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As one of the most renowned teams in the NFL, the Pittsburgh Steelers have a lot to prove. They keep this reputation by being the franchise in the NFL with the most Super Bowl wins. They also do this by consistently preforming well in the standings. Recently, the Steelers have visited the playoffs, but have went to get another Super Bowl. The last time the Steelers reached that level was in 2008. Though, it might be time for them to come back to those glory days...  

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Monday, Oct 28 20:15 EDT
Miami Dolphins
Pittsburgh Steelers

Here is the Steelers calendar. This shows their past games, scores, and the odds associated with that game as well as future games. This widget provides context and useful data for betters because it shows the team’s results over time.

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Pittsburgh Steelers Standings

Bellow are the Steelers current standings. This chart shows the team's performance compared to all the teams in the league and shows the Steelers  performance in the conference and division. 

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Having won more League championships than any other team in the National Football League, the Pittsburg Steelers are a unique franchise. The Steelers have won 6 Super Bowls, the most recent in 2008. The have won 8 Conference Championships, the most recent in 2010. They have also won 21 Division Championships, the most recent in 2014. In the past five years, they have appeared in the playoffs thrice, the most recent in 2015. 

One of the Steelers strengths is their incredible offense. The Steelers, through players like Antonio Brown, are able to be consistent in their point scoring and pressure. This, coupled with Le’Veon Bell, an amazing running back, the Steelers offense looks more than solid. One of the Steelers’ weaknesses is their defense. Unlike their offense, the defense is weak and has holes. 

The sports books see the Steelers for what they are, a team that has been consistently preforming well. More specifically, in the 2015-2016 season, the Steelers finished second in their AFC North Division, fifth in the AFC Conference, clinching a wild card spot, and 10th in the league. They scored 423 points for and allowed only 277 points against. Moreover, the Steelers won 10 games, and only lost 6. This brings their win percentage to .625, and their net points to 146.