2021 Blast Premier World Final Opening Betting Picks

Eight teams battle in the Blast Premier World Final 2021, with the opening matches beginning December 14th, 2021. A champion is crowned December 19th.

A little way before Christmas, there continues the Counter-Strike GO Blast Premier Series. This World Final starts from December 14th – December 19th. Eight teams are in this tournament but our focus is on the first games of action so bettors can get in on the early wagering. Here is another fast-hitting esports betting preview.

The Blast Premier World Final And Opening Betting Picks

  • Start Date:  December 14th, 2021
  • End Date:  December 19th, 2021
  • Total Teams:  8 teams
  • Location:  Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Prize Pool: $1,000,000
  • Tier:  S-Tier

Simply, our goal is to do just a preview of the opening matches to get one ready for next weekend’s final action. 

Blast World Opening Round Matches Preview

The top betting sites offer very good esports odds. This lower-tiered tournament features much of the same aspects as the previous November Fall Final. Unlike the upper-tiered tournaments, all matches will be the best of three or Bo3. First off, let’s take a look at some of the BLAST World Opening Round numbers. These will show which favourites are again the easy targets and are in the best form. It may mean fewer dollars but safer dollars nonetheless.

Blast Premier World Opening Matches 2021sportsinteraction
G2 Esports1.33
Ninjas In Pyjamas3.25
Natus Vincere1.10
Team Liquid6.50
Team Vitality1.44

The best thing with eSports is nobody can ever take the human element for granted. Especially with this higher-stakes s-tier tournament, there are bets to easily pick apart. In this opening round slate of action, do not be afraid to pick an underdog or two. Anyway, let’s get into this fast to get out with some money faster.

Blast Match 1: Natus Vincere versus Team Liquid

There is nothing like a softball being tossed out in Blast Match 1. The good thing about double elimination early is that one can make it back to the final still. Barring something extremely unforeseen, it will probably be Team Liquid trying to fight its way back. 

Natus Vincere presents pretty much the same roster that it had a few weeks ago. They did not just win the Fall Final, they crushed it to put it in a nice way. There is one interesting wrinkle as “Nitro” has returned. He bailed for Valorant only to come back now. Team Liquid may take some time getting the chemistry to err mojo back. That might not even happen in this tournament. 

Simply Natus Vincere is just one of those teams on an immense roll right now. With s1mple leading the way, as an assassin, it will be difficult for Team Liquid to get the upper hand at least in the opening best of three matches. Natus is 5 for 5 this year with s1mple on the roster. He is one of the best in this tier for his ability to lead his team as much as anything else. Do not expect them to lose here. It may be close though.

Natus Vincere wins this one in two close games as they hold off Team Liquid in this opening match.

Natus Vincere

To beat Team Liquid


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Blast Match 2: Gambit versus Heroic

While Heroic is at times teetering on the edge of the S-Tier lately, Gambit is looking to make a name for itself quickly. This Blast Match 2 could easily go the distance as both teams fight for early dominance and to avoid the lower bracket. Gambit performed well in the Spring tournaments so it will be interesting to see how they look back in the S-Tier. 

The Russian-led Gambit has chemistry on their side and a smooth leader who can come through in the clutch. Now, Heroic has shown some nice results but their last tournament was only mediocre. They went from #1 last November to #6 now. That is a significant drop. 

Again, the expectation is for this tilt to be a close one but the Russian-led Gambit could prove to be the biggest challenge to Natus Vincere. Their #2 ranking is no fluke this season. 

Gambit wins this one in three fairly close games as they fend off Heroic. Take the 1.57 odds. 


To beat Heroic


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Blast Match 3: Team Vitality versus Astralis

The quick version of this is that Team Vitality should have a challenging time yet beat Astralis once more. That is how the first two matches went anyway They did go all three maps. Though Astralis has strengthened its roster. their sniper is in a crisis of confidence. That is never good. Vitality is another team that could challenge to beat Natus. However, they have to get by Astralis who have two very good shooters. That can be dangerous. 

K0nfig will play much better and do not overthink the IEM Winter Result. This is the one time where I think the underdog can catch the favourite napping a bit. 

Astralis gets a measure of revenge. They are our pick at 2.62.


To beat Team Vitality


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Blast Match 4: G2 Esports vs Ninjas In Pyjamas

The even faster version is that G2 should have little trouble in fending off the Ninjas. Even if the matches are close, the expectation is that G2 Esports should be interesting. After all, this is where Money signed. There is little reason to expect this to go the distance. 

G2Esports gets one of those good battle tune-ups but wins in two maps over Ninjas. Take the 1.33 odds.

G2 Esports

To beat Ninjas


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