TennisThe National Bank Cup is one of the biggest competitions on the WTA tour circuit, and is unique in the tennis world as it is the only tournament played on carpet. Some of the world's top-ranked women will be back to contest the event in 2017, including Canadian Eugenie Bouchard, and you can be sure to find some great odds on the best players. We preview the event and provide an insight into the women most likely to win the cup.

National Bank Cup Betting Trends

The National Bank Cup has been held in Quebec City since 1993 and has become one of Canada's biggest tennis events. The tournament has thrown up a number of surprising results over the years, best summed up by the 2016 final that featured unseeded Frenchwoman Oceane Dodin up against American Laura Davis, who only made it to the main competition through the qualifying round.

This presents a great opportunity for punters, especially in the outright market, as literally anyone in the final 32 can win the tournament. In 2016, Oceane Dodin would have been paying in excess of +2000 to win the cup, while Laura Davis would have been closer to +5000 considering she was a qualifier. As the tournament is played on carpet, the last remaining competition to use the surface in the WTA tour, form is rarely an accurate resource when trying to determine the winner.

So how do you pick an outright victor? Luck is perhaps your only chance when betting before the tournament gets underway, but as the outright market will stay open throughout the competition, it is advisable to have a look at all of the first round matches and determine which player(s) are adapting to the surface the best. While it is true that odds for players may halve after just one round, you will still get great value on the outsiders and have a much better chance of a win.

Bet on National Bank Cup Matches

As with all tennis tournaments, there are a number of fantastic betting opportunities available through a variety of different sportsbooks, each with hundreds of different ways to place a wager on the event. While the most simple method is head-to-head betting, the odds on offer are not always favourable, particularly if you place a bet on one of the top seeds early in the tournament. For this reason, a parlay bet is the way to go.

By adding two or more matches together, which is quite easy to do during a tennis tournament as many first and second round matches will be played at the same time, you will have the opportunity to greatly increase your potential dividend. If you have an eye on a few matches where you think you can pick the winner, utilising the parlay option will generate a higher return than if you were to place the bets individually.

Another method of betting on the National Bank Cup is to pick the number of sets required for victory. While one of the top players may not be worthwhile betting on because of their overwhelming superiority and low return potential, taking on the number of sets may be a useful pick. There are only two options available here, but your odds will be far better than if you were to go with a head-to-head bet.

You could also try your luck by checking out the over/under market. This is much more difficult to predict, and as such the reward is much greater. Your options may include betting on the total number of games in a set or total number of games in a match, which again is easier if you are watching the match and betting live.

There will also be the option of betting on the exact score of a set. This is actually not as difficult as it sounds as there are only a handful of different possibilities, so why not have a punt on this in the next match you put your money on. Also don't forget about live betting, which is offered by all of the leading sportsbooks. Placing in-game bets provides a great opportunity for punters, as the lines and odds are consistently changing. For example, if you were to look at betting on a favourite, they may start at odds of -300 to win the match, however if your player loses an early game or two, you will be able to jump on at a far better price. 

The key to live betting is patience and discipline.

Be sure to note the original odds before placing a live bet, as the pre-match prediction by betting companies has the best chance of actually occurring. Hold your nerve, wait for your opportunity and only place your in-game wager if the right moment presents itself.

Betting on the National Bank Cup is easier than ever, and with so many companies vying for your betting cash there are always a number of exciting deals on the table. Make sure you explore our sportsbook partners and check out all of the different options available. As always, you can also join in the discussion on our Facebook page to connect with other bettors and convey your thoughts on this year’s likely winner. Do your research and the odds will forever be in your favour, good luck!