How Does Fanduel Work?

As the Godfather of Daily Fantasy Sports, FanDuel has been an industry trailblazer since their days as Hubdub - a Scottish news, sports and entertainment prediction platform that was launched in 2008. Following a short period of piggy backing each other, Hubdub was shuttered when FanDuel launched out of New York in 2009. Always evolving, here we look at how FanDuel works and offer some fantasy betting advice.

FanDuel Login

A quintessential “grass roots” company, images from 2009 show FanDuel founders Lesley Eccles, Nigel Eccles, Tom Griffiths, Christian Genetski and Rob Jones discussing their dream in a humble backyard setting prior to the 2009 South By Southwest Interactive Festival in Austin, Texas. The goals of that group of five, that have been met and exceeded, were to simplify and accelerate the way fantasy sports were played while generating major prize pools and larger player payouts. 

In a world that craves instant gratification, FanDuel deviated from the season-long fantasy industry by introducing weekly, daily and even time zone specific contests. The end result is a wealth of LIVE fantasy action that can be accessed with a quick and simple FanDuel login anytime 24/7 and 365 days per year. Registration is simple as players are asked for their name, an email address, a screen name and a password. A Play Now button then connects players to the banking section instantly.

      FanDuel App

      Switching from a laptop to an iPad - we were able to install the FanDuel App in under 30 seconds. The platform loaded instantly and we headed over to the banking section. Impressed by our smooth journey so far – the banking process was very simple as well. FanDuel accepts VISA, MasterCard and Discover cards as well as our all-time favorite payment option PayPal. Double the amount it is over at DraftKings, the minimum deposit at FanDuel is $10 while the maximum is $10,000 per session.

      For research purposes, we started small with the minimum deposit and the money went from our PayPal account into our FanDuel player bankroll immediately. Staying within the FanDuel app, we entered a low stake 2016 NFL Week 16 contest and selected our squad of nine starters with just a few simple clicks. With a very busy travel schedule on the horizon – it is good to know that our iPad is all we will need to stay connected to our online fantasy sports wagering account on the road.

      FanDuel Tips

      We well remember the vast number of sports betting subscription services and free advice websites that grew like weeds in conjunction with the rise of online sportsbooks in the 1900’s. An identical influx of information has accompanied the Daily Fantasy Sports phenomenon as a simple “FanDuel Tips” Google search yields over a half-million returns. That can lead to an overload of "opinions" and sorting through it all is a daunting task as a large portion of the data is either click bait or duplicate content. Fantasy owners should start at the source as up to date statistics for every player are easy to access while selecting your fantasy squad at FanDuel. That's a fantastic feature.

      That is certainly not to say that bettors shouldn’t expand their research. As it is with our daily sports betting advice, our number one fantasy wagering tip is to organize a quality research path and stick to it. Using puck betting action as an example, our NHL Prediction Path file is loaded with close to one hundred research links. That gives us quick access to team schedule and result pages, standings updates, player game logs, plus starting goaltender confirmations, to name a few. Whether you are handicapping sporting events or selecting a fantasy squad, that information carries equal weight across all wagering platforms. As is the case with our recommended sports betting websites listed above, playing FanDuel fantasy games is a quality experience at a renowned online betting source.

      FanDuel Bottom Line: This Daily Fantasy legend offers a wide variety of contests and prices.