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Looking for the Carolina Hurricanes’ next game? We are your source for all the NHL’s action and scores. The Carolina Hurricanes play their home games at the 18,680-seat PNC Arena in Raleigh, North Carolina. Their home games are all televised from the Eastern Time Zone.

Saturday, Aug 15 12:00 EDT
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Carolina Hurricanes

With the Panthers making so much noise, it can be hard for the Hurricanes to carve out their spot in the local sports scene. After winning their first and only Stanley Cup in 2005-2006, they have made the playoffs only once since then, and are currently in the middle of a seven-year playoff drought. They are also in the middle of unrest in the front office, as the franchise is the subject of constant rumours about the team moving.

The hottest story is the team will move to Las Vegas due to Owner Peter Karmanos being sued by his sons over $100 million and the situation has the Hurricanes' financial future in limbo. This comes even though Peter Karmanos has stated he has no intentions of moving the team, it may soon not be up to him.,0/-/resize/1020x/-/format/jpeg/-/format/auto/-/quality/lightest/-/stretch/off/,0/-/resize/1020x/-/format/jpeg/-/format/auto/-/quality/lightest/-/stretch/off/,0/-/resize/1020x/-/format/jpeg/-/format/auto/-/quality/lightest/-/stretch/off/,0/-/format/jpeg/-/format/auto/-/quality/lightest/-/stretch/off/-/resize/1020x/
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Carolina Hurricanes' Standings

Here’s a glance at the Carolina Hurricanes’ standings. Check out how they’re doing against the rest of the division and the rest of the NHL.


Bet On Carolina Hurricanes' Games

It’s been no secret to any sports fan that Vegas is hungry for a sports franchise to call their own. City officials have aggressively been trying to lure one for quite some time, and the city’s name comes up any time there is unrest within a franchise or organization.

The irony here is pretty rich. Sports betting and the Hurricanes could be linked massively if the franchise were one of the first major sports teams to relocate to Las Vegas.

Until that day, if you’re betting on the Hurricanes, you’re seldom going to see them favoured to win games, even when they’re playing at home… Or what is their home for now? Your best bet is to tactfully pick your spot and go with them in just the right underdog situation. Keep an eye on them all season. If they lose a few games in a row, they become a fascinating team to bet on, because you want to predict their bounce-back-win. Although, those wins may be fewer and farther between next year.