eighties was a watershed period for proposition wagering. With Super Bowl betting interest waning overall, due to the lopsided matches, bookmakers needed a spark to boost their bottom line handle. Dwarfed by the options today, 50 or so SB props was the norm back then.

Today, Super Bowl prop offerings number in the hundreds and, if you take into account that each option has at least to bets, the numbers grow into the thousands. From the hardcore NFL betting camp, to the casual cappers club, and even the “NFL Sucks” squad, anyone who wagers on sports will most likely dabble in some prop betting on Super Bowl Sunday. From imaginative novelty bets like the “GaGa Goosebumps” prop and SBLI game related “Race to 15 Points” offer, which were posted at SportsInteraction, the best Super Bowl prop bets are a matter of individual preference.

How To Make A Prop Bet

As the clock clicks down, on the two-week Championship Sunday to Super Bowl game day break, bettors have lots of time to figure out how to make a prop bet. A clear proposition path needs to be planned and that begins with deciding on a prop-wagering budget. Although the sheer volume tempts punters to over-bet, don’t bust your bankroll betting on whether there will be a millisecond shot of a nipple during the Halftime Show. Don’t forget, once the big match is over, the NHL and NBA are heading into their playoff stretch drive and MLB Opening Day is about 55 sleeps away.

Once a budget is set, bettors are advised to limit action on exotics and concentrate more on wagers that can researched. An option like Odd or Even on the jersey number of the player who scores the first Super Bowl TD may sound like a 50/50 offer but punters can gain an edge with some quick homework. Simply list every player that could open the TD scoring, from both teams by name and number, and then split the list at the price posted by the bookmakers. While the column with the most players should be perused first – the side with the most superstars may be the better bet.

Overall, our best prop betting tip is to make sure you purchase tickets from sportsbooks that have a long track record and respected reputations. Sportsbooks like SportsInteraction have been pillars of the online sports betting industry for decades. The same can be said for each of the bookmakers that rank high on the recommended list which is proudly presented here at Canada Sports Betting.

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Away Score Home Money Line
Monday 27 November
FT Houston Texans 16 - 23 Baltimore Ravens +300 -370 Odds
Thursday 30 November
Washington Redskins 20:25 Dallas Cowboys -110 +102 Odds
Sunday 03 December
Patriots 13:00 Buffalo Bills -400 +335 Odds
Detroit Lions 13:00 Baltimore Ravens +125 -132 Odds
Minnesota Vikings 13:00 Atlanta Falcons +130 -145 Odds
San Francisco 49ers 13:00 Chicago Bears +164 -196 Odds
Buccaneers 13:00 Green Bay Packers Odds
Indianapolis Colts 13:00 Jaguars +375 -417 Odds
Denver Broncos 13:00 Miami Dolphins -111 -105 Odds
Kansas City Chiefs 13:00 New York Jets -169 +161 Odds
Houston Texans 13:00 Tennessee Titans +250 -263 Odds
Cleveland Browns 16:05 Chargers +675 -909 Odds
Carolina Panthers 16:25 New Orleans Saints +175 -204 Odds
Los Angeles Rams 16:25 Arizona Cardinals -303 +260 Odds
New York Giants 16:25 Oakland Raiders +340 -345 Odds
Philadelphia Eagles 20:30 Seattle Seahawks -227 +210 Odds

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