XFL Betting Odds 2022

      The return of the XFL for the 2021 season has been cancelled. As such we now must look forward to what’s to come in 2022. As soon as the odds are released, we will update this page.

      Find the best XFL betting odds 2021 and all other XFL betting resources like picks, news updates and statistics here. The odds were last updated on September 7, 2021: 

       Top 3 XFL Outright Winners Odds  BetWay sportsinteraction bet99

      Houston Roughnecks


      DC Defenders


      St Louis Battlehawks


      Houston Roughnecks
      To win the 2022 XFL Championship



      XFL Odds for the 2022 Season

      The odds to win the XFL Championship in 2022 are not yet released, but as the results come in we’ll be sure to keep this page up to date for all online sportsbooks. The XFL Odds were last updated on December 7, 2020:

       2022 XFL Outright Winners Odds  BetWay 10bet Spin Palace Sports

      Houston Roughnecks


      DC Defenders


      St Louis Battlehawks


      Dallas Renegades


      Los Angeles Wildcats


      New York Guardians


      Seattle Dragons


      Tampa Bay Vipers

      DC Defenders To win the 2022 XFL Championship

      What kind of bets can be made on the XFL?

      Like most other major sports, XFL fans out there can place bets on their favourite teams to win the Championship outright. Alternatively, they can wager on a range of moneyline, spread, over/under, and prop bets.


      Bettors that want to wager on parlay bets will be able to combine multiple outcomes for a game and receive a specified odd for their selection. For example, if you pick the Defenders, Roughnecks and Dragons to all win with the moneyline, that’d be a three-team parlay.

      There are a number of online sportsbooks to choose from, as such we’ll include a list of the best XFL betting sites to wager on right now. To find the best betting sites for online sportsbooks, check out our list of registered sportsbooks reviews on our homepage.

      Towards the end of April, the XFL will have it’s Championship final game, which will decide the season winner. Similar to the Superbowl Odds or Playoffs odds, around the time of the event there will be a large number of bets, including moneyline wagers, as well as a range of prop bets.

      What is a futures bet in the XFL?

      Futures bets are where a bettor makes a wager either before or during a game. If you like a team’s chance in the middle of a game (in-play betting), you can make a “live bet” and test your luck.

      As the season gets underway, there will be a number of new futures bets and prop bets surrounding each major XFL event over the course of the season.

      XFL Picks for the 2022 season

      Throughout the course of the XFL season, leading right up until the 2022 Championship game, we will post our picks for games, futures, news, and XFL updates.

      Who is the favourite to win the 2022 XFL?

      The XFL owners are preparing for the 2022 XFL season already. As we look to the teams, it looks like the Houston Roughnecks are the favourites to win the Championship as it stands. The Houston Roughnecks fancy themselves to continue this run throughout the season.

      Houston Roughnecks To win 2022 XFL Championship


      Who is the favourite to win the 2022 XFL MVP?

      The brilliance of Houston Roughnecks Quarterback Phillip Walker makes him the favourite in the bookmakers' eyes. Walker’s Houston teammate Cam Phillips is the other player being eyed for the XFL 2022 MVP prize. The wide receiver has made a great start to the season and if he continues will certainly challenge his QB.

      Phillip Walker To win 2022 XFL MVP
      Cam Phillips To win 2022 XFL MVP
      Spin Palace Sports


        The XFL and NFL aren’t so different. Ex-NFL coaches and players are of great interest to GM’s as they look to fill their rosters with the most experienced and skilled players available.

        There are a variety of top coaches in the league, the likes of the Seattle Dragons who are coached by Seahawks veteran quarterback Jim Zorn, who also used to coach the Washington Redskins. While the DC Defenders are coached by Pep Hamilton, who has 21 years of coaching experience, spending time at the Ravens, Jets, 49ers, Bears, Colts and Browns.

        The XFL boasts a number of big names from the NFL, including B.J. Daniels, who played at the University of Florida and ex-Navy wide receiver Keenan Reynolds. Another familiar name is Connor Cook, who is the ex Michigan State QB - he’s currently playing for the 2020 XFL Championship favourites the Houston Roughnecks.

        Another NFL prospect that never quite worked out, is 27-year old Shane Oakman. He was once considered a major NFL prospect but was arrested for sexual assault back in 2016. He was recently cleared of all charges, though it put a dampener on his chances of success in the NFL.

        Shane Oakman, who at one point would have been considered a top NFL prospect. However, he was arrested in 2016 for sexual assault. The chargers were recently dropped, though the case dragged out for a long time and ruined his chances of fulfilling his potential as a top NFL prospect.

      • Can XFL players go to the NFL?

        Like any sport, athletes in the XFL are contracted to play for their team for a specified amount of time. When their contract endXFL players are free agents, much like with any other sports contract. Due to the fact, the league was largely unsuccessful last time around, we didn’t really see many XFL players get the opportunity to transfer over to the NFL. Though we can see the XFL being much more successful this time around and maybe we’ll see this happening in the future.

      • WHAT IS THE XFL?

        World Wrestling Entertainment chairman Vince McMahon is aiming to resurrect the XFL in 2020, after a catalogue of issues in years past. The purists and traditionalists quickly rejected the XFL when it first emerged. But a revamp has seen a growth in interest and possibly turning the heads of the pure football fans. 

        Back in 2000, Vince McMahon’s motivation to relaunch the XFL comes after comments he made about growing tired of the watered-down version of the NFL we see today. Various old rules were brought back in;

        • Elimination of fair catch and on kick and punt returns.
        • No Domes policy - all-weather football.
        • Quarterbacks can get hit when sliding.
        • Penalties will be kept to a minimum.

        Each year many NFL hopefuls miss out on the opportunity to play in the big leagues. Many of these players can now come and play in the XFL. An exciting league and one which is growing.

        Eight teams will compete for 10 weeks, at which point the Playoffs will begin. The top two teams in the Eastern and Western Conferences will play off against each other, with the winners of each game deciding who will play for the XFL Championship title. This game will be played on April 26 and will conclude the 2020 XFL season.

      • How many teams are in the XFL?

        When XFL fans are getting ready to take a look at the odds for their bets, it's important to keep in mind that the XFL isn’t like American sports betting. Much like the CPL and CFL in Canada, they feature fewer teams. The XFL 2020 will feature 8 teams; DC Defenders, Dallas Renegades, Houston Roughnecks, Los Angeles Wildcats, New York Guardians, St. Louis BattleHawks, Seattle Dragons and Tampa Bay Vipers.

        Once you decide which team you'd like to bet on, you can take a look at their respective odds.



        The XFL returns to our screens, 19 years after it’s first one-and-done season as a sports franchise. It showed no signs of success the last time around, but with renewed hope, investment and a brand new marketing campaign, the XFL is set to stand a much better chance this time around.

        The XFL offers something different to viewers, a chance to revert back to an America Football experience that many have been missing. New teams and stadiums are popping up across the country and for some, it marks the return of a local American Football team. The city of St Louis is one. Stan Kroenke robbed them of their Rams and there has been a bitter taste in the mouths of St Louis football fans ever since. The XFL has the potential to be a real hit here, among many othe places across the country