Canadian Premier League 2022 Picks: Forge FC Still At The Top

Canadian Premier League 2022 Picks: Forge FC Still At The Top

Previewing the 2022 Canadian Premier League, which returns this Thursday, April 7. Once again, Forge FC is the top team in the league even if Pacific FC is the defending champion. With opening weekend set for today, we also break down all four matchups.

The 2022 Canadian Premier League (CanPL) is back this Thursday with 28 matches and clubs playing back in their respective home fields. We don't have to look too far to find the top teams in what is appearing to be a top-heavy season.

Who Are The Top Teams For the 2022 CanPL Season?

It's no surprise that the top teams in the 2022 Canadian Premier League are the same suspects. Forge FC remains one of the best bets to win the North Star Shield trophy as the champion of the league. They already have two, and in a new season, they may be tough to beat as we look at the Canadian Premier League 2022 odds.

CanPL Outright WinnerSports Interaction
Cavalry FCTBA
Pacific FCTBA
Valour FCTBA
York UnitedTBA
Halifax WanderersTBA
Atletico OttawaTBA
FC EdmontonTBA
Team 1Sports InteractionSports InteractionSports InteractionTeam 2
York United2.542.87 (Draw)2.93HFX Wanderers

Forge FC

The Forge FC is still the team to beat in the Canadian Premier League. You will find them on top of most 2022 soccer odds as the favourite in their matchups unless it's in international competitions. And even still, the Forge proved they are a force to be reckoned with in their strong showing at the CONCACAF Champions League.

It speaks volumes to how stacked this club is that it can go on to lose top-notch talent like Elimane Oumar Cisse and still keep chugging along. But to alleviate the losses is the return of players like Aboubacar Sissoko and Omar Browne, who bolster the mid-front lineup. Forge FC should once again be a title contender even if their busy schedule may knock some wind out of their sails.

Cavalry FC

The 2019 runner-ups remain one of the deepest squads in the CanPL. Cavalry FC's biggest advantage is its continuity. There aren't too many turnovers with this squad. Nik Ledgerwood will transition from the field to the coaching staff as an assistant and Mohamed Farsi has left for the MLS.  But these losses are cancelled out by several additions like Charlie Trafford, brother of Mason Trafford.

If there is a knock on the Cavalry, it's that their ceiling doesn't seem to be as high as Forge's or Pacific's. Instead, they are a happy medium between the two and also have a higher floor. Expect them to contend for the championship and be a shoo-in for the playoffs at the least.

Pacific FC

The defending champions are still very much a threat to win it all this year. However, Forge and Cavalry are just deeper on paper, especially with Pacific FC's significant losses. Kadin Chung, Ollie Bassett, and Terran Campbell are just some to mention. Their starting XI won't be the same, and they will have to adjust to the new coach James Merriman.

But the offence should still be one of the best and Pacific did reinforce the club with Amer Didic from Edmonton and Nathan Mavila from England. Even with a drop in their play, Pacific should find a way back to the playoffs where it can look to pull off upsets again.

Opening CanPL 2022 Matches

The opening matches for the CanPL start Thursday and conclude on Sunday. You can find the betting lines from the top online sportsbooks like Bet99. Read our best sportsbook reviews for 2022 while we pick the results for the coming weekend.

York United v Wanderers, 2022-04-07

We've got an even matchup to kick off the season hence the betting odds. The draw is the likely result here as the Halifax Wanderers should still be hard-pressed to score goals while York United's defence leaves much to be desired. If you can, find a prop on this one to be a 1-1 draw.

Draw between York United and HFX Wanderers
Sports Interaction

Atletico v Cavalry, 2022-04-09

This could be a trap match for the Cavalry FC. On paper, the Cavalry should roll right through Atletico as they have a new coach and finished last with the worst goal-differential last season. But Atletico is healthier and has made some low-key signings. This team will compete and could maybe even pull off a draw here.

Draw between Atletico Ottawa and Cavalry
Sports Interaction

FC Edmonton v Valour FC, 2022-04-10

The Valour FC should be able to beat the FC Edmonton here. Valour could be a sleeper pick this season as this club looked every bit like a title threat until their top player, Andrew Jean-Baptiste got hurt. If they can recapture that form prior to his injury, they should beat Edmonton and kick off their season with three points.

Valour FC To Beat Edmonton
Sports Interaction

Pacific v Forge, 2022-04-10

The best is saved for last as the CanPL's only two champions meet late on Sunday. The Forge should be able to neutralize the Pacific FC's hot offence, especially since Pacific may still be working out the kinks of their "new" club. Forge went 3-0-0 against the Pacific in the regular season and should continue this trend.

Forge FC To Beat Pacific
Sports Interaction