Pittsburgh Penguins' Odds

      Looking for the Pittsburgh Penguins’ next game? We are your source for all the NHL’s action and scores. The Pittsburgh Penguins play their home games at the Consol Energy Center. Their home games are all televised from the Eastern Time Zone.

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      The Penguins have experienced a stack of success in recent years thanks to a healthy Sidney Crosby and stacked championship roster. As a franchise, the team has won five Stanley Cups and eight division titles. They have seen a lot of great players over the years. This includes names like Andy Bathgate and Bryan Trottier.

      But their biggest name is, of course, Mario Lemieux, who was one of the most highly touted NHL draft picks in history and a man who lived up to the hype. Super Mario has been involved in all five of the team’s Stanley Cup successes – he led them to two consecutive Stanley Cups in 1991 and 1992 as a player, and under his ownership, the Penguins won three more in 2009, 2016 and 2017.

      The Penguins are one of the most exciting teams to watch in the NHL and continue to experience success in the modern era.

      Pittsburgh Penguins' Standings

      Here’s a glance at the Pittsburgh Penguins’ standings. Check out how they’re doing against the rest of the division and the rest of the NHL.


      Bet On Pittsburgh Penguins' Games

      The Pittsburgh Penguins are one of the NHL's most successful teams and have certainly had one of their best periods in the 21st century. Their back-to-back Stanley Cup victories in 2015-16 and 2016-17 was an achievement that had not been matched since the turn of the Millennium.

      Pittsburgh has an excellent record of making it to the postseason, and have a winning record in series once they get there, so it's never a bad idea to put your money down on the Penguins. 

      So what is the best way to place a bet on Pittsburgh in the NHL?

      Head To Head Betting

      Pittsburgh has gained a host of new fans since captain Sidney Crosby came to the club, and that means there is always plenty of interest when the team takes the ice. For this reason, you will always see the Penguins at shorter odds then they will potentially be worth. If they play a team with a smaller following, for example, the Predators, you can guarantee they will start as heavy favourites, even if Nashville is a good chance of winning.

      This means there is always going to be valued on the opposing teams. If you're smart enough to realize that the Penguins can't win every game in the regular season, you'll know there are plenty of opportunities to bet against them to profit.

      Live Betting

      If you don't want to bet against your team, our advice is to bet live. Any movement in the early odds will usually reset once a game gets underway, and there's a big opportunity to gain better NHL odds on your team as the match plays out.

      If you're convinced the Penguins are going to win their encounter and they go down early, you'll be able to take advantage of high odds if you act fast.

      Goal and Score Markets

      With names like Crosby on your roster, why not consider placing a bet on one of the many goal markets available in NHL games. The most popular markets are first goalscorer and anytime goalscorer.

      Alternatively, you will receive a massive payout if you can pick the correct score in a match. These markets are available in all NHL fixtures.

      Futures Markets

      The Penguins are always likely to be a consistent team and make a run at the NHL playoffs, and from there, you can usually count on them to go deep. Throughout history, Pittsburgh has a winning record in postseason encounters, and so as long as they can reach the warmer months, you can count on them to have a run at the Stanley Cup.

      So why not put money on the Penguins to win the cup? Throughout the season, you'll be able to place a bet on the Stanley Cup futures market, and odds fluctuate as each game is completed. You will typically get the best odds earlier in the season, so why wait? 

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