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      Looking for the Anaheim Ducks next game? We are your source for all the NHL’s action and scores. Anaheim Ducks play their home games at the Pond (Honda Center). Or their home games are all televised from the Pacific Time Zone.

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      The Ducks have been one of the more consistent teams over the last decade or so. Since winning their first Stanley Cup back in 2006, they have made the playoffs (and/or made a deep run) in 8 of the ten seasons since then. Overall, they have been to the postseason 12 times, with their first appearance in 1996, only 3 years after their inception. They've won all of their divisional titles during that stretch (2006–07, 12–13, 13–14, 14–15, 15–16).

      They have seen a number of great players skate across their ice over the years. This includes Jari Kurri (LW), Adam Oates (C), Scott Niedermayer (D), Sergei Fedorov (C), and Chris Pronger (D). They have also retired Teemu Selanne’s #8, as he is the franchise’s all time leader in goals, assists and points.

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      The Ducks have been close, but can’t seem to break through to win their second title. Many picked them to dominate the Pacific, but the Kings and the Sharks had more than a lot to say about that.

      The Ducks typically do very well in the regular season and in the playoffs. If you’re going to bet on the NHL playoffs, they are often a good bet. But keep in mind, when betting hockey, know that the best teams are not that much better than the weaker teams, statistically speaking.

      In 2015-2016, for example the Capitals won a league-high 56 out of their 82 games (68%). On the other side of things, the Leafs were by far the worst team and still managed to win 29 (35%) of their games. This means the best teams will win 2 out three games they play, but the bad teams will still win 1 out of three. This is largely because the salary cap does a decent job of ensuring the talent around the league is reasonably well distributed. 

      So, you’re not going to see a super-huge payoff if the Leafs beat a good team like the Ducks. You will obviously get good odds for your bet, but it won’t be astronomical. Because the lower class teams win so often, a smart bettor can really clean up betting on the NHL.