Seattle Kraken's Odds

      Find the best Seattle Kraken odds and betting resources like fixture lists, next game money lines, over/under, spreads and team statistics here.

      For their inaugural season, the Seattle Kraken will be playing their home games at Climate Pledge Arena.

      The team matches will be displayed here once available

      When betting on the NHL betting odds, there are a variety of options available to bettors. Due to the fact, the Seattle Kraken will be starting their first season soon, there will likely be a lot of interesting wagering options for the debut season. Pre-match or Futures odds are available well in advance of all games on the Seattle Kraken schedule. As always, top-tier sportsbook providers offer Live odds and In-play markets for every game in the NHL regular and postseason.

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      NHL Betting Odds
    • There are futures wagers awarded for individual performance, such as MVP and Rookie of the year awards. As far as the Seattle Kraken are concerned, you’ll likely see wagers on whether or not they’ll make the NHL Playoffs in their first season. If they’re fortunate enough to make it to the playoffs, maybe we’ll ever see bettors playing the Stanley Cup odds for the Kraken to take their first NHL title.

      Bettors will have the choice of placing individual game wagers, as well as wagering on a series outcome, with bets on each round. The NHL post-season opens up all kinds of great wagering options to players. This can be as easy as simply choosing which team will win the championship, or as complex as deciding the exact number of games required to complete the series. Always remember that Vegas betting lines are the same as NHL betting lines.


      "The Thunderbirds players celebrated the naming of the Seattle Kraken" by Brian Liesse is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

      How To Get The Most Out Of Seattle Kraken Betting Lines

      When betting on the Seattle Kraken, or placing any kind of wager related to the new NHL team, be sure to make high-value wagers. Every bettor should look to maximize profits through the various wagering opportunities presented by the full-range of sportsbooks we have on offer.

      We recognize that every sportsbook is different. This is why we dedicate time to highlighting the key features of each book and try to direct bettors to the right provider. As on the face of it, nearly all sportsbooks look the same to the untrained eye.

      Use the options available to you and don’t just settle for the first bookie that offers betting lines on the market you’re interested in. It’s the same principle when buying anything, rarely do we just buy the first thing we see - depositing with a sportsbook is a purchase in some format.

      Take your time. If you’ve signed up for a sportsbook because you are interested in the NHL betting options, check them out and see if they are up to standard.

      Check the odds at various sportsbooks and see which one is dedicated to providing competitive odds for hockey.

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      Best NHL Betting Sites
    • Live wagering is always growing in popularity. Futures wagering is still very popular. Every provider possesses its own strengths and weaknesses, but those are largely dependent on the preferences of the player.

      Each sportsbook sets out with a unique appeal, which normally caters to a certain segment of the betting community. If your favourite NHL Team’s betting odds are showing to be strong with a certain provider, make a cross-comparison with other sites to see which suits you best.

      How do the Seattle Kraken odds compare between rival sportsbooks? Does the sportsbook offer mobile gaming options? What kind of bonuses are attached to deposits?

      These are all the kinds of questions that help to determine the right sportsbook for players. Be sure to check out a variety of sportsbooks before making your initial deposit.

      Some of the best sportsbooks are:

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    • How To Find The Best Welcome Bonus For Kraken Vegas Odds?

      When you’re browsing through the Seattle Kraken odds, you’re going to quickly find that sportsbooks are trying to entice you with a variety of bonuses and contests. These bonus offerings generally fall under the category of the deposit bonus, reload bonus, referral bonuses, among many others.

      It may be a no-risk first bet. For example, if a bettor places $100 on the Kraken to win with their first bet and they go on to lose the game. It’s possible the sportsbooks have a rebate program in place and they refund the $100 you lost back to your account.

      As well as this there are no-deposit bonuses, where sportsbooks provide a specific amount deposited directly into the players’ account before the player even deposits.

      There are also sportsbooks that continue giving back to their communities through reload bonuses, allowing bettors to earn free cash every time they deposit funds.

      The most popular option is when providers offer free cash based on the number of funds deposited by the customer when they first sign up. This is probably the most popular type of welcome bonus - and as we said before, always make comparisons.

      Which Sportsbook Has the Highest Kraken Odds?

      This is a difficult question, as often the odds change from one book to the next. There are always minor differences in the odds.

      An example of this would be if one sportsbook offered the Kraken to win their debut game at odds of 2.10. However, other sportsbooks might offer Kraken to win odds at 2.30 to win the same game.

      The difference between the odds based on a $100 bet, is $20. While $20 may not seem like a particularly significant amount of cash, over the course of an NHL season those $20 would stack up.

      The same thing applies to all aspects of Seattle Kraken betting. If there is a sportsbook that is offering better value on Kraken betting odds, it would be smart to continue to play with that sportsbook, as over time it will pay off.

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      Which Sportsbook Has The Most Current Seattle Kraken Betting Lines?

      When bettors feel ready to make a Seattle Kraken wager, they’ll need to be sure that they’re betting on the best Kraken betting odds possible.

      Line shopping is extremely important and a practice that all the sharps and experienced bettors take onboard. Just because it’s a sportsbook, new bettors sometimes feel the importance of which you deposit with isn’t something that matters. We provide a list of all top-tier sportsbooks, so bettors can make a quick cross-comparison of providers to see which suits them.

      If a sportsbook offers the Kraken at 15.00 to win the Stanley Cup, but another oddsmaker has the Kraken at 13.00, you’re always going to go with the sportsbook with the most favourable odds at 13.00.

      Some bookmakers post their odds much quicker than others and as often seen as a kind of benchmark for other books to follow.

      Many of the top-tier providers put more time into establishing their own odds, but you can be sure that the very best providers will be seen as the standard for others.

      How To Make The Best Seattle Kraken Bets Tonight

      Like in any sports betting market, if you want to turn a profit over time, you need to learn about the team, the league, and how they will match up against other teams.

      Much like you had to do at school - Do your homework. Learn the inside tricks and check head-to-head performances to see what has happened in recent years. There is a lot more to analysis than just basing the result off of current performance. Stay ahead. Keep up with trends and use the wealth of information at your disposal.

      Running through a strict sports analysis of the Kraken will be fruitful in the long run. Are they on a winning streak? Are all players fit? Will this game be played at home or on the road? Who’s in goal scoring form? Look for opportunities in the odds. In equal measures, bettors should be assessing the performance of Seattle’s opponents.

      Fortunately for bettors, they can check out our weekly NHL Free picks for the latest details regarding Seattle Kraken games, broken down by our panel of hockey experts. Here at Canada Sports Betting, we also post NHL Power Rankings, which allow our readers to keep track of performance each week. Check out our full list of providers for more information regarding the right sportsbook for you.

      See below the top sportsbooks where you can wager online and choose the best one for you:

        Seattle Kraken FAQs

        • Is it worth betting on the Seattle Kraken?

          It certainly is. If you are looking for some interesting new markets, then we’d strongly advise having a look at what’s on offer from the Kraken. 

        • Which sportsbooks offer the best Kraken odds?

          We cannot say which sportsbooks are the best, as many of our best bookmakers offer great betting opportunities. Ultimately, it’s down to the individual, so shop around.

        • How to find the best odds for the Seattle Kraken?

          In order to find the best odds for the Seattle Kraken, you should navigate to some of our most popular betting sites and have a look around to see which markets offer value to you.

        • Are there Seattle Kraken prop bets available?

          They certainly are, at any of our recommended top-tier bookmakers, you’ll find a range of prop bets.

        • Is Seattle Kraken betting popular?

          In fact, it is quite popular. Due mainly to the fact that the team is new to the league and offers something different from what has been in the NHL in recent years.