New Jersey Devils' Odds

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      The current New Jersey Devils are putting emphasis on “New.” Gone are the old defensive team that consistently led the league in stopping pucks and in are the new high-flying young Devils. The franchise has undergone a few changes but has finally embraced the modern NHL. This is a team with a rich history, and under the new squad, they look to return to their glorious ways much to bettors’ delights. 

      New Jersey Devils' Standings

      Following the Devils' games is even easier with this standings table. Only three teams make the playoffs per division and with the Metropolitan Division being one of the NHL's most competitive, any consecutive wins and losses could dramatically shift the division. Keep track of where the Devils stand here.


      New Jersey Devils' Franchise History

      The Devils originally started as a 1974 expansion team: the Kansas City Scouts. After just two seasons, the team relocated to Denver to become the Colorado Rockies until 1982 when they moved to New Jersey and have since been one of the NHL's premier Eastern Conference teams.

      While initially struggling, the franchise took a turn when Lou Lamoriello took over as the team's top executive. New Jersey would begin a 25-year run as perennial Stanley Cup contenders while featuring several Hall of Famers like Martin Brodeur and Scott Niedermayer. 

      New Jersey popularized the neutral zone trap and became the face of the "Dead Puck Era" during the late '90s and early 2000s. They rarely surrendered more than three goals per game and were among hockey's greatest defensive dynasties.

      Their run culminated in three Stanley Cup titles (1995, 2000, and 2003), five Stanley Cup Finals appearances, nine division titles, and 21 playoff appearances in 24 seasons. 

      The team would enter a rebuilding phase following their Stanley Cup run in 2012. The team would miss the playoffs for five consecutive seasons, their longest drought since their inaugural season in the early '80s. Brodeur would leave the team in 2014 and Lamoriello would step down in 2015 ushering a new era.

      After five trying seasons where the team consistently struggled to score, major offseason moves would change the team's outlook.

      Former first-overall pick Taylor Hall would arrive via trade from the Oilers, and he would almost single-handedly carry the Devils back to the playoffs.

      With blossoming young stars like Nico Hirschier and Will Butcher, New Jersey is back on track in becoming a relevant franchise. Except, they are a much faster and offensive team and are surely going to gain new fans and betting support as the season's progress.

      Betting On New Jersey Devils' Games

      New Jersey is a young team and will be inconsistent. But they are fun and exciting to watch and will be popular, especially with Hall as their superstar. If you keep a close eye on the Devils, you will find plenty of value betting on them (or against them).

      There are many ways to bet the Devils, but these are the two main ones:

      Money line: this is betting on the Devils to win (or lose) “straight-up” (S/U); the number of goals is irrelevant and overtime and shootout wins also count.

      American odds will manifest as a minus (favourite) or positive (underdog) number based on a standard bet of $100. 

      If the Devils are favoured to win at -180, for example, it means a $180 bet is required to profit $100. This is because the Devils' winning probability is higher than 50%.

      Conversely, if New Jersey is lined at +150, it means they are underdogs, and $150 will be profited from a $100 bet. This is due to them having a winning probability of less than 50%.

      "Pick'em" odds (-110 to -120 depending on the book) indicate a 50/50 split between the two teams.

      Puck line: known as the “Canadian line,” this is an NHL-exclusive line similar to the "point spread." The Devils and their opponent are given a goal handicap to “cover.” 

      But unlike the money line, the odds are not even. Instead, the favourite is an underdog, while the underdog is the favourite to cover. Sounds complicated? This is how the puck line works:

      If the Devils are -1.5 on the puck line, it means they need to win by more than 1.5 goals to cash the bet. This is because 1.5 goals will be deducted from their final score. Since winning by more than a goal is difficult, the Devils will be lined at more lucrative odds like +135, for example.

      Alternatively, if the Devils are +1.5, it means they can lose by a goal and still cash the bet. This is because 1.5 goals are added to their final score. Since they have more room for error, they will be lined at favourite odds like -160, for example.

      *Note: Alternatively, you can use decimal odds (1.50) or fractional odds (1/2) if this makes it easier to calculate your bet. Sportsbooks offer the option of using any of the three.

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