Sports Betting Strategy

Sports betting strategies affect many decisions that must be made prior to purchasing a ticket. From the pregame research process, to bankroll management, plus where punters should place their wagers, for and against research tools take up a significant portion of the betting toolbox. This video and text tutorial is designed to help handicappers navigate their way along what is always a very busy Betting Strategy Avenue.

"For and Against" Video Series

More plentiful than the wealth of Super Bowl Sunday prop wagering options, everyone has an opinion regarding the best sports betting strategies. From steadfast “homers” to the “they can’t play in the snow" crowd there are literally hundreds of paths bettors can follow on their way to wagering windows. Some are quirky, some are fictional and others are rock solid. This Learn To Earn spotlight sheds light on realistic sports betting strategy options. Plan, Prepare and Prosper!

Pros and Cons of Online Sports Betting

Mentioned above, long suffering Detroit and Oakland fans celebrated a first same-season playoff appearance since their teams featured Barry Sanders and Napoleon McCallum as their respective starting running backs. However, before planning any Super Bowl parades, Homers needed to pump the brakes a little as the road ahead was fraught with potential pitfalls. Warning signs first popped up near the end of the 2016 NFL campaign as Detroit closed their season on a 0-3 tumble and Oakland lost stud QB Derek Carr to a broken leg during Week 16 versus the Indianapolis Colts. 

Long story short, both teams were Wild Card Weekend road dogs that got pummelled and punted from the playoff party. Favorite team allegiance only goes so - understand Homer Strategy limits. The same can be said for “heart betting” with favorite players. Running back Melvin Gordon may be lighting up the scoreboard on your fantasy football squad but wagering on the rest of his Los Angeles Chargers teammates may be a substantial leap of faith. While the thrill of competing and winning should be enjoyed – researching and placing bets should be as emotionless as a pet rock.

Proper Bankroll Management and Sportsbook Selection Strategy 

If you are rich and/or money means nothing to you, please disregard the following. The importance of bankroll strategy can’t be overstated. While not big on preaching – we always sing from the Bet Responsibly hymnbook. If you have 1,000 unit bankroll, 10 to 50 unit investments will get you 100 or 20 wagers respectively – even if every one of the bets loses. If that happens though - it is time for a new hobby. Also, emptying your bankroll because Freddy Four-Fingers just sent you his solid gold “lock of the month” is never a prudent wagering strategy. Wager Smartly - Bet Responsibly!

Second to proper bankroll management, betting with reputable online bookmakers must be a top priority of every handicapper. Winning doesn’t mean jack squat if you don’t get paid – securely and on demand. Plus, securing the sharpest lines that are backed by the best prices is simple when you bet with established linemakers. The sportsbooks below, Bodog is a favorite NFL bookie for us, are respected veterans in the sports wagering world. Be sure you include them as part of a solid sports betting strategy. You have our word that they will always trump any stale government sports lottery schemes. Follow us on Facebook for more tips as our dedicated hard work will make liking us easy.

Betting comes down to one choice: yes or no. In this series, we will delve into the tough choices you willl face, with arguments for and against. The key to success is removing emotion. So, if you are dedicated to the cause, and you have a real shot at glory, are you in the position to bet well? Or are you possibly in the position to bet extremely well?