The NHL All-Star Game traces its roots to the notorious Eddie Shore, who blindsided Ace Bailey so hard that a priest actually administered last rites. With his career destroyed, the league decided to hold an all-star benefit game to help him out. Eventually, beginning in 1947, the event became a regular part of the NHL schedule. Currently, NHL All-Star game betting lines typically revolve around having a good time, before the grind of the regular season kicks in once again.

NHL All-Star Game Betting Trends

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Bet On the NHL All-Star Game

The NHL All-Star game has cycled through various formats, including Wales and Campbell conference, east and west conference, North America versus the world and a single NHL team against the rest of the league’s best. When you bet on the NHL all-star game, you’ll need to make sure that you’re aware of the latest changes to the format of the game, especially after the success of the 2016 version of the event.

New Tournament Format: Previous to 2016, the all-star game always involved two NHL teams assembled into two sides for three twenty minute periods, just like a regular season game. The latest format is a drastic departure, with each game consisting of ten minute halves. Teams are assorted into their four divisions, with the eastern divisions and the western division playing one game to decide who gets to participate in the final championship game. Teams may only have three players on the ice at once, and fan voting can create an all-star out of anyone, including AHL’er and career goon John Scott.