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When it comes to international basketball no one is better than the United States of America. Their all-star studded rosters have crushed the competition for decades now and outside of a few hiccups here and there, the team rarely does not make the finals. USA basketball team odds will almost always have them as the favourites and they rightfully deserve to be so. Whether watching a blowout or trying to predict that sneaky upset, there are wagering options for everyone right on this page.    

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Is the US destined for another Gold medal or this one of those rare years when they get upset? Check the USA basketball team standings to see how well they are faring and to grab a quick glimpse of team stats. 

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Winning the first Olympic Gold for basketball in 1936, the US international team has had widespread success throughout the entire history of the game. In fact outside of a boycott in 1980 – the US has medalled in every single Olympics. The simple reason behind their success is the US produces the best basketball players in the world. A perfect example of this is the 1992 Dream Team the US assembled for the Olympics. The team was loaded with Hall of Fame basketball stars including Michael Jordan, Larry Bird, and Patrick Ewing. The team swept through the competition with ease, winning by a margin of over 40 points per game. The United States’ men’s basketball has achieved a level of fame and success that exceeds anything any other US national team has done.

The US rarely seems to be challenged but a handful of nations are sometimes up to the task. Lithuania and Argentina have pushed the US and even won a few matches. Argentina upset the US in the 2004 Olympics defeating the US by 8 points in the semis. The biggest upset though would be from the 2006 World Cup of Basketball, when Greece knocked the US out in semi-finals.

The USA has such a deep pool of players that – for example - their fourth or fifth best point guard could start for just about any other country. What does this information mean? The roster, if the top players at their position cannot play – or choose to not play – are replaced by players of nearly equal quality. This will have a small impact on the team’s chances of winning and a more noticeable impact on the size of spreads. Pay attention to the spread and watch the lines move in real-time.