England vs Panama Odds

England vs Panama World Cup 2018

The World Cup is known for it's great narratives, and there were few better than Panama's unlikely qualification for the 2018 tournament, coming at the expense of the USA and allowing the Central American nation a chance to participate for the first time. We can't see them achieving anything other than making up the numbers though, especially as they now face an English side that should win comfortably.

England are the clear favourites in what is definitely a David and Goliath battle. While it's true that England haven't achieved too much at the World Cup over the past fifty years to claim the title of a 'Goliath', the reality is that 99 times out of 100 an English 'B' team could defeat the Panamanians comfortably. There is just too much of a gulf in class here.

Panama couldn't have asked for a more testing trip to the world's greatest sporting event. They come into this match on the back of a monumental first up clash with Belgium, and will be aware that defeat in this match will all but end their campaign. We actually think they are a decent chance against Tunisia in their final group game, although it will be little consolation if they have already been eliminated.

But England too will feel the pressure, and perhaps more so than their opponents. England are clear favourites, and have struggled with that tag at the World Cup. While they manage to comfortably dispatch lowly ranked European teams during qualifying, they have never looked settled in the major tournaments. Their loss to Iceland in the 2016 European Championships is a great example.

England next face Belgium, so they will want to sure up their position in the group before they move on to that match. We're certainly not backing against them in this match, although we would love them to fill us with a little more confidence.

England started at around -400 and have firmed into -539, a clear favourite in a match they will win. The only other possible result is the draw (+561), while you would be rewarded for your insanity if you placed a bet on Panama at +1400 and they managed to win.

England kept eight clean sheets in qualifying, and were denied the chance against Tunisia by VAR. Panama failed to score in more than a third of their qualification matches and didn't look a chance against Belgium. We're therefore tipping England to win to zero here, and have settled on a modest 2-0 scoreline that will match their tally in their opener.

England vs Panama Betting Tips

  • 1

    Which Teams Will Score? - England only @ -179

  • 2

    Correct Score - England 2-0 @ +342

  • 3

    Anytime Goalscorer - Harry Kane @ -197

  • 4

    Half-time/Full-time - England-England @ -133

England vs Panama Preview

England's clear favouritism does not offer much in terms of head to head odds, and therefore you will be next to no chance of a big payout in this market. The best option may be to place a parlay bet, combining this head to head result with other sure things in the second round of matches (we're looking at Brazil over Costa Rica, Spain over Iran and Belgium over Tunisia, just to name a few).

There are certainly alternatives, particularly if betting on multiple matches at once is not your style. Our pick is the half-time/full-time double, where you place your bet against the result at the interval and at the end of the match. England is highly likely to score early against a team like Panama, so the -133 on offer for the England-England double is a fantastic option that is good for a much better outlay.

The over/under market is slightly more risky, and is set at +2.5. England only scored 1.8 goals per match during qualification, and rarely racked up big scores against their less-fancied opponents. England has a history of narrow victories over teams with similar rankings to Panama at the World Cup, so we are going to stand firm and pick the unders option here. It is the slight favourite at -116 - that price alone indicates that it could go either way.

Based on our statistical analysis, the best bet is perhaps the -179 on offer for England only in the which teams will score market. Again, it's not offering huge odds, but they're big compared to the head to head market. Plus, we're almost certain Panama won't score in this match, so it's a guaranteed win.

Finally, there's always the correct score market for those who want to really press for a large payout. Our prediction of 2-0 is actually the favoured result, priced at +342