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      Looking for the Chicago Blackhawks’ next game? We are your source for all the NHL odds, action and scores. The Chicago Blackhawks play their home games at the United Center in downtown Chicago. Their home games are all televised from the Central Time Zone.

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      The Hawks have been the best team of the decade so far. Since 2010, they’ve won 3 Stanley Cups and made the NHL playoffs every year. They have shuffled the deck a few times to avoid getting hit with salary cap issues but still brought a championship-level team, year-after-year. The first team that won the Cup this decade was dramatically different than the last one. They are the San Antonio Spurs of the National Hockey League.

      Overall, as a franchise, they have 6 Stanley Cups (1933–34, 1937–38, 1960–61, 2009–10, 2012–13, 2014–15), and have won their division 15 times. They also have four conference championships. 

      They have seen several legendary players skate across their ice over the years. This includes the likes of Glenn Hall (G), Keith Magnuson (D), Pierre Pilote (D), Bobby Hull (LW), Denis Savard (C), Stan Mikita (C) and Tony Esposito (G).

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      Here’s a glance at the Chicago Blackhawks’ standings. Check out how they’re doing against the rest of the division and the rest of the NHL.


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      Jonathan Toews, Patrick Kane and Duncan Keith are all in their prime. So they are going to be looking at Championship expectations, given their history, as long as they play together. 

      After a disappointing first round exit in 2016, the Hawks will reload and try again. They’re masters of rebooting, and dealing the right players to stay under the cap, while still building a quality team, year after year. 

      In this modern age of sports, it’s never been harder to win back-to-back championships. So first round exits and “speed bumps” are part of the dynasties of the new millennium. The Patriots have done it in the NFL, and so have the Spurs in the NBA. They may not have won back to back championships, but they have built a system that creates a winner, even in their “bad” seasons. These teams all draft well, trade for the right players, have exceptional coaching, and can lure free agents to come play for a ring. 

      Once this culture has been built, it’s what carries you through, while keeping you from having to “reboot” or “rebuild.”