Team USA's Rugby Odds

Throughout the rugby season, you will find information regarding Team USA's next fixture right here, with direct links to the numbers that the popular sports books have published. Be sure to check that you have got the odds you are looking for before you place your wager.

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If you're looking to place a bet on Team USA rugby matches, you have come to the right place. This page provides a comprehensive wrap of all things concerning the USA: result history, statistical analysis, future matches and most importantly, the best odds and lines from a selection of great betting companies. Review tournament performance, plan for upcoming fixtures and place your wager with confidence right here.,0/-/resize/1020x/-/format/jpeg/-/format/auto/-/quality/lightest/-/stretch/off/,0/-/resize/1020x/-/format/jpeg/-/format/auto/-/quality/lightest/-/stretch/off/,0/-/resize/1020x/-/format/jpeg/-/format/auto/-/quality/lightest/-/stretch/off/,0/-/resize/1020x/-/format/jpeg/-/format/auto/-/quality/lightest/-/stretch/off/
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Team USA's Rugby Standings

Below you will find the Eagles' current scores and standings, updated after every matchday. You can toggle home and away fixtures, review offensive production, view defensive statistics and even check out how the team's first and second half performances differ.

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Bet On Team USA's Rugby Games

Rugby has a long and decorated history on American soil, starting way back in the nineteenth century. The first recorded match took place in 1874 between Harvard University and McGill University, a fixture that became an annual tradition in 1974 to mark the centennial of the first meeting and is still active today.

Team USA played their first-ever international match against Australia in 1912, and won gold medals at the 1920 and 1924 Olympic Games, the last two occasions that traditional 15-man rugby was held at the event. However, rugby failed to compete with American Football at this time and support and participation declined to a point of near-extinction throughout the twentieth century.

But rugby has commenced a revival in the country in the last thirty years, thanks mostly to the creation of the Rugby World Cup. Team USA has competed at seven out of the eight tournaments to date, and have even expressed interest in hosting the 2027 event. During the qualifying process, the Eagles have established a fierce rivalry with the Canadian rugby team, and the two sides have now played in nearly sixty matches against each other. 

A typical year for Team USA includes anywhere between fifteen and twenty international rugby matches, which means there are plenty of opportunities to place wagers. Below we showcase the top betting options available and provide advice on how to maximize your dividends.

Head-to-Head Betting

Team USA is ranked among the second-tier nations in world rugby and play the majority of their matches against teams with similar pedigrees, meaning that head-to-head betting is a great option. The recent establishment of the Americas Rugby Championship, contested by the top-six ranked nations in North and South America, also provides plenty of opportunities for the Eagles to play in competitive fixtures.

While Team Canada has a superior record against Team USA over the history of their contests, the Eagles have recently turned the tables and are on an undefeated run against the Canucks dating back to 2013. They also advanced to qualify for the 2019 World Cup at the expense of their great rivals in mid-2017, which adds another chapter to this ongoing story. Always remember to look at historical context when placing head-to-head wagers.

Interestingly, the above mentioned undefeated streak featured a rare draw, a 28-28 contest in Hamilton, Ontario. While draws are uncommon results, it is important to be wary when placing head-to-head bets. Our advice is to select the 2-way betting line rather than the 3-way market that includes the draw. 2-way bets will be refunded if a draw occurs, and usually offer very similar odds, so it is definitely the safe option.

Handicap Betting

While you will normally receive competitive odds on the Eagles throughout the rugby season, it isn't wise to place a wager when they come up against the top-ranked nations. This is where handicap betting can be really useful. The betting company of your choice will set a line that represents the likely margin of victory, and you can choose whether or not Team USA is a chance to get close to their opposition.

Let's say Team USA is playing in a match against Argentina, a team they have never beaten, in the Americas Rugby Championship. The odds will be indicative of this fact - probably around -500 for the Argentines and +600 for Team USA head-to-head. In this match, the handicap line may be set at -12.5 and offer odds of around -110. This means that if you bet on the Eagles, your wager would be honoured if they lose by less than 13 points.

This also works when the Americans are the favourites, for example in a World Cup game against one of the lower-ranked nations (let's say Russia, who Team USA have beaten comfortably in seven out of seven attempts). The odds and lines above will probably be the same (yet reversed in the Eagles' favour). In this case, you would be betting that Team USA would win by 13 points or more.

Over/Under Markets

Over/Under lines are found across many of the betting options for international rugby matches, and the most common is the total points market where you simply select whether you believe the total points in a match will be over or under a figure set by the betting company. There are a few trends that stand out when reviewing past Team USA matches, and this can help you when selecting this line.

For example, in matches against the Canadians since 2010 the total points per game averages out at just under fifty points, with just three matches in this period featuring a total score of fewer than 30 points. In 2017, the two sides contested three times, including two World Cup qualifying playoffs, and the average points per game were close to 70. This is a great statistic to refer to when considering the over/under market for points.

Live Betting

You can really take advantage of the live betting options available through most top sports betting companies. The key here is to make note of the pre-match lines and odds and refer back to them throughout the match. This is a great way to increase your chances of a big dividend, however, you will need to ensure you are disciplined and ensure you follow the fluctuation in lines very carefully.

Let's use the example of a World Cup qualifying match against Uruguay. Team USA has a good record against the South Americans (13-2-1), and would likely be classed as a favourite in a matchup. Their initial odds of winning the match are -300, although at halftime the Uruguayan team is up by a few points. The live odds will most likely move closer to even for the Eagles - possibly around -115 - so that point is the perfect time to jump on.

Regardless of how you prefer to bet, you can count on us to provide you with the best odds and lines from a variety of the biggest online sports betting companies. With all of the information on this page, you should have the resources you need to win big on Team USA rugby matches, so put your money down today and get ready to reap the rewards!