UFC picks for Volkov vs. Aspinall Fight Night

      Fresh after several big-time UFC events, including UFC 272, we’ve got even more big action on the way this weekend with Alexander Volkov and Tom Aspinall getting ready to meet up. That’s not the only big matchup on the way. In this piece, we have UFC picks for Volkov vs. Aspinall Fight Night. Which fighter will end up coming away with the win?


      In a bit of a stunner, Aspinall and Volkov hold even odds for this one, as the two heavyweights are ready to put on a show in this battle. These two feature an incredible amount of power, with Aspinall and Volkov ready to come out on top of this matchup with a TKO. The fact that they’re both even according to the oddsmakers is wild to think about.

      Entering this fight, Aspinall is 11-2-0 in his career, while Volkov is 34-9-0. Volkov clearly holds the advantage from an experience standpoint, which has people thinking that he’ll be able to come away with the win. However, Aspinall has really impressed in his recent fights, which is why others think he’ll be the one to record the victory.

      UFC Fight Night ComeOn Bet365 LeoVegas BetWarrior
      Volkov to win 1.10 1.10 1.10 1.10
      Aspinall to win 1.10 1.10 1.10 1.10
      Allen to win 1.82 1.82 1.82 1.82
      Hooker to win 2.00 2.00 2.00 2.00

      ‘He’s 6-8, rangy Russian, great kicks, great takedown defense, really underrated on the ground as well, done five rounds 70,000 times, I’ve never done it so he has all kinds of advantages on me,” Aspinall said of Volkov. “But I’m dangerous man, I need to hit you once and that’s it. I don’t just need to punch you, I can do a whole load of things to finish the fight that nobody has ever seen before.”

      According to the best rated Canadian Sportsbooks, both fighters will enter this one with their 1.10 UFC odds. It really feels like it could go either way in this case. Having said that, we’re going to give Volkov the advantage in what should be a fight to remember against Aspinall. Agree? Check out our UFC betting sites to get a wager in.

      Dan Hooker is hoping to upset Arnold Allen

      In the co-main event, Dan Hooker is hoping to upset Arnold Allen when they get inside of the octagon. This is another highly-anticipated showdown, as these two fighters will also be ready to put on a show with the gloves on. Allen is a slight favorite with his higher odds, but that doesn’t mean Hooker won’t be ready to surprise some people.

      Allen has been nearly unstoppable in his fights, though, as he currently holds a 17-1-0 record. Meanwhile for Hooker, he’s been a bit inconsistent, as he’s 21-11-0. With those records being so different, this has a lot of UFC fans giving Allen the advantage leading up to things. Don’t count Hooker out, however, in this featherweight meeting.

      “It requires another level of sacrifice, it requires another level of dedication that 155 doesn’t demand of me,” Hooker said this week. “So this is why it’s the best weight class for me, because to compete at 145 I have to be 100% laser focused. And it brings out the best in me, which it has. This camp without a doubt has been challenging. But without a shadow of a doubt it has brought out the best in me.”

      Hooker is confident that he can land some quality punches on Allen. At the same time, Allen has plenty of confidence himself with Saturday around the corner. Similar to the Volkov vs. Aspinall meeting, we think that this one is going to come down to the wire. In the end, we’re going to go with Allen as our pick to win. 

      Arnold Allen
      To beat Dan Hooker

      Sports Interaction

      Paddy Pimblett should cruise to a win over Rodrigo Vargas

      Last but not least, Paddy Pimblett should cruise to a win over Rodrigo Vargas when they face off on Saturday night. Pimblett holds quite the advantage in terms of the odds, as he’s been set at 1.23. Meanwhile for Vargas, he’ll be incredibly motivated to prove all of his doubters wrong, as his odds have been placed at 4.20.

      In terms of records, these two are pretty even, with Pimblett at 17-3-0, while Vargas is at 12-4-0. For Pimblett, the star lightweight is known for his outstanding speed. If you blink, you could miss him delivering a quick punch. He’s got surprising power for his size as well, which Vargas is going to have to watch out for.

      Because the odds are so different, everyone is assuming that Pimblett will have no issues whatsoever recording a win over Vargas. Because of how talented he is, it really will be tough for Vargas to pull off an upset on Saturday. We don’t think Vargas will make that happen, as we’re going with Pimblett to be the winner.