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Boston Bruins
Philadelphia Flyers
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Bruins vs Flyers team statistics

Boston Bruins
Philadelphia Flyers
Philadelphia FlyersLLLLLLLWLL
8 wins / 0 draws / 2 defeats
  • St. Louis Blues @ Boston Bruins2-1
  • Boston Bruins @ St. Louis Blues2-4
  • Boston Bruins @ St. Louis Blues7-2
  • St. Louis Blues @ Boston Bruins2-4
  • Boston Bruins @ Carolina Hurricanes4-0
  • Boston Bruins @ Carolina Hurricanes2-1
  • Carolina Hurricanes @ Boston Bruins2-6
  • Carolina Hurricanes @ Boston Bruins2-5
  • Boston Bruins @ Columbus Blue Jackets3-0
  • Columbus Blue Jackets @ Boston Bruins3-4
1 wins / 0 draws / 9 defeats
  • Carolina Hurricanes @ Philadelphia Flyers4-3
  • Philadelphia Flyers @ St. Louis Blues3-7
  • Philadelphia Flyers @ Dallas Stars2-6
  • New York Rangers @ Philadelphia Flyers3-0
  • Philadelphia Flyers @ Carolina Hurricanes2-5
  • Philadelphia Flyers @ Washington Capitals1-3
  • New York Islanders @ Philadelphia Flyers4-2
  • Philadelphia Flyers @ Chicago Blackhawks3-1
  • Montreal Canadiens @ Philadelphia Flyers3-1
  • Philadelphia Flyers @ Toronto Maple Leafs6-7

Boston heads to the city of brotherly love

We've officially entered the dog days of the NHL season. Teams in good standing will be facing a grind every night from here on out, whether their opponents are in playoff contention or not.

So on Wednesday, January 16th at 7:30pm EST when the Boston Bruins, one of the best teams in the East, visit the Philadelphia Flyers, one of the worst, the game will play much closer to even than the standings would suggest.

In terms of their home and away records these two teams are basically a coin flip as the Bruins are 10-9-4 on the road and the Flyers are 9-10-3 on home ice. However in this head to head series the home team is 6-1 straight up in the last 7 meetings, so I lean towards the home underdog in this one.


These teams have split their 2 games thus far this season, both in Boston. Yet their last meeting was at the end of September. So after three and half months it will basically be like two new teams are facing each other for the first time.

And specifically in the Flyers net

The Flyers who have used 7 goaltenders this season, due to Brian Elliot's injury, and it looks like they've found the man to hold fort until his return. 20 year Carter Hart will be playing his 11th career NHL game on Wednesday and has been decent in his first 10 with a team best save percentage of .913.

Boston plays low scoring games away from home

  • 1

    Over/ Unders are 6-16-1 in Bruins away games this season

  • 2

    Under is 4-1 in the last 5 meetings between the Flyers and Bruins

Powerplay revamped

With a 13% conversion rate, the Philadelphia Flyers have the second worst powerplay in the NHL. However as teams are apt to shake things up, the Flyers have done just that by revamping their special teams unit.

In their 7-4 win on Monday night vs. the Minnesota Wild the Flyers went to a 5-man powerplay unit of ALL FORWARDS and it looks like they'll be trying this for the next little while.

Facing the Bruins who are the most penalized team in the NHL in terms of minutes per game, may give them ample opportunity to practice this new scheme.

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