The San Francisco 49ers are named after the tons of eager miners that flocked to California during the gold rush of 1849. Many famous players once called the San Francisco 49ers their home team. Players like Jerry Rice, Joe Montana, and coach Bill Wash. Playing in Levi’s Stadium, the San Francisco 49ers have been a franchise for over 70 years. Sporting red and gold, the 49ers represent the Golden Gate City.

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Bellow are the SF Niners current standings. This chart shows the team's performance compared to all the teams in the league and shows the 49ers performance in the conference and division. 

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In their history, the 49ers have won five Super Bowl championships, the most recent in 1994. They have won 6 Conference Championships, the most recent in 2012. Moreover, they have won 19 Division Championships, the most recent in 2012. The San Franciso 49ers have been in the playoffs 26 times. Their most recen appearance was in 2013. In the last five years, they have been in the playoffs 3 times.

The 49ers have many strengths. Their main strengths is their effectiveness on the field. Through players like Kaepernick, Gore, and Hyde, the San Franciso 49ers are able to assemble into a threatening team. Yet, in the past the 49ers have failed to deliver on their potential. In the most recetn season, 2015-2016, the 49ers finished last in the NFC West Division, and 15th, or second to last, in the NFC Conference. They finished 28th in the league.

These placements further show that he 49ers did not preform well in the last season. Taking a look at their statistics, the same conclusion can be found. The 49ers won 5 games and lost 11 games. This gives them a .313 winning percentage. When it comes to points scored, the San Francisco 49ers scored 238 points for and allowed for 387 points to be scored against them. This yields a -149 net point score.