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      Looking for the Buffalo Sabres’ next game? We are your source for all the NHL’s action and scores. The Buffalo Sabres play their home games at the Verizon Center. Their home games are all televised from the Eastern Time Zone.

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      The Buffalo Sabres are amid a few ugly streaks. They have not made the NHL playoffs since 2010–11. They have not won a playoff series since 2006–07 and have not won a Stanley Cup since… ever. They’re among the teams with the longest droughts without a Cup, and those teams are the St. Louis Blues and the Toronto Maple Leafs with (48 seasons), followed by the Sabres (45). Overall, as a franchise, they won the Presidents’ Trophy back in 2006-07.

      They’ve also won 6 division championships and three conference championships. They have also seen several great players lace them up over the years. This includes names like Gilbert Perreault, Rick Martin, Craig Ramsay, Danny Gare, Rene Robert, Donald Audette, Don Luce, Miroslav Satan, Dave Andreychuk and Daniel Briere.

      Buffalo Sabres' Standings

      Here’s a glance at the Buffalo Sabres’ standings. Check out how they’re doing against the rest of the division and the rest of the NHL, as well as their NHL odds and standings.



      Bet On Buffalo Sabres' Games

      The Sabres are stuck in the middle. They’re bad, but not bad enough to make a big draft day improvement. But at least this team is young and poised to get better. O’Reilly, Eichel, Rasmus Ristolainen, Kane, Girgensons, Reinhart and Robin Lehner are all under 25 years old.

      If you’re betting on the Sabres next year, expect them to come close to the playoffs but still fall just short for another year. 

      When betting on hockey, in general, betting the underdog isn’t quite as risky as it is in other sports. Even when the two teams playing have a large discrepancy in the league standings, both sides will have enough good players to make it interesting… most nights.

      At the same time, the mid-level and floating-around-500 teams are fairly evenly matched, so betting the lines can take a lot of strategies. 

      And be careful who you take advice from. Some guys know a lot about the NHL, and there are those who know a lot about online NHL betting. These are two completely different things. You want to listen to the latter.