NBA Weekend Free Picks & Predictions: December 5-8

NBA Weekend Free Picks & Predictions: December 5-8

The season is well underway now and we’re starting to see who the playoff candidates are going to be when the time comes.

The Bucks and the Lakers lead the league and their respective conferences, but are closely tailed by the likes of the Clippers, Mavericks, Celtics, Nuggets and Raptors.

Who will be on top after the weekend?


Houston Rockets (2.10) vs Toronto Raptors (1.68)

An Interconference matchup between two clear playoff contenders in Toronto, as the Houston Rockets head North of the border to play last seasons’ champions the Toronto Raptors.

The Raptors have been buoyed by the return of both Lowry and Ibaka, though they’ve coped fairly well without them. Having these two back adds balance to the team and will help them to grind out results.

The depth of the Raptors squad, has left them 15-5 for the season outright.

Mike D’Antoni has had a rough time recently with injuries and has had to make adjustments to his squad. But with James Harden putting up 112 points in his last two games. Though they lost their last due to a controversial dunk call.

Houston will struggle to stay with the pace of the Raptors in this one.

Take the Raptors to win at home.

Toronto Raptors To beat Houston Rockets


Los Angeles Clippers vs Milwaukee Bucks

The Bucks are absolutely flying this season, with Giannis running things alongside Bledsoe and Middleton they’re looking pretty unstoppable.

Giannis seems almost impossible to handle anytime he plays. His ability to carry the team on his shoulders has been nothing short of mesmeric. He’s currently averaging 31.0 points per game, only second to Jame Harden.

Milwaukee are 19-3 for the season outright and will look to make that twenty against a strong Clippers side. This is our NBA free pick of the weekend, as two certain playoff candidates go head-to-head.

Doc Rivers team are looking better as the season goes on, the return of Leonard and Paul George has certainly helped a lot. They’re now second in the West on 16-6, after winning 117-97 to Portland in the last.

The Clippers need to focus on stopping Giannis from controlling the tempo of the game, if they can do this then they are certainly our favourites to take the match. The Clippers have enough firepower to put up a good total.

Expect the Clippers to win this one at the Forum.

Los Angeles Clippers To beat Milwaukee Bucks


New Orleans Pelicans @ Dallas Mavericks

It’s the second game this week for these two Western Conference teams, with the Mavericks winning the first 118-97.

The Pelicans have had a torrid time at the start of this season. They’re poor form has led them to be 25th in the NBA power rankings. New Orleans are still waiting on the return of Zion Williamson and it couldn’t come any sooner.

We love the Mavericks. Dallas are fourth highest in average points per game, on 118.0. They’re form and offensive capabilities have led them to go 15-6 for the season outright.

Dallas have been good in all phases of the game and a number of players are rising to the challenge, as pundits and commentators continue to discuss Dallas as contenders for the league.

However, they’ve been led by the star Slovenian Luca Doncic, who was just named as the NBA player of the month, alongside Giannis Antetokokounmpo. He holds the third highest average points per game right now on 30.3.

Take the Mavericks to beat the New Orleans Pelicans.

Dallas Mavericks To beat New Orleans Pelicans


Denver Nuggets vs Boston Celtics

We have an Interconference matchup as the Denver Nuggets head to TD Garden for a matchup with Brad Stevens Celtics.

The Celtics have been excellent, especially towards the start of the season, and are now sitting at 15-5 overall. They sit in joint second, alongside the Raptors and are second to a Bucks team on a 13-game win streak.

The Celtics have the third highest win percentage in the league on .750% so far for the campaign.

The Nuggets have been excellent too, though lately they’ve hit a bit of a rut, losing to the Kings and Lakers in back-to-back games. However, they’ll play against a pliant Knicks team before they head to Boston.

The NBA betting odds will likely favour a Celtics win, given the fact that the Nuggets are on a two-game losing streak.

Expect the Celtics to win this one.

Boston Celtics To beat Denver Nuggets